Top 10 Most Peaceful Cities of Europe (2023)

Europe, one of the top destinations for tourism, is full of beautiful places to explore. The natural landmarks and carefully planned cities will allow you to relax and enjoy the European hospitality. You can easily secure a travel loan to visit the gorgeous locations this continent boasts. Here’s a list of top 10 most peaceful cities of Europe, that will help you plan your trip better.

Zurich, Switzerland

Beautiful nature and home to some of the best restaurants in Europe, Zurich is definitely a must-visit destination. The local people and city administration cares about noise pollution and strives to keep the city quiet. However, there is no shortage of fun in Zurich with its great nightlife.

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Oslo, Norway

Top 10 Most Peaceful Cities of Europe (1)

Do visit the magnificent TusenFryd Amusement Park, Norway’s largest amusement park and the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Tourists like to admire the 200 bronze statues spread across the beautiful park. Oslo is quiet but fun. You would be tempted to stay here longer.

Munich, Germany

The free culture, best beer, and magnificent architecture of Munich make this city one of the best places to visit in Europe. Munich is peaceful but also has scores of fun-filled activities. If you want to break away from peace, then participate in the most famous Oktoberfest.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Famed for being the quietest city in Europe, Stockholm will enthrall you with its several fantastic tourist attractions such as lush green parks, Vasa Museum, Skansen Open-Air Museum, The Royal Palace, etc., and outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and mountaineering.

Cologne, Germany

One of the most romantic cities in Germany, Cologne will offer you a much-needed respite. The city has around 3,000 clubs, bars, and restaurants. A perfect balance of fun and peace is what Cologne is all about.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top 10 Most Peaceful Cities of Europe (3)

A relaxed and quiet city, Amsterdam has chosen soft mobility. The people use ecologically friendly means of transport that’s quite impressive. It is an ideal destination for you if you are seeking peace and tranquility.

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Glasgow, Scotland

Home of River Clyde, Glasgow is a green city that believes in maintaining peace and order at all times. You can unwind and rejuvenate yourself at one of the many magnificent hotels and resorts while in Glasgow.

Milan, Italy

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Milan is vibrant, but you can choose a hotel overlooking the lush parks and clear skies. Milan’s charm and peacefulness will make you want to extend your stay.

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

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France has scores of fantastic destinations for tourism. However, Mont-Saint-Michel stands out with its majestic and peaceful presence. The place will leave an indelible impression on your mind for sure.

Tossa de Mar, Spain

Top 10 Most Peaceful Cities of Europe (5)

Endless oceans and thick green forest make Tossa de Mar a truly magnificent destination. The fairy-tale setting of medieval architecture and mysterious forest will make your holiday memorable.

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What is the most peaceful town in Europe? ›

Famed for being the quietest city in Europe, Stockholm will enthrall you with its several fantastic tourist attractions such as lush green parks, Vasa Museum, Skansen Open-Air Museum, The Royal Palace, etc., and outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and mountaineering.

What is the safest big city in Europe? ›

Rarely does anyone have to cope with crime in Copenhagen; ranked first place on the 2021 Safe Cities Index, making this European metropolis officially the safest city in the world, according to research conducted by The Economist.

What are the 5 most popular cities in Europe? ›

The Most Visited Cities in Europe: Where You Should Go and Why
  • London, Capital of the UK (20 Million Visitors) ...
  • Paris, Capital of France (15 Million Visitors) ...
  • Rome, Capital of Italy (10 Million Visitors) ...
  • Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic (8 Million Visitors) ...
  • Amsterdam, Capital of The Netherlands (8 Million Visitors)
Jan 2, 2023

Which Europe city is the most beautiful? ›

1. Paris, France. Paris is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It may seem cliché, but Paris will always be the most beautiful city in Europe to us.

Which European city has the lowest crime rate? ›


Its capital, Helsinki, is often considered one of the world's safest cities, transportation is easy and reliable, and risk of even petty crime is quite low.

Where is the quietest place to live in Europe? ›

Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the Europe region and the world in the 2022 GPI, with an improvement in its score of 3.4%.

Is Europe safer than the US? ›

Of the world's top 20 safest countries, 14 are in Europe. And 29 European countries are in the world's top 50. Almost all countries in Europe are safer for students than the United States of America. Europe is generally considered the safest region in the world.

Where is the best quality of life in Europe? ›

Sweden. Sweden is the top country in 2022 best quality of life rankings. The country stands out in the ranking of quality of life for health systems and well-developed public education, security, economic stability, and politics.

What country in Europe has the least crime? ›

Iceland is still on the top of the list of the most peaceful countries in the world. The country has maintained its position since 2008. In Iceland, perceptions of criminality indicators improved. Iceland's incarceration rate of 33 per 100,000 people is the lowest in Europe.

What is the number 1 tourist city in Europe? ›

London, UK

What is the most visited town in Europe? ›

1. London, United Kingdom — 19.6 Million Annual Visitors. What is this? London has been the most visited city in Europe for multiple years — in fact, London is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Which European country has most beautiful girl? ›

Estonia is usually home to some of the world's best women. In fact , it produces the largest number of intercontinental supermodels in the world. In fact , the three Baltic countries are inside the top five.

What is the most expensive city in Europe to visit? ›

Zurich (Switzerland) is considered to be the most expensive city in Europe. According to the Expatistan survey, the city's price index is 244.

Where is the most romantic city in Europe? ›

Venice. No list encapsulating romance in Europe would be complete without mention of the city of Venice.

