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Finding just the right school for your child with autism is challenging. There may be autism schools in Goodyear, AZ that exist and can accommodate your child and help them thrive. The reason that these schools are so exceptional is that they have specialized classrooms and are prepared for the many different issues that exist when working with a special needs child.

Your Child's Rights

Your special needs child has the right to a free and appropriate education. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (which was first enacted in 1975 and revised in 2004), mandates that each state provide all qualified children with a public education that satisfies their particular needs. IDEA stipulates that children with Intellectual disabilities, including autism, are entitled toearly intervention services and special education.

If your child has been diagnosed with a type of autism, the diagnosis is typically enough to obtain access to the rights provided by IDEA. Also, the IDEA provides states with federal grants to initiate early intervention programs; and any child younger than age three, who has a developmental delay or a physical or mental condition, is also qualified to receive early intervention services.

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Although it is possible that the best school for at-risk kids may be located outside the area of Goodyear, AZ, these premier treatment centers are committed to troubled teens from all over the country.

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Schools for Children with Autism

Some metropolitan areas have better services than others for people with autism spectrum disorder. The results of an online community survey, published by Autism Speaks, on "livability issues" for families and people with autism showed that if you reside in the Seattle metropolitan area or the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan areas, you live among the 10 best metropolitan areas in America for people who have autism.

Schools for Autism in Goodyear, AZ - AZ (2)Schools for Autism in Goodyear, AZ - AZ (3)The survey also found that nearly 75% of participants were not satisfied with their community's institutions and services for people with ASD. Among the areas faring worst in the survey, in terms of the amount of negative responses from that region, were Oregon and Kentucky. This is primarily due to few, if any, recreational services available locally; and having considerable travel distances for treatments and services.

Types of Specialty Schools

There are two main types of schools that are equipped to work with your child. The first of these schools is one that works with children who are fully verbal but still have the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis or some other learning problem. This ~issues2 ~ can include dyslexia, Asperger's and several other issues.

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The second type of school is one that works with children who are nonverbal or who have other challenging behaviors that would prevent them from succeeding in a everyday public school. Having these school types available helps the children focus on school without worrying about getting lost in the large numbers of kids in other schools and without dealing with the bullying they may otherwise experience.

Types of Classrooms

Within these two school types, there are two types of classrooms. The first of these two types of classrooms is a traditional classroom. These have few students, less than 15, with the teacher at the front of the room teaching. The second classroom style has even smaller classes. Within these classes, there are typically three or four students for each teacher. These students would work at their own pace with the teacher walking around the students to counsel them as they needed help.

Quality of Teachers and Staff

The quality of the teachers that work with the students in these schools is essential. When researching the schools within the Goodyear, AZ area, there are several qualities of the teachers and staff that you will want to check. The staff should have had training and experience dealing with students that have special needs in the classroom setting. If the staff seem lacking in this particular area, researching the other schools may be the best choice for your child.

Learning Appropriate Social Behavior

Schools for Autism in Goodyear, AZ - AZ (4)Schools for Autism in Goodyear, AZ - AZ (5)Children with ASD can learn much from neurotypical children so that they learn appropriate social behavior. Those who work at the school need to know how to appropriately work with these children and how to positively reinforce the social behaviors that are expected of these children. Learning appropriate social behavior can sometimes be a challenge for these children and having an adult that knows how to handle these situations can go a long way in guiding these children learn these behaviors while not being made to feel like there is something wrong with them.

Individualized Attention

The autism schools that may exist within the Goodyear, AZ area have a great feature that makes them a great choice for your child. Within these schools, your child can receive individualized attention that is necessary to counsel them growing and flourishing. The very low student to teacher ratio mentioned above in the section about the classrooms goes a long way in guiding with the individualized attention as does the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP is especially important if there are any unique needs that your child needs to have addressed in the school setting.

Services and Therapy

There are some services and treatment available to your child that can easily work along with the specialized school settings to help your child. Some of these services and therapies include behavior therapy, structured teaching, speech and language therapy, sensory integration and many other services and therapies designed to help your child thrive. These different services and therapies are unique for each child and would be set up to counsel your child based on their individual needs.

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Helping your child succeed in life is always your first priority. Researching the specialized schools around the Goodyear, AZ area is just one way of working to make sure your child has the best help available to them.

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