What is PaaS? - Cloud Platform as a Service Explained (2023)

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Apps created in the Salesforce Platform are innately created for mobile and social use. Developers have access to a number of open-source languages, including Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and Node.js. You can also use simple annotations, build packs, and take advantage of add-ons.

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Microservices, both automatic and custom, are included to help developers manage their processes better. They include object creation and updates and are how users can access Process Builder within the Salesforce platform.

Need inspiration or help framing or coding your app? We offer templated apps ready for customization in AppExchange to get your company’s app in users’ hands even faster.

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All of this runs with the power of Force.com and Heroku, so your apps are always up to date and ready for users. With its scalable services, Salesforce Platform is the most effective way for app developers and designers to expose users to their projects.

(Video) Cloud Computing Services Models - IaaS PaaS SaaS Explained
(Video) PaaS Explained
(Video) What is PaaS (Platform as a Service)?


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