Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms (2023)


2019’s Top Political Consulting Firms – Everything You Need to Know

The top political consulting firms play an essential and significant role in not just the political landscape but also in public opinion, governmental affairs, and journalism. These political consulting firms support politicians and political candidates in developing election campaigns, media outreach, political strategies, public outreach advertisements, fundraising, and polling.

Political consultants also work as public relations specialists and promote the election of key candidates, as well as the interests of organizations, groups, and special interests.

This 2019 ranking article presents a list of this year’s top rated political consulting firms, as well as a detailed review of each firm. Each of these firms has built a strong reputation over the years. They have a diverse array of services and clients, and a high level of expertise in the political marketing and analysis industries.

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Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms in 2019 | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Political Consulting FirmsHighlighted FeaturesRatings
Global Strategy GroupSpecializes in research, strategic communications, digital strategy, grassroots organizing, marketing and branding5
GMMBExtensive success in state & national campaigns5
Precision StrategiesHighly qualified & experienced leadership5
Storefront Political MediaResults-driven, multi-media approach5
The Parkside GroupDisciplined & effective campaign management5
Left HookProven track record of success from founding partners3
SKDKnickerbockerWomen’s Leadership & Advocacy Practice team3

Table: Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms | Above list is sorted by rating

Behind the Scenes

You have probably wondered who’s behind those successful political campaigns that end in sweeping victories? More than likely, when you see situations like these, they’re being managed by one of the top political consulting firms.

Political consulting firms represent the pivotal intersection between media, journalism, politics, and public relations. The top political consultancies are often considered masters of spin. A political consultant can take even a negative situation and turn it into a positive, whether it’s for a client, corporation, nonprofit, or cause.

Many lobbyists that work on behalf of organizations and companies are also considered political consultants. In these cases, instead of selling the public on a particular candidate, lobbyists will work to “sell” government officials on a company so they vote for legislation that will be beneficial to the organization.

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Detailed Review –2019 Ranking of The Best Political Consulting Firms

Below, please find a detailed review of each firmon our list of top political consulting firms. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top political consulting firmsto score so high in our selection ranking.

Click any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that firm.

  • Global Strategy Group
  • GMMB
  • Left Hook
  • Precision Strategies
  • SKDKnickerbocker
  • Storefront Political Media
  • The Parkside Group

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Global Strategy Group Review

Global Strategy Group is a top political consulting firm that works to manage campaigns as well as corporate reputation. The firm is considered by clients as a go-to for public affairs, communications, and research partner for companies, causes, and campaigns.

For companies, groups, and special interests that seek only to work with one of the best political consulting firms in DC or the top political consulting firms in NYC, GSG is a natural fit. With five offices across the country, GSG is one of the largest political consulting firms on our list, maintaining a presence in Connecticut, New York, DC, Illinois, and Colorado.

The goal of this top rated political consultancy is to help clients influence public opinion, sway the minds of the public, build and maintain reputations, endure difficult crises, and manage legislation and regulations as well as helping clients win campaigns.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank Global Strategy Group as One of the Top Political Consulting Firms

Below are details of why Global Strategy Group was included in this ranking of the best political consulting firms.

Research and Insights

So much of what Global Strategy Group does is based on in-depth, robust research and insights. It’s this focus on research that allows it to be among the best, and it’s led to its inclusion on this list of political consulting firms.

Various types of political consulting research used by Global Strategy Group include:

  • Surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Mapping of influencers & stakeholders

Vision and Values

Culture and values are an essential element of how this political consulting firm operates and the services and relationships it offers to clients.

For 20 years,GSG has successfully crafted political campaign strategies for a range of diverse clients using the following guiding principles:

  • The firm and its consultants are “fiercely” devoted to clients
  • The culture is defined by independence, integrity, and responsiveness
  • Great people are the most valuable asset of GSG
  • GSG is committed to making sure the workplace is one that is diverse and culturally rich
  • GSG is passionate about working on issues and politics that shape the world


As one of the country’s top political consulting firms, Global Strategy Group has worked with many diverse and high-profile clients to serve a range of unique needs.

Some of these political consulting clients include:

  • Airbnb
  • American Express
  • Andrew Cuomo, Governor (NY)
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Citi
  • Comcast
  • Con Edison
  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield
  • ESPN
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Major League Soccer
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Microsoft
  • Pfizer
  • Teladoc
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)
  • Uber

Rating Summary

Not only does Global Strategy Group offer full-scale services and proven expertise, but this political consultancy is also deeply committed to community engagement.

