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Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This page contains information on Riju of Gerudo Town, including how to navigate the Gerudo Desert, find Riju,and more.


Reach the North Gerudo Ruins

From Gerudo Town here towards the marker on the map just slightly north. As soon as you step back out into the desert, the sandstorm will interfere with your map, but you'll be able to see the ruins from the entrance to Gerudo Town, just off to the left.

As you reach the ruins, you'll hear a loud bang, and moving towards the center reveals that its lightning strikes caused by Riju. The conversation will Riju will begin as soon as you approach here, and she'll tell you about the trouble that Gerudo Town is having with the Gibdo.

It's not long before she's asking you for help with her training against the dummy. For the first round, draw your bow and aim it at the dummy, for Riju to hit with her lightning strike.

The next test asks you to hit all three dummies with one single lightning strike. To do this, don't aim for a specific dummy, instead aim for the rock that's positioned in front of the middle dummy. Wait until the ring of lightning has gone past each of the dummies, allowing Riju enough time to charge up her attack.

With the training complete, a mysterious sound will ring out and Faundi will appear to tell Riju that Gibdos are attacking the Kara Kara Bazaar, so that's the next stop!

If you've followed the guide up until now, you can warp back to the Mayatat Shrine to quickly get back to the Kara Kara Bazaar.

At the Kara Kara Bazaar

The fight will begin as soon as you reach Kara Kara Bazaar, where you'll see a swarm of Gibdo emerge. Work with Riju to attack as many of them as possible, and hit multiple targets at once by aiming at something else like the barricades to do more damage.

As the cutscene begins, it's clear the Gibdo are coming from hives that look like sand mushrooms. To destroy them, aim for the part that glows bright purple. Doing it during this time will mean you can actually destroy it, as it becomes vulnerable when it glows purple and spawns Gibdo.


Once this battle is over, multiple sand tornados will emerge and you'll have to hurry back to Gerudo Town to protect it.

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Back at Gerudo Town

Make your way back to Gerudo Town from Kara Kara Bazaar. You'll find it surrounded by a few of the mushroom-looking sand pillars with glowing purple parts halfway up them. Go to the top of the stairs inside Gerudo Town to speak to Riju.

She'll tell you to get ready for the battle by speaking to Buliaria, who in turn will send you down to two courtyards where you can speak to Captain Teake and Padda. Go to Padda and stock up on all the weapons, arrows, and items that she has.

Don't forget to also open the three chests that sit along the wall to pick up valuable items. It's worth fusing your shield with the Topaz you'll get from the chest, and picking up the spear to fuse with the Electric Lizalfos horn for protection against Lightning and additional damage. Decide with Padda where you'd also like to form a barricade.

Then go over to Captain Teake and position each group of soldiers wherever you prefer. However, you should choose the soldiers with the spears to join the gate that you've chosen to barricade, as this will allow them to create more damage. Wherever you decide to put the barricade, have your spear troops there who can maximize the damage they put out with their lightning spears and metal barricades.

When you are ready, speak to Riju to begin the fight. You can also gain some additional information here that Fire and Lightning are both great against the Gibdo.

As the fight begins, Riju will shout out which direction the Gibdo are attacking from. You'll want to repeat what you did in the first battle at Kara Kara Baazar, and aim for the hives when they glow brightly.

When you've destroyed all three hives, you'll just need to clear out any remaining Gibdo for the battle to be won and the quest to progress.

Speaking to Riju after the fight, she'll tell you about a mural in the underground bunker. This is where you first met Buliaria, so go downstairs and into the bunker to find Riju and learn what the mural means.

To the Underground Bunker

While you're down in the underground bunker, you should explore more to unlock some side quests.

  • On the immediate left, as you enter the bunker, you'll find Cara who sells accessories. Speaking to her will begin the side quest: The Missing Owner


  • Next to her you can find a Goddess Statue, to trade in Blessing of Lights
  • Opposite Cara, and near the Goddess Statue, you'll see a stall selling ChuChu Jelly. To the right of the stall is Rotana. She's investigating the wall and standing by the orb. Speaking to her will unlock The Heroine's Secret side quest.
  • Go into the next room, and look left to see a wall blocked by rocks. Break this to reveal the first stela you can take a photo of called the Monument of Seven Heroines.

You can then find Riju standing on the far side of the room near the mural she mentioned earlier.

Speak to Riju

Riju will tell you to look at the mural on the wall that mentions red pillars across a vast sea. These pillars must be united to reveal the lightning stone and "open the way".

