Senior Business Analyst - Department for International Trade (2023)

Job description

Senior Business Analysts at DIT identify and draw upon multiple forms of evidence to shape, define, document, and analyse challenging business problems and user needs. They’re required to lead on mapping how these user and organisational needs align with the business architecture and ensure alignment with the service vision and business strategy. Within DDaT, we encourage our Senior Business Analysts to challenge constructively and act as a critical friend to achieve solutions that are fit for purpose, while facilitating collaboration and leading effective communication with all stakeholders to support the design, build and delivery of products and services that meet user needs.

We’re looking for Senior Business Analysts to support our DDaT products and services, in line with the Department’s priorities of facilitating trade, promoting inward investment and exports, and the wider agenda for a Global Britain. Senior Business Analysts work across a portfolio of products, helping their teams to deliver in line with the strategy and in sync with one another. 

As a Senior Business Analyst (BA) you will be working with several teams across multiple complex, fast-moving, and innovative projects. Your role will be to lead the business analysis and make sure product decisions are based on a sound business analysis by working closely with service owners, and product and delivery teams.

You will support the Head of Profession to build a sustainable, diverse, and engaged Business Analyst community within DIT who work together towards a common goal and share ideas openly, establishing standards and consistency to support rapid delivery through sharing and learning from one another.

As a Senior BA, you will line manage more junior business analysts, providing advice and direction on their activities and supporting them to develop their skills and experience.


  • Lead on the analysis of business requirements and user needs related to all aspects of the service(s) you are supporting. 
  • Work with the relevant Service Owner, Product Manager and Delivery Manager to assess how these should inform the team’s activities. 
  • Lead on business process analysis and re-engineering where applicable and write and edit the relevant documentation. 
  • Articulate business and user problems, identifying opportunities and ways to address these problems and providing recommendations.
  • Apply proven communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to ensure that the team’s plans and objectives are achieved.
  • Work as part of multi-disciplinary teams to deliver solutions and ensure they are sufficiently tested and meet business and user needs

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Agile Working Skills: You apply agile methodology to your work and can help the team decide the best approach
  • Business Analysis: You can advise on the best business analysis approaches to investigate and assess complex business problems and opportunities and inform both tactical decision making and strategic plans.
  • Requirements Definition & Management: You can advise on the approach to requirements definition and management for complex change initiatives and ensure requirements traceability throughout their lifecycle. You can coordinate and review the prioritisation of requirements and engage in the negotiation of solutions to help meet business objectives and user needs
  • Stakeholder Management: You can communicate with stakeholders at all levels, focusing on user and business needs. You can develop or apply communication strategies to build relationships and work to resolve conflict where required
  • Process Management: You can lead on modelling business processes at all levels of complexity, including use of systems analysis, and identify opportunities to improve business performance. You can lead the analysis, design, prioritisation and implementation of process changes, and support business process testing and usability evaluations.
  • Ways of Working: You can collaborate effectively with other DDaT professions within a multi-disciplinary delivery team and assess the effect of proposed solutions on users

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Have worked in a Government digital team
  • Have experience of working at portfolio level or across multiple products

This role is available in three UK locations, including central London, Cardiff, and Darlington’s new economic hub. This role can only be worked from within the UK and not overseas. Most DIT employees will be working a hybrid pattern, spending 2-3 days a week (pro rata) in the office on average. Changes to these working arrangements are available in certain circumstances, but must be agreed with the vacancy manager and in line with the requirements of the role. Travel to your primary office location will not be paid for by DIT, but costs for travel to an office which is not your main location will be covered.

Find out about life at DIT, our benefits and meet the team by watching our recruitment video, visiting our website or readingour blog!

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How to Apply

This vacancy is using Success Profiles, and will assess your technical skills and behaviours.Unless otherwise specified, all interviews are currently being held online. Please ensure that you check your emails regularly as all updates from us will be sent to you this way.

Sift will take place week commencing: 6th February 2023

Interviews will take place week commencing: 20th February 2023

Please notes these dates are indicative and may be subject to change.

As part of the application process you will be asked to upload a CV and complete a personal statement outlining your experience, skills and fit for the role.

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At the sift stage for this role, we will assess you against the essential criteria listed above. For your personal statement you must write less than 750 words and can use bullet points and subheadings if you prefer. As well as evidencing the criteria you should also touch upon why you're interested in DIT, and in this particular role.

If we receive a high volume of applications, we will conduct a ‘short sift’ and read one element of your application. For this campaign a short sift would be conducted based on CV only.

How you’ll be assessed

At the interview stage for this role, you will be asked to demonstrate relevant technical skills and behavioursfrom theSuccess Profilesframework. A role-specific list of these can be found below.

Salary is determined by performance at interview, within the range advertised. Candidates moving from another government department will be subject to pay principles and may have the option to retain their current salary.

Applicants invited to interview will be asked to deliver a presentation and will be informed of the topic following the sift.

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Technical Skills

There will be a technical element within the interview where you will be asked questions about your specific professional skills and knowledge relating directly to the job role.

We will assess you against the following technical skills:

  • Agile working
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Modelling
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Requirement Definition and Management
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Systems analysis
  • User experience analysis

Detailed explanations of each technical skill can be found on the DDaT Framework.


We will assess you against the following behaviours:

  • Changing and Improving
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Making effective decisions
  • Delivering at Pace

Reserve list

Appointments may be made to candidates in merit order based on location preferences. Candidates who pass the bar at interview but are not the highest scoring will be held on a 12-month reserve list for future appointments. Candidates who are judged to be a near miss at interview may be offered a post at the grade below the one advertised.

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Security Clearance Details

These roles require SC clearance. The requirement for SC clearance is to have been present in the UK for at least 3 of the last 5 years. If asked to undergo SC clearance, you’ll be asked to provide evidence of your UK footprint where you have been physically present in the UK. Failure to meet the residency requirements will result in your security clearance application being rejected.

If you require SC clearance you will need to provide evidence of the below requirements.

Checks will be made against:

  • Departmental or company records (personnel files, staff reports, sick leave reports and security records).
  • UK criminal records covering both spent and unspent criminal records.
  • Your credit and financial history with a credit reference agency.
  • Security Services record.
  • Location Details

Further Information

The Department for International Trade embraces and values diversity in all forms. We welcome and pride ourselves on the positive impact diversity has on the work we do, and we promote equality of opportunity throughout the organisation. As such, we run a Disability Confident Scheme (DCS) for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria. Click through to apply and find out more.

Our recruitment process is underpinned by appointment on the basis of fair and open competition and appointment on merit, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission's Recruitment Principles. The Civil Service Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of civil servants. If you feel your application has not been treated in accordance with these principles and you wish to make a complaint, you should in the first instance contact DIT by email: If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can contact the Civil Service Commission, which regulates all Civil Service recruitment. Click here to download a PDF about the Civil Service Commission/Complaints.

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