Each year, GSG chooses a meaningful organization to provide communications and research support on a pro bono basis.

(Video) Top Story with Tom Llamas - Nov. 7 | NBC News NOW

Currently, GSG is working with the Ms. Foundation for Women and Share Our Strength, effectively supporting women’s equality and the end of child hunger in America.

By combining proven reputational and political campaign strategies with a sincere effort to contribute to the national community, Global Strategy Group is among the best political consulting firms in the country.

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GMMB Review

From political strategy to paid media planning, from creative storytelling and design to sophisticated campaign development, GMMB prides itself in partnering with clients both large and small to solve problems and bring attention to social and humanitarian issues.

Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms (4)

GMMB works on everything from the implementation of political strategies to planning for paid media campaigns. The firm is known for its use of advanced and innovative techniques, including digital analytics, micro-targeting, and media organization.

As one of the top political consulting firms, GMMB worked as one of the lead agencies for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. It also worked on the election of Bill Clinton as well as global leaders, senators, governors, mayors, and more, from all levels of government.

Located in Seattle and Washington, DC, GMMB has established itself as one of the top political consulting firms in DC and across the nation.

Key Factors That Allowed GMMB to Rank Among theBest Political Consulting Firms in 2019

Highlighted below are some of the details that went into the selection of GMMB as one of 2019’s top political consulting firms in DC.

Brand Strategy

GMMB bills itself as a “mission-driven agency,”and it brings that same concept to the brands it works with. Along with political consulting, GMMB will partner with clients either to revamp existing brands or help clients who are just starting out.

The branding process is intensive when working with GMMB, and includes discovering truths about the brand to gain a better understanding of who it really is.

It then moves to an evaluation of factors such as culture, consumers, and causes. It’s only then the GMMB team will create a distinctive positioning statement that determines the brand story and messaging.

Diverse, Skilled Team

Political marketing and consulting can be a complicated process, and the best political consulting firms recognize the inherent advantages that come from a diverse, skilled team.

The team of political consultants at GMMB come from a diverse range of educational, professional, and personal backgrounds. This strength is easily seen through images, biographies, and quick facts about the firm demographics, like:

  • More than half of the firm’s political consultants have visited 10 or more countries
  • 18 percent have advanced degrees, including JDs and PhDs
  • Almost 40 percent wrote for their high school or college newspaper
  • Nearly 1 in 10 have jumped out of a plane

Not only does this provide potential clients with an easy, fun way to get to know the firm, but it also allows for a sense of personality and positive firm culture to shine, a rarity among political consulting firms.

Rating Summary

For clients looking for top-notch political consultancy services, GMMB provides the total package.

Not only does the firm provide public relations services, but they also specialize in political marketing, movement building, and brand building, all with a research-driven, strategic perspective.

With a proven history of successful political campaign strategies, GMMB earns a 5-star rating on our list of the top political consulting firms.

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Left Hook Review

Left Hook is an award-winning political strategy and media firm, and has quickly established itself as one of the top Democratic political consulting firms, helping candidates win political races on every level.

Although Left Hook may be one of the newest political consulting firms on our list (it was launched in 2017), its founding partners bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the political arena.

Led by partners Raghu Devaguptapu, Brandon Hall, Joel Kliksberg, and Rachel Ostendorf, Left Hook provides a fresh and unique approach to political and public affairs campaigns.

The firm operates out of three different locations (Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC) to provide award-winning political campaign strategies across the United States.

Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms (5)

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank Left Hook as One of 2019’s Best Political Consulting Firms

Listed below are unique factors of Left Hook leading to its inclusion on this ranking of the top political consultancies.

Wide Range of Services

As a top political consultancy, Left Hook provides clients with a diverse range of political campaign strategies to choose from, including:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Message & Creative Development
  • Communications & Crisis Management
  • In-House Advertisement Production
  • Micro-Targeting & Data Science
  • Media Training & Debate Prep
  • Social Media & Search
  • Media Buying & Placement

Looking at these services as a whole, Left Hook is a political consultancy that doesn’t shy away from collaboration, customization, and in-depth research.