How to Solve the Red Pillar Puzzle in Gerudo Town

With the mural examined, it's time to solve the puzzle of the red pillars and reveal the lightning stone.

The first part of the puzzle says "standing back-to-back with the throne" so go upstairs to the throne room, and stand with Link's back to the throne.

While you're here, Ascend up twice to reach the shrine that sits above Gerudo Town. This is Soryotanog Shrine, and activating it will create a handy fast travel point for you to use at any point.

Behind the throne, is a Sand Seal statue, which is blocking the view. Go behind the statue and look off into the distance to see a pillar with three columns - this is the first destination you want to make your way to.

Head for the First Pillar


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Set off southwest from Gerudo Town and directly towards the pillar in the distance. There will be some Gibdo along the way, but there's also some Shock Fruit you can pick up and use against them. When you reach the pillar, climb up and look down to see rocks blocking a hole in the bottom of it.

Destroy the rocks to reveal a beam of light that will hit the mirror above and point you in the direction of the second pillar.

Drop down and follow the light to reach the second pillar. While the beam is visible along the way, be sure to glide using the tornados to float above the sandstorm and ensure you're going in the right direction as the map becomes distorted.

As you get closer to the end of the beam, you'll see that it goes past a pillar and off into the distance. This pillar can be found at coordinates: -4538, -3277, 0033. If you look up while inside it, you can see the mirror you need to use to try and reflect the light.

You won't be able to do anything here, but you can at the nearby column, at coordinates: -4599, -3275, 0046. This is the column next to the patch of Hydromelon and the looming Gibdo. Climb this to find a wheel that you can push to raise the pillar with the mirror. Spin it counterclockwise to raise the pillar and allow the light to reflect.

If you want to spin it even faster, and have a fan in your inventory, attach it to the wheel and hit it.

With the second pillar raised, it's time to follow the beam to the third one.

Find the Third Pillar

As you approach the base of this pillar, there's a tornado you can use to glide up to it.

This one also has rocks at the bottom that can be broken, but doing so will reveal Zonai platforms and planks of wood. Using Ascend to go to the top of the pillar, you'll find another wheel but this one is broken. To repair it, you'll want to bring up the planks of wood from below.


It's also worth noting that south of here is the shrine that can be easily reached and activated for a fast travel point.

Create a bundle of wood by stacking the planks together, and placing them on one of the Zonai platforms. Hit the platform to activate the battery, then raise it above your head near the broken grate that goes around half of the pillar.

Ascend to this broken platform, collect the platform and the planks, then raise it up again. Climb up to the top, and pull the platform and planks of wood using Ultrahand to the top. Now detach the planks of wood and fix the wheel. Turn it clockwise to line up the mirror and open up the middle.

Go to the Middle of the Light Beams

Use the nearby sand tornado to float above the sandstorm and see where you roughly need to head for. As you glide down toward the center of the beams, look for the raised mound to show you where to go.

When you reach the mound, a cutscene will begin and Riju will appear. Talk to her in the center, near the solution to the riddle. Riju suggests here lighting strike might help reveal more, so aim at the top of the statue, to have Riju unleash her attack.

A building will emerge from the sand dunes a little way off in the distance, revealing the entrance to The Lightning Temple.

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You'll now be able to use Riju's power, as she teams up to help you tackle the dungeon. Make your way across to the glowing hive outside to begin.

Up Next: The Lightning Temple

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What are the 4 side quests in Gerudo Town? ›

What this means, is complete all Side Quests in Gerudo Town which includes the following:
  • The Search for Barta.
  • Medicinal Molduga.
  • The Mystery Polluter.
  • The Secret Club's Secret.
  • Tools of the Trade.

How do you get to Gerudo Town in tears of the kingdom? ›

The town has actually moved into a bunker. To get into the town, face the main building in the square (this is the one that has a Shrine right at the very top of it). Below the main doors of the building, you should see an opening with torches in it and steps that lead down.

Is there a strategy guide for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? ›

The official strategy guide comes in at a whopping 496 pages. If you want to get a 100% save file in Tears of the Kingdom, this guide will have all of the details you need to know, including every puzzle solution, an atlas of Hyrule, and an in-depth look at every enemy in the game.

Where is Gerudo chief riju? ›

Riju can be found in the palace in Gerudo Town, sitting upon the Throne beside the captain of the guard, Buliara. Link meets Riju at the start of the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest when he first enters the Gerudo Town palace, disguised as a woman.