What is the number 1 safest city? ›

Full Data Set
1Naperville, ILIL
2Sunnyvale, CACA
3West Covina, CACA
4Carmel, ININ
1 more row
Jan 13, 2023

Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in Europe? ›

Cheapest European countries for expats
  • Portugal. This country is famous for good food, beautiful beaches, a relaxed lifestyle, and affordable living. ...
  • Slovenia. This Central European country became an independent country in 1999. ...
  • Spain. ...
  • Croatia. ...
  • Bulgaria. ...
  • Italy.

Which European country is the easiest to live? ›

Sweden. Sweden has some of the most permissive citizenship regulations in Europe, with no language requirements for new Swedes and only a five-year residency time required to become a Swedish citizen.

Where can I live in Europe with only English? ›

8 best English-speaking European countries for expats
  • Which European countries speak English?
  • 1) The Netherlands.
  • 2) Austria.
  • 3) Denmark.
  • 4) Norway.
  • 5) Belgium.
  • 6) Sweden.
  • 7) Finland.
Aug 16, 2022

What is the gloomiest city in Europe? ›

The most overcast place in Southern Europe is Ljubljana, Slovenia with 1712 sunny hours annually. In Eastern Europe, Saint Petersburg, Russia ranks as the cloudiest at 1636 hours of sun a year.
Northern Europe.
CityHours of Sun
Reykjavík, Iceland1268
Vilnius, Lithuania1588
Oslo, Norway1668
Riga, Latvia1757
1 more row

What is the least polluted city in Europe? ›

The cleanest cities in Europe in terms of air quality during 2020 and 2021 were Umeå in Sweden, and Faro and Funchal in Portugal according to the updated European city air quality data viewer published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) today.

What is the friendliest country in Europe? ›

1. Ireland. Countless global reports have continually dubbed the people of Ireland as some of the friendliest and most welcoming to visitors in the world, and our readers feel the same; voting it into the top spot for the friendliest countries in Europe.

Where should I live if I love nature in Europe? ›

14 best European destinations for nature lovers
  • Switzerland: Bernese Oberland Region.
  • Montenegro: Durmitor National Park.
  • Scotland: Isle of Skye.
  • Germany: Black Forest.
  • Portugal: Algarve Coast.
  • Ireland: Dingle and West Coast.
  • Italy: Tuscany and Umbrian Countryside.
  • France: Chamonix.

Where should an American live in Europe? ›

If you can handle the cold, Germany and the Netherlands are two of the most popular countries for expats, both offering international communities and unique residency options. Switzerland: Although many European countries offer a better quality of life than the U.S., Switzerland takes the cake.

Which European country has best quality of life? ›

  • Sweden. #1 in Quality of Life. #5 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Denmark. #2 in Quality of Life. #10 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Canada. #3 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Switzerland. #4 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Norway. #5 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Finland. #6 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Germany. #7 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Netherlands. #8 in Quality of Life.

Which country has the best life in Europe? ›

Switzerland. Switzerland tops many lists of best countries to live in thanks to its excellent quality of life, picturesque countryside and excellent education and health care systems that apply to expats and locals alike.

Where should I live if I only speak English in Europe? ›

While we have already discussed that Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are some of the top English speaking countries, we shouldn't forget that Germany and Belgium are very high up the list, with over 62% of the population in Germany being English speakers and 61% in Belgium!

Where is the best place for an American to live abroad? ›

The Winner: The Best Place To Live

The best destination to live as an expat in 2022? Mexico is the winner, with 91% of expats saying they are happy with their life South of the Border. Drilling down, Mexico ranks first for the ease of settling in and second for personal finances.

Where is the warmest place to live in Europe? ›

What Are the Warmest Countries in Europe?
  • Cyprus. Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, this island nation is one of the best choices for an oceanic getaway. ...
  • France. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, drawing in over 30 million tourists each year. ...
  • Italy. ...
  • Greece. ...
  • Malta. ...
  • Portugal. ...
  • Spain.
Sep 23, 2022

Which European country is friendly to foreigners? ›

What is Europe's most friendly country? The results are in and, according to the 12,000 people who took the survey, Portugal ranks top of all European countries when it comes to friendliness. The Iberian Peninsula also ranked highly in the 'feeling at home' category, coming in second.

Which European country is best for foreigners? ›

Best European Countries for Expats to Live In
  • Spain.
  • Germany.
  • Luxembourg,
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Finland.
  • Iceland.
  • Ireland.
  • Switzerland.
Dec 28, 2021

What are the most livable cities in Europe? ›

The top 10 was dominated by western European cities, which make up half of those on the list. Copenhagen follows Vienna in second place, with Zurich taking third place with Calgary in Canada. Not far behind is Geneva in number six, followed by Frankfurt at seven. Amsterdam secured number nine.

Which EU country is easiest to move to from USA? ›

Admiring the view in Azenhas do Mar, Portugal—one of the countries making it easy for Americans to ... [+] Portugal consistently tops lists of the best places for expats to live, and in fact, the number of Americans living in Portugal rose 45% in 2021, according to government data.

How long can US citizens stay in Europe? ›

With a valid U.S. passport, you can stay up to 90 days for tourism or business during any 180-day period. Do not overstay!

Which country gives free citizenship? ›

Austria, Belgium, Ecuador, Belize and Costa Rica, countries where you can get citizenship and work visas easily of you have an Indian passport. Travel Tips, Immigration with Indian Passport: There are many countries in the world who give citizenship of their country if you have the passport of India and some documents.


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