Proven Expertise

Their in-house production service is particularly unique, as the firm writes, produces, directs, and designs advertisements for its clients.

Not only does this cut out the middle man, but their production services are some of the best in the political consulting industry.

Advertising work by partner Rachel Ostendorf has been recognized by the New York Times, MSNBC, and more for being “powerful,” “striking,” and “standing out in a sea of advertisements.”

Raghu Devaguptapu was recently awarded a listing on Politico’s Power Players as one of “DC’s go-to ad makers,” adding to the firm’s authority in devising successful political advertising strategies.

Additionally, Brandon Hall has been named “campaign manager of the year” by the AAPC for his work on Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s campaign, and Joel Kliksberg was named the Chief of Staff at ABC News at the young age of 27.

Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms (6)

Rating Summary

Left Hook stands out for their political consulting expertise, wide range of services, notable client list, and impressive track record of successful campaign strategies.

(Video) PBS NewsHour full episode, Nov. 7, 2022

What truly sets Left Hook apart from other political consulting firms in DC, Chicago, or Los Angeles, is the way the firm’s energy and personality are communicated.

From service listings to case studies to partner profiles, the firm’s website is engaging, creative, and straight-to-the-point, all factors which have undoubtedly contributed to their success.

However, despite their personable, engaging platform, Left Hook receives a 3-star rating due to a lack of firm-specific information.

While potential clients can view each partner’s extensive background and industry successes within their individual profiles, the firm website lacks information on their history, founding, mission statement, or values.

Adding this information to the page would easily bump this top political consulting firm into a 5-star rating, placing them among the highest tier of political consulting firms.

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Precision Strategies Review

Precision Strategiesis led by Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, and Teddy Goff, a team which collectively contributed to the reelection of Barack Obama.

This innovative leader among Democratic political consulting firms was able to reach $1.2 billion in its first 19 months as a startup. Since then, the firm has gained valuable experience in the fields of political, strategy, and marketing consulting, effectively building companies, brands, and campaigns.

The experienced team at Precision Strategies works in a broad range of political consulting areas, including strategic planning, message creation, digital programs, and data-based measurement.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank Precision Strategies as One of the Best Political Consulting Firms

Listed below are unique factors of Precision Strategies leading to its inclusion on this ranking of the best political consulting firms.

Strategy & Mobilization

This top political consulting firm is dedicated to helping clients create strategies that act as detailed roadmaps to their ultimate objectives.

Political campaign strategies are developed based on an understanding of both strengths and weaknesses, set within the framework of the competitive landscape.

Precision Strategies also focuses on mobilization, which is ideal for political organizations as well as nonprofits who want to raise awareness for their cause.

As part of its mobilization services, the Precision team helps clients identify goals, understand the environment they’ll be part of, and evaluate their assets.

Experienced Leadership

Two of the founding partners of Precision Strategy are women, and one of them includes Stephanie Cutter, who was called one of the “most prominent voices in the Democratic party” by Politico.

She has created communications and crisis management strategies for some of the top companies in the country, and she served as the deputy campaign manager for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Previously, Cutter was deputy senior adviser to President Obama, and she also worked on other notable political consulting movements, including First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.

Jen O’Malley Dillon is the second founding partner, bringing extensive political consulting experience as Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama’s reelection campaign and the first-ever Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee.

She also worked as the lead consultant to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, using data-driven organizing to propel Trudeau into one of the biggest moments in Canadian political history.

The third founding partner, Teddy Goff, leads the firm’s digital practice, with TIME once describing his work as “redefining the limits of viral politics.”

Goff was influential in both the 2008 and 2012 Obama reelection campaign, with his work being featured in TIME, Bloomberg Businessweek, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed, and The New York Times.

Rating Summary

It’s hard to find a political consultancy with the depth of expertise and real-world experience to match that of Precision Strategy.

All three of the firm’s founders have vast political consulting backgrounds, with a long list of successes and industry recognitions to validate their expertise.

With a keen focus on strategy, actionable data, mobilization, and an impressive depth of industry experience, Precision Strategy is one of the top political consulting firms to consider partnering with this year.

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SKDKnickerbocker Review

Whether you’re fighting to protect a woman’s right to choose, for marriage equality or to stop the scourge of guns on our streets, SKDKnickerbocker is a go-to consultancy that can help craft the most effective messages and deliver such messages with a creative punch.