Why are males not allowed in Gerudo? ›

While males are extremely rare in Gerudo society, the people weren't opposed to men quite at all before Ganondorf betrayed them. When he turned into Calamity Ganon, the Gerudo elected to disallow all men from entering Gerudo Town, ever, and establish the city as a haven for Hyrule's females.

Why is there only one male Gerudo? ›

Due to a unique biological quirk, the race consists almost solely of females. A single male Gerudo is born into the tribe every hundred years. This male is destined by Gerudo law to become their king. Ganondorf is the only Gerudo male to have appeared in the series.

Where is the Gerudo bow? ›

It is commonly found in the Gerudo province which includes Gerudo Desert and Treasure Chests found in the Gerudo Highlands regions. One spawns in the barracks for Gerudo soldiers in the western tip of Gerudo Town, in the northwestern part of the barracks next to where Teake stands.

What is the hardest thing to defeat in Zelda breath of the wild? ›

There can't be a list on hardest enemies in Breath of the Wild without mentioning Calamity Ganon. Ganon is the main villain in the series and the final boss that Link has to defeat in order to save Hyrule at the end. But before he can do that, he needs to unleash each of the Divine Beasts.

Should I prioritize health or stamina Zelda? ›

Choose hearts over stamina

Early on, enemies won't deal as much damage to you, but will grow stronger as you defeat more enemies. Even one or two hearts can save your life and prevent enemies from killing you in one hit — a common occurrence in the game's early hours.

Is Link's Awakening easy? ›

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either. Naturally, Link's Awakening's remake on the Nintendo Switch makes things even easier—but not everything. To its credit, Link's Awakening (2019) makes some rather interesting changes that serve to make the game tougher on a whole.

Is Riju the daughter of Urbosa? ›

Riju is the Chieftainess of the Gerudo, having inherited the position after her mother passed away. Though she is considerably young for a chief, she is respected by her people. Following the line of succession, she is a direct descendant of Urbosa.

Who is the red hair girl in Breath of the Wild? ›

Urbosa is a fictional character from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. She first appeared as one of the major characters in the Breath of the Wild where she is the leader of the Gerudo and one of the four Champions who help Princess Zelda and Link to protect Hyrule from Calamity Ganon.

Will Riju give me the thunder helm? ›

After completing all four side quests in Gerudo Town, return to Riju and speak to her to claim the Thunder Helm. She'll let Link know that she's heard of all the good he's done around Gerudo Town, finally allowing you to take the Thunder Helm.

Is Gerudo asexual? ›

Asexual Reproduction: It is also possible that the Gerudo reproduce asexually due to their abundance. Meiosis, the process of creating cells that undergo reproduction to yield offspring, results in two cells in the female. One of the cells dies out and the other produces the clone/offspring.

Is Ganondorf a Gerudo King? ›

His original human form known as Ganondorf is the king and the only male member of the Gerudo in Ocarina of Time and Four Swords Adventures. He bears the physical traits of the Gerudo race, having red hair, dark skin and pointy ears.

Do female Gorons exist? ›

No. There are no female Gorons. As stated in the game itself, the Goron tribe is a male-only tribe that ever existed in the series.

How many Gerudo men are born? ›

The Gerudo is a dark-toned race consisting of only females with the exception of one male being born every one hundred years. That male according to legend is supposed to be their king. However, Nabooru rebelled against her king in Ocarina of Time, the king being Ganondorf.

Do the Gerudo hate Ganon? ›

The Gerudo in Ocarina of Time are absolutely terrified of Ganondorf, only doing his bidding for fear of being transformed into monsters such as Poes or Stalchildren to just roam Hyrule at night.

What age is Link? ›

It's safe to say that Link is generally on the younger side and under the age of 18, regardless of his incarnation. Hyrule Historia says that Link is 10 years old in the first game, The Legend of Zelda. In Adventure of Link, the hero is age 16. In an interview, Eiji Aonuma said the Link in Twilight Princess is 17.

What happens if you beat Ingo without Epona? ›

It is possible to beat Ingo without using Epona for the race. Normally the other horses are too slow to win, but if you wait in the back of the course for around 10 seconds, Ingo will unload and you will automatically win the race.

What happens if Epona dies in Breath of the Wild? ›

On a much sadder note, Epona can actually die in Breath of the Wild, much like the rest of the game's horses. Epona can be summoned into the game only by scanning the Twilight Princess Link amiibo. Luckily she can be revived in-game by Malanya as long as she is registered.

