What Works For Tracking Student Progress In Online Learning? (2023)

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Online learning is slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of studying in the world. Many students worldwide have ditched the routine of traditional schooling for the flexibility and convenience of virtual studying.

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While there are plenty of benefits to online learning, there are also a few challenges that both the students and teachers will face. For example, it becomes much harder to track and monitor the progress made by students. In this article, we will be discussing a few ways in which educators can track student progress in online learning.


There are a few apps and tools that can be used to monitor students in online learning. For example, Pedagogue is a new social learning management system that provides teachers and students with various resources to make online studying much more manageable.

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Pedagogue has a ‘virtual classroom’ feature that can hold video conference calls or audio chats. Teachers can use this tool to discuss work with their students and ask about any issues. More so, this app allows educators to organize and manage their teaching material online, providing students with a central location for accessing work and learning content.

Ask Them Via Instant Messaging Apps

The easiest way to track the progress made by your students is by asking them directly. However, online learning often involves students and teachers being on opposite sides of the world. For this reason, technology, tools, and apps, such as instant messaging apps, can be used by educators to communicate with their students.

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WhatsApp, BBM, and WeChat can be used to discuss work with students. Teachers should ensure that they ask questions that would help track the progress, such as ‘How did you find this lesson?’ or ‘Are you struggling with any sections?’

Hold Question & Answer Sessions With Your Class

Q&A sessions are perfect for tracking the progress of your students. This allows your students to ask any questions on any work sections that they may be struggling with. More so, you will be able to determine where your students are battling and where they are not. This information can then be used to track how the students progress through the various sections of work.

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Tests and Exams

You can track the progress made by your students via their tests and exams. For example, if a student failed a particular section in a test they took two months ago, but they passed that section in their most recent exam, they have progressed well with their school work. For this reason, you should save all of the previous assignments written by your online class.

Concluding Thoughts

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There are various ways in which you can monitor or track the progress made by your online class. You can use various tools, such as Pedagogue and instant messaging apps to communicate with your students. You could also use tests and exams to determine whether or not your students understand the work.


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