With offices in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and Albany, SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK) is a public affairs and political consulting firm focusing on working with corporations, issues visibility, and political campaigns.

The firm prides itself on having a strong understanding of where press, politics, and policy all unite, helping clients navigate a crisis, protect their brand, bring awareness or attention to an issue, and win an election at any level. SKDK brings an unparalleled level of strategic communications experience to a wide range of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, philanthropic organizations, labor unions, and political committees and candidates.

Key Factors That Earned SKDKnickerbocker a Place on This Year’s Ranking of Best Political Consulting Firms

Specific reasons SKDK was selected as one of the top political consulting firms are listed below.

Strategic Communications

At SKDK, strategic communications places emphasis on not just communicating the right message, but also in breaking through the 24-hour news cycle with measurable results.

Managing directors at SKDK, one of the leading Democratic political consulting firms, have significant experience in not just politics and government but also media and business.

Some specific areas of political consulting services offered through strategic communications include:

  • Public and Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Message Development
  • Branding
  • Social Media

Another notable service is Media Training, in which political consultants educate clients on how to interact with the media, including how to sit, stand, gesture, and pause efficiently during an interview.

Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice

As part of SKDK’s political campaign strategies, the firm maintains a Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice, providing clients with strategic communications, research insights, partnerships, and community-building support.

The initiative was launched based on many decades of helping female clients get elected as well as leading on campaigns focused on women’s rights.

(Video) 'Bloomberg Surveillance Simulcast' Full Show 11/07/2022

Fully integrated into public affairs, digital, executive communications, and political practice areas, the team includes award-winning female leaders with extensive experience in both media and political consulting.

The Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice can greatly benefit clients through:

  • Providing messaging insights & guidance
  • Building a base of support from third parties & influencers
  • Training for media interviews & hearings
  • Crafting social media strategies
  • Pursuing speaking opportunities & other recognition
  • Writing speeches, opinion pieces, & more

Top 7 Best Political Consulting Firms (7)

Rating Summary

There’s no denying that SKDKnickerbocker is a force to be reckoned with in the political consulting industry.

With extensive experience in political campaign strategies, social issues, and corporate messaging, SKDK will likely continue to be one of the leading Democratic political consulting firms for decades to come.

Particularly notable is the firm’s dedication to women’s advocacy, shown through their Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice as well as their body of work.

SKDK has consulted for Planned Parenthood, ran promotions for the Women’s March in Washington, DC, and assisted non-profit She Should Run to develop a strategic launch of an election-themed Barbie doll.

While SKDK is currently under criticism for allegedly advising Harvey Weinstein, AdvisoryHQ—along with many other media publications—has been unable to find concrete evidence to support these allegations.

In fact, as reported in BuzzFeed, the firm released this statement:

Today you may have seen a news report indicating that our colleague Anita Dunn recently advised Harvey Weinstein. Anita was asked to speak with him by a friend. Harvey Weinstein and Miramax are not now and have never been clients of our firm or of Anita’s. If you know Anita, you can only imagine what she said to him. Our commitment to defending women’s rights remains as strong as ever.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the above statement—or any mention of these allegations—does not seem to be available on the firm’s website, decreasing transparency between SKDK and their clients.

Based on this misstep with transparency, SKDK receives a 3-star rating for the time being.

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Storefront Political Media Review

Storefront Political Media is a full-service political consulting firm that relies on the usage of big data to help campaigns target voters, build coalitions, and ultimately win their campaigns.

This leader among Democratic political consulting firms is unique because it brings together elements of both traditional and digital media.

A few political consulting clients have included Reset San Francisco, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, the American Beverage Association, and Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank Storefront Political Media as One of the Best Political Consulting Firms

The details below represent reasons why Storefront Political Media was selected as one of the top ranking political consulting firms.

Innovative Perspective

Storefront is a distinctive, standout firm of political consultants because there’s an understanding that the media, fundraising, and general political landscapes are constantly changing.

Methods to target and persuade audiences are constantly changing, meaning that political consulting firms cannot rely on the same, stale methods of political consulting.

It’s with this understanding that Storefront specializes in providing the most innovative tools, resources, and strategies to clients.

Voter Discussions

One aspect of the political consulting services provided by Storefront is the cultivation of valuable and engaging discussions with voters.