Are gorons allowed in Gerudo Town? ›

In The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Gorons are allowed to enter Gerudo Town, even though only women are supposed to be there.

Is the Falcon bow good? ›

Falcon Bows are long range, fast firing bows which have a base power of 20, which can become as high as 36 if found with an Attack Up modifier. They have a base durability of 50 and, with a Durability Up + modifier, have a maximum durability of 78, making them a reliable mid-to-endgame bow in combat.

What is the golden bow? ›

The Golden Bow is not simply a symbol for social change, but carries many meanings within its own design. The gold refers to breastfeeding as the gold standard for infant feeding. One loop of the bow represents the mother; the other loop is the child.

Which bow has the most durability? ›

But the fact is that, in the course of this singular event, the Bow of Light is simply the most powerful bow in the game, bar none. It comes with a beastly 100 attack, 100 durability, and 500 range.

What happens after you beat Tears of the Kingdom? ›

After completing the main story, players will be sent back to the main menu, upon which, they'll notice that their save file now has a little star next to it. If they load this save file up, they'll see that a completion rate is now displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the map screen.

Are there shrines in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

If you want to become truly powerful in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then you need to seek all of the Shrines. There are loads of Shrines hidden around the overworld and Hyrule's new sky islands, and you'll be playing for potentially more than 100 hours trying to find and complete them all.

What is the hardest hero mode in Zelda? ›

Link's Awakening (2019) might be the singlest hardest 2D Zelda all things considered. Its Hero Mode makes getting through the early game in one piece a massive challenge.

What animal is Link's divine beast? ›

The Divine Beast Vah Ruta resembles an elephant, and its element is water. The trunk is opposable and can spew an infinite amount of water.

How many hearts should I have before Ganon? ›

If Link has at least 13 Hearts, go to the Lost Woods and obtain the Master Sword. Attempting to free the Master Sword from its resting place with fewer than 13 hearts results in game over, so yeah.

Should you complete all shrines before Ganon? ›

Complete shrines for health

There are 120 shrines in Breath of the Wild, and by no means do you need to complete them all before fighting Calamity Ganon.

How many hearts should I have in Zelda? ›

For this reason, there's no denying a minimum of 13 hearts is pretty much mandatory.

Can you get 20 hearts in Link's Awakening? ›

The number of Heart Pieces has jumped from 12 to 32, while the Secret Seashell count has risen from 26 to 50. If you complete all of the dungeons, collect all 32 Heart Pieces, and work through Chamber Dungeons challenges, you can wind up with a whopping 20 Heart Containers.

Was Link's Awakening just a dream? ›

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is an “it was all a dream” narrative. Sailing on a stormy sea, Link is knocked unconscious and washed ashore on Koholint Island. There, he is awoken by someone who is not quite Zelda in a house that is not quite the house from the beginning of A Link to the Past.

What happens if you beat Link's Awakening without dying? ›

If you beat Link's Awakening without dying, you are granted the “good ending”. In this good ending, not only do we save the Windfish and Link, but we also see the spirit of Marin, at the happiest we've ever seen her. Then, we see her fly away as a seagull. Her wish was granted.

Who is Mipha's father? ›

Mipha is a Zora princess, being the daughter of King Dorephan, the ruler of Zora's Domain. She is also the pilot of the Divine Beast of water, Vah Ruta. Mipha has a deep bond with her younger brother, Prince Sidon who appears as a character in Breath of the Wild.

Is Riju in love with Link? ›

- Riju doesn't realize her feelings for Link as what they are right away but Buliara picks up on it instantly. -Buliara is the one that breaks it to Riju that she's falling in love with the hero, which the young chief of course vehemently denies before realizing it's true later that night.

Who is Riju's dad? ›

Background History. Riju is the daughter of the late Gerudo Chieftain who lead the Gerudo before her however following her passing the young Riju inherited the throne with only her bodyguard and adviser Buliara to guide and prepare her.

Who is the white hair girl in Zelda? ›

Impa is a recurring fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Who is the purple girl in Zelda? ›

Appearance. Princess Hilda has a similar appearance to Princess Zelda in A Link Between Worlds, but is very distinct. Hilda has a dark purple color scheme that matches her long dark hair. The Triforce patterns are designed on her attire.