Rather than relying on the ineffective traditional campaign model, Storefront’s team of experts look at campaign engagements in a modern framework.

As such, campaigns are based on continual discussions with voters instead of outdated messaging tactics.

These voter discussions are used as the primary methodology to introduce campaigns and candidates to voters and continue ongoing conversations that let them reinforce their message.

Varied Communication Tools

Paid media is an important aspect of campaigns at Storefront—at the same time, however, there’s a belief that communication should be incredibly varied and include ongoing free and low-cost options.

These means of communication often get overlooked in campaigns, so this idea is one that certainly sets Storefront apart as one of the most pioneering Democratic political consulting firms.

Storefront believes that engaging messages can be delivered just as effectively in person or by trusted messengers,helping clients support a large message with a small budget.

Rating Summary

As a top political consulting firm, Storefront Political Media puts a strong focus on providing innovative perspectives and engaging political campaign strategies.

Storefront is also the parent company to three political marketing branches: Storefront Digital, SpeakEasy, and I Agree to See.

With the ability to create innovative digital campaign strategies, affordable mailing materials, and an established advertising platform, clients have access to a wide range of resources, giving Storefront a 5-star rating as a top-rated political analyst.

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The Parkside Group Review

With offices in DC, Albany, and New York City, The Parkside Group is one of the leading political consulting firms in NYC, with a powerful, respected presence and a breadth of experience.

The political consulting team behind The Parkside Group is very experienced, with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience in the creation and implementation of public and strategic affairs.

During its 15-year history, The Parkside Group has helped more than 500 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, cultural and educational organizations, advocacy groups, labor unions, and public office candidates.

Key Factors That Led Us to Ranking The Parkside Group as One of the Best Political Consulting Firms

Highlighted below are reasons The Parkside Group was named one of the top ranking political consulting firms in NYC.

(Video) 7 things the CIA looks for when recruiting people

Winning Campaign Clients

Although winning is not the only thing to look at in the selection of top political consulting firms, it is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of a firm’s political campaign strategies.

Below represents some of the recent winning political consulting clientsof The Parkside Group, at the national and state level:

  • Nita Lowey – U.S. Congress
  • Joseph Crowley – U.S. Congress
  • Greg Meeks – U.S. Congress
  • Eric Adams – NY State Senate
  • Craig Johnson – NY State Senate
  • Suzi Oppenheimer – NY State Senate
  • Ann-Margaret Carrozza– NY State Assembly

This top political consultancy also boasts a long list of successes for local government candidates as well, including Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo, and various city council positions.

Advertising Specialization

Along with general political consulting, The Parkside Group also offers expertise and experience in the creation of a diverse array of advertising, including print, digital, and broadcast media.

All advertising is designed to complement public affairs work, and everything operates in harmony with one another.

The Parkside Group is responsible for the production of thousands of advertising campaigns, ranging from traditional direct mail to social media content, and it employs in-house creative experts who can create unique, engaging, and innovative advertising content for clients.

Rating Summary

As a top political consulting firm, The Parkside Group has a remarkably strong track record of success with their political campaign strategies on local, state, and national levels.

Their specialization in print, digital, and broadcast media makes The Parkside Group stand out as a top political consulting firm, demonstrating their ability to work with fluctuating political marketing platforms and strategies.

With nearly 30 Pollie awards, the firm has also earned a wide range of professional accolades, establishing The Parkside Group as a dynamic force within the political marketing industry.

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Conclusion – 2019’s Top Rated Political Consulting Firms

In today’s modern environment, the best political consulting firms must offer multi-faceted services and comprehensive expertise.

It’s imperative that these firms understand the modern world of politics, media, journalism, advertising, public relations, and crisis and brand management.

Each political advisory firm included in this list of political consulting firms embodies a sense of innovation and forward-thinking, including an understanding of the traditional elements of political consulting.

These political consulting firms have effectively handled everything from nonprofit issue awareness campaigns to high-profile presidential elections, serving the diverse needs of clients and earning industry recognition, making them top choices for political consulting services.

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How much is McKinsey bonus? ›

Three firms – McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – have dominated the elite end of the consulting industry globally for years.
Salaries and bonuses for undergraduate and master's hires at consulting firms.
Signing bonus$5,000
36 more rows
26 Aug 2022

Is working in Big 4 worth it? ›

Simply put a career at the Big 4 allows you to acquire knowledge and expertise at an unmatched rate. – Opportunity to take on large amounts of responsibility very early in your career. Before you have worked your second full year at a Big 4 firm you will become directly responsible for overseeing employees.

Who is the youngest partner at PwC? ›

From tech innovator to partner at the age of 27
  • Theo Denovan tells us how a talent for tech enabled his journey to Partner at the age of 27.
  • I decided I wanted to do something totally different beyond my tertiary studies, so I applied for a graduate position in tax at PwC.

Which consulting firm is growing the fastest? ›

In 2022, SCALE Healthcare was ranked #1 Fastest Growing Consulting Firm in the US by Consulting Magazine.

What is the best consulting firm to work for? ›

The Top 10 Consulting Firms in North America for 2021 are:
  • McKinsey & Company.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • EY-Parthenon.
  • Oliver Wyman.
  • ClearView Healthcare Partners.
  • Deloitte Consulting LLP.
  • PwC Advisory/Strategy&
  • Putnam Associates.
13 Jan 2021

What are the 3 most high paying jobs? ›

Here are the highest paying jobs of 2022:

Anesthesiologist: $208,000. Surgeon: $208,000. Obstetrician and Gynecologist: $208,000. Orthodontist: $208,000.

Do Big 4 firms pay well? ›

Whether you are just starting out as an accountant or you are working your way up to partner, you stand to earn many benefits from working at a Big 4 firm. The starting salaries for any of the firms typically range between $40,000 and $60,000. If you are starting right out of college, that's not a bad start!

How much does a partner at a Big 4 firm make? ›

Big 4 partners make on average about $450,000 a year. This includes junior partners all the way up to the head honchos. If you work in a small office, you can expect to earn less than $400,000.

What are the Big 6 firms? ›

Big Six Accounting Firm means any of Price Waterhouse & Co., Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx & Co., Ernst & Young, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP, Deloitte & Touche and Coopers & Xxxxxxx or their respective successors.

Why is Big 4 called Big 4? ›

What is the Big Four? Big Four refers to the top four accounting firms globally that audit more than 80% of US public companies, including Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Ernst & Young. For these accounting firms, this term is used because of its huge size, good reputation, and worldwide reach in the field.

What are the three big 4 firms? ›

Conclusion. Big 4 stands for KPMG, PwC, EY and Deloitte, these are the four largest professional services firms across the globe that gives an extensive range of services including audit, transaction advisory, taxation, risk advisory and actuarial services.

Can consultants make millions? ›

I mean, you can earn a million a year consulting, for sure. You can probably find ways to earn a million a year doing most things. But one thing you'll need in most every scenario is a team. So how much should you expect to earn running your one-person consulting business?

Can consulting make you rich? ›

Consulting offers many benefits

And you can work with practically any client you want and turn down those that you're not interested in. Its challenge however, if you want to get rich, is developing assets – other than your intangible knowledge – that can be leveraged, scaled or sold for millions.

What are the three types of consulting? ›

Typically, consulting roles can fit into one of five main categories: strategy consulting, operations consulting, financial consulting, information technology consulting and human resources consulting.

Which Big 4 is growing the fastest? ›

Being the fastest growing firm can really set you apart as it further establishes your brand in the market place. KPMG grew there revenue from 29.2 billion to 32.1 billion in 2021.
Big 4 FirmKPMG
2017 Revenue$26.4 billion
2016 Revenue$25.4 billion
Real Growth Rate3.94%
Local Currency Growth4.8%
3 more columns
18 Apr 2022

Is JP Morgan in the Big 4? ›

In the United States, the "big four" banks hold 45% of all U.S. customer deposits (as of 2018), and consist of: JPMorgan Chase (headquartered in New York, New York, bank chartered in Columbus, Ohio)

What are the big 3 vs the Big 4? ›

The Big 4 are the biggest firms in the entire world. They have the expertise and resources to handle any of their clients needs. The Top 3, also known as MBB, aren't as big, but are typically considered to be the very best. These seven firms are the very elite in the accounting and consulting world.

Is tier 1 or 3 better? ›

In layman's terms, tier 1 companies are the big guns, and the tier 3 ones are the more modest firms. Over time, companies can move up the tiers if they fit the criteria. Now, let's explore the different tiers a little more. Tier 1 firms are the largest, wealthiest, and most experienced in the industry.