Who is the pink character in Zelda? ›

Spryte is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. A small fairy with a pink dress, she lives in North Castle and is friends with Link and Princess Zelda. In the episode of "Kiss'n Tell", it is revealed that Spryte is the princess of Fairies, with her dad being King Oberon, the fairy king.

Is Riju related to Ganon? ›

Makeela Riju is Ganondorf's heir and a Hero for the Gerudo.

Should I take Thunder Helm or not? ›

So, if you want the immunity to lightning that the Thunder Helm provides, or if you just happen to want to 100% the game, then yes, it is definitely worth it. Here's how to unlock Breath of the Wild's, Thunder Helm.

How many side quests are in Gerudo Town? ›

Gerudo Town - 1 Main Quest and 8 Side Quests.

Where are the 4 Moldugas? ›

The four Molduga are found in the Gerudo Wasteland.
  • Southern Oasis - South of Gerudo Town.
  • Arbiter's Grounds - East of the Tera's Great Fairy Fountain and Gerudo Great Skeleton.
  • Desert north of Dragon's Exile, northeast of Tera's Great Fairy Fountain and Gerudo Great Skeleton and west of Sand-Seal Rally.

What is the side quest at Gerudo Summit? ›

The Gerudo Summit is located in the Gerudo Highlands. A flat, snowy area atop the Summit contains a large, stone sword that Link must take a picture of to complete the Side Quest "The Forgotten Sword". Keeha Yoog Shrine sits on the northern slope of Gerudo Summit.

What are the 3 side quests in Kakariko village? ›

Side Quests
Side Quest NameLocationReward
Cooking with KokoKakariko VillageHot Buttered Apples
Koko CuisineKakariko VillageTough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin
Koko's SpecialtyKakariko VillageMother's Honeyed Apples
Playtime with CottlaKakariko VillageRock Salt
72 more rows

Can you ever enter gerudo town as a man? ›

The Gerudo are fiercely protective of their culture, and do not allow a male (voe) into their town. Only females (vai) are allowed entry. To gain entry, Link will have to complete the Forbidden City Entry quest and disguise himself as a Hylian vai with the Gerudo Set.

What happens if you take off your clothes in Gerudo Town? ›

The Gerudo soldiers will throw Link out if he removes any piece of his Gerudo outfit, Thunder Helm, Sand Boots or Snow Boots, or if Link attempts to enter by scaling the walls.

Are Gerudo all female? ›

"A kid like you may not know this, but the Gerudo race consists only of women. Only one man is born every hundred years..." The Gerudo are a recurring race in The Legend of Zelda series. The most prominent trait of the Gerudo is the race only consisting of females except one male being born every one hundred years.

Is there a king Molduga? ›

The Molduking is the strongest of all Molduga, and has a slightly different coloring. There is only one in the game, being a part of the second DLC pack: The Champions' Ballad. It is found to the south of the East Barrens in the Gerudo Desert.

What do you get for killing all Molduga? ›

The Medal of Honor: Molduga like all Medals of Honor is simply a trophy recognizing Link's accomplishment of slaying all four Molduga (he can try and kill all of them though he will receive the medal for simply killing each found in the desert at least once).

Who needs Molduga Guts? ›

Quest Description

Malena's husband has fallen ill. He needs the guts of a Molduga in order to get better. The Molduga is a ferocious monster that's sensitive to the slightest vibration, and it attacks anything that comes near it.

Is the Thunder Helm worth it? ›

So, if you want the immunity to lightning that the Thunder Helm provides, or if you just happen to want to 100% the game, then yes, it is definitely worth it.

Who is the watermelon eater in Gerudo Town? ›

Her name is Calyban and she's sitting in the western corner eating Hydromelons and carelessly throwing the rinds into the water. She asks for 10 wildberries which grow in the snowy areas of the Gerudo Highlands.

What happens if you take the Thunder Helm? ›

After retrieving the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan and completing Vah Naboris in the Gerudo Desert, the Thunder Helm will return to its place on display next to Riju in the throne room. Examine the Thunder Helm, and Riju will task Link with helping out the people of Gerudo Town if he wants to claim it for himself.

How do you sleep with Paya? ›

Paya lives in Impa's house, so head inside and talk to her for a while. Eventually you'll put her to bed, at which point you'll want to wait by the fire until night falls.

Are there any weapons in Kakariko Village? ›

In terms of weapons, there is a Rake found at the rear of the farm, but there is also an Eightfold Sword found in Lantern Lake, the lake immediately behind Impa's House.


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