Is Deloitte a Tier 2? ›

Tier 2 consulting firms include Deloitte, Strategy& (PwC), LEK, Oliver Wyman, EY-Parthenon, Accenture, AT Kearney, and Roland Berger. While these firms have strong brand recognition and prestige, their reputation is a step below the top three management consulting firms of McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

Is tier 1 or 2 better? ›

Tier 2 capital is considered less reliable than Tier 1 capital because it is more difficult to accurately calculate and more difficult to liquidate.

What is the happiest company to work for? ›

Adobe was named the No. 1 company with the happiest employees in 2021, according to a new report from the company review site Comparably. The annual ranking considers 70,000 U.S. companies and identifies where workers are most satisfied with aspects related to their work environment, pay, benefits and company goals.

What is the number 1 company to work for? ›

The Top 10
RankCompany NameLocation
1CiscoSan Jose, CA, US
2HiltonMcLean, VA, US
3Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.Rochester, NY, US
4SalesforceSan Francisco, CA, US
6 more rows

Is McKinsey better than Big 4? ›

McKinsey's education and technology practices are much stronger than those of BCG or Bain. But in private equity, Bain offers more. MBB have strong resources and expertise in specific areas, and candidates with different backgrounds usually have a better chance at one of them over the other consulting firms.

What type of consulting is in demand? ›

With so many organizations making far-reaching changes across their operational footprints, it's no surprise that change management consultants are some of the most in-demand professionals in 2022. Change managers help businesses to lean into tough challenges and move forward in alignment.

Which type of consulting is the best? ›

This post focuses on the highest paid consultancy jobs and what you need to master to be chosen for them.
  • Financial risk management consultants. ...
  • Economic consultants. ...
  • Human resources consultants. ...
  • Regulatory compliance consultants. ...
  • Tax consultants. ...
  • Business process management consultants. ...
  • IT consultants. ...
  • Accounting consultants.
24 Feb 2019

Is McKinsey more prestigious than BCG? ›

While McKinsey almost reaches the score of 9, Bain and BCG are both above the score of 8.6; the highest score of the Big 4 group is only 7.1.
1.1. MBB Firms Have Much Higher Prestige Score (Vault 2020)
18.984McKinsey & Company
28.738Boston Consulting Group
38.600Bain & Company
7 more rows

Is it harder to get a job at McKinsey or Google? ›

It will be harder to get into McKinsey after Google than into Google after McKinsey. Once working for Google, it will be hard to work in a different industry, whereas McKinsey will offer a wider choice of industries.

Is Deloitte or McKinsey better? ›

Deloitte is most highly rated for Culture and McKinsey & Company is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits.
Overall Rating.
Overall Rating3.94.3
Compensation and benefits3.74.3
Job security and advancement3.73.9
1 more row

Does McKinsey pay well? ›

Table of Contents. At McKinsey, the salary for entry-level consultants (Analysts) ranges from $90,000 to $110,000 per year, while the figure for MBA-level/experienced Associates can go up to $233,000. Engagement Managers typically earn around $250,000, while Partners and Directors can earn up to $1,300,000.

Which is better Amazon or McKinsey? ›

Employee Ratings

McKinsey & Company scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Amazon scored higher in 1 area: Work-life balance.

What kind of consultants make the most money? ›

What Types of Consultants are In Demand – 14 Highest Paid Consultancy Jobs
  • Financial risk management consultants. ...
  • Economic consultants. ...
  • Human resources consultants. ...
  • Regulatory compliance consultants. ...
  • Tax consultants. ...
  • Business process management consultants. ...
  • IT consultants. ...
  • Accounting consultants.
24 Feb 2019

Which Big 4 has the best work-life balance? ›

KPMG Work Culture

Though the smallest of the Big 4 firms, KPMG is known to have the best work-life balance amongst its employees.

Is a career at Big 4 worth it? ›

A huge CV boost

Working for Deloitte, PwC, EY or KPMG will allow you to get the foot in the door at almost any accounting firm or financial institution you want, if you decided to move on. Experience at a Big 4 is a seal of approval and will garner a high level of respect over the course of your career.

Who pays more EY or Deloitte? ›

Of the top 3 common jobs between the two companies, Deloitte salaries averaged ₹3,05,468 higher than EY.


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