RAW Pre Rolled Paper Cones & RAW Joint Cones - All Sizes (2023)

RAW Cones are arguably the best way to enjoy the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis. In this industry, your clients can enjoy edibles as well as different smoking methods. Pens and vapes are popular as well. Your customers might use different rigs or pipes to smoke, however, the classic method of burning a joint reigns supreme.

Packing your flower into RAW joint cones is the best choice you will make as a cannabis supplier. Better yet, stocking your dispensary or smoke shop with RAW Cones is an equally amazing choice. RAW cone rolling papers are the best in the business when it comes to pre rolled 420 packaging papers.

In 15th century Spain, some people would pick up discarded cigars and reroll them using newspaper scraps. Luckily, rolling technology has come a long way since then. Still, RAW pre rolled cones stick to their roots.

RAW Cones are a little more sophisticated than their distant ancestor joints were. What makes RAW Cones rolling papers so useful and practical? Let’s take a closer look at these amazing products.

What Are RAW Cones?

When it comes to pre rolled cones, RAW Classic Cones are the best. If you need to enjoy your product quickly and easily, there is no better option.

There is one word that can describe your customer’s experience when it comes to this product: natural. There is almost a cult-like following when it comes to RAW rolling papers, and for good reason.

The cones contain a hybrid blend of unbleached plant fibers. There is also a natural gumline to match the RAW cone wraps burn rate so that the paper does not burn faster than the product inside of it. In RAW Cones sizes grams are perfectly held in the cone-shaped technology. The wraps contain absolutely zero additives or unnatural ingredients, leaving you with nothing but natural smoke.

Some other companies dye their papers a light brown to mimic RAW Cones rolling papers, but RAW papers have a natural brown coloring. This light brown coloring allows you to admire the flower inside, as well as smoke it easily.

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Not only do these cones give you a natural smoking experience, but they also manage to look good while doing so. These RAW joint cones are so thin and light that you can see straight through them, giving the cones themselves a nice aesthetic.

Packing your marijuana in other rolling papers doesn’t make any sense. When your customers buy a box of RAW paper cones, they end up with a visually appealing product that will bring them back to purchase more. There is a reason why RAW Classic Cones are available almost everywhere to buy.

Buying a box of RAW Cones bulk for your business helps customers receive the best of the best!

What Are the RAW Cone Sizes?

When it comes to RAW Cones rolling papers, some of your clients may not be aware that there are different sizes. RAW cone sizes vary vastly. For instance, there is the RAW Lean Cone. The Lean Cone is a very special size that is not offered by many manufacturers.

Lean Cones are the same length as RAW King Size cones (110mm) but they have a thinner body along with a longer (40mm) tip. Unlike the traditional cones, the advantage of the Lean Cone is a smaller surface area that allows marijuana to burn slower, providing a different flavor altogether. (There are also flavored RAW Cones!)

Small RAW Cones, like the 98 Special, are so thin that they have specially made tips. Smaller cones are perfect for your customers that don’t want to get too stoned. It is essential you stock your smoke shop or marijuana dispensary with different cone sizes.

“RAW Cones sizes grams” is a popular search because of the variety of sizes these cones come in. People want to know how much weed they can stuff into various cones.

For instance, the King Size Cones can hold approximately 1.15g of cannabis and measure 110mm in length. The RAW King Size cones have become somewhat of a gamechanger in their size and their ability to hold as much product as they do. Many marijuana distributors and manufacturers pack weed into this size cone, then sell the final product to retail.

(Video) RAW Black 20 Pack Cones

When you come across a cone RAW has made, you’re most likely dealing with RAW Classic Cones in 1 ¼ size. This size is the most popular of all RAW Cone sizes by far, and it is no exaggeration to say that they have taken the cannabis industry by storm!

Due to its size and availability, Classic Cones are the most commonly used and the most popular. The RAW classic paper cone in the 1 ¼ size measures 83mm and can hold just about .75g of cannabis.

How To Roll A RAW Cone

If you are dealing with RAW joint cones, rolling has never been easier. Instead of rolling your cannabis product in them, you pack them. That’s right, you pack these RAW Cones rolling papers!

RAW paper cones are already made into a cone shape so that your customer’s assembly experience is an easy process. When using rolling papers, you typically have to make sure that your marijuana is lined up along the crease of the paper and then you are supposed to roll that into a joint.

Rolling can be a bit frustrating if you’re not too careful. If you do not watch how you line up your cannabis, it can distribute unevenly throughout the joint.

Here is what you will need to pack a RAW Cone:

  • Marijuana (as much as you’d like)
  • Grinder
  • Packing Tool (a chopstick or pen will do)
  • A RAW Cone (whichever size you’d like)
  • Lighter

Follow these simple steps to pack a RAW Cone:

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

Take your marijuana and grind it up into fine leaves. Don’t leave any “little nugs,” make sure to grind well. Remove sticks and seeds.

(Video) Custom Pre-Rolled Cones and Tubes, an In-Depth Look

Step 2: Pack Your Cone

Take a pinch of ground up marijuana from your grinder and sprinkle it into your RAW Cones rolling papers. The filter should be facing the floor and the open top is where you place the weed.

Step 3: Push Down The Flower

Make sure to stop and use your packing tool to push down the weed your place in your cone. Don’t pack too tightly.

Step 4: Repeat The Pack & Push Method

Keep adding marijuana and packing it down until your cone is 90% filled.

Step 5: Twist The Top

Once your RAW cone is 90% filled, twist the top end close. It should like like a candlewick.

Step 6: Light Up!

Light up your RAW Cone and enjoy!

RAW Cones Are Easy To Pack

RAW cone rolling papers take a lot of the frustration of typical joint-rolling out of the equation. Shopping RAW Cones wholesale for your business will allow your customers to enjoy a simple rolling process.

The different RAW cone sizes allow you to customize how much of your flower you would like to pack in. You can take small RAW Cones or a King Size RAW Cone and have fun the same way.

RAW Cones have changed the game with not only their appearance but with their ease of use. RAW joint cones are revolutionary!

(Video) RAW Classic Lean Cones 🙌

Why Your Business Needs RAW Paper Cones

While looking into your customer’s needs, you will come to find that aesthetics along with practicality are everything. RAW Cones are probably the best cannabis product out there when it comes to ease of access and durability.

When you buy bulk boxes of RAW Cones to add to your wholesale cannabis products inventory, you are investing in your customer’s happiness as well as their health. The natural sustainably, as well as the translucent look, make this product a dual-threat.

Introducing your clients to RAW paper cones would be seriously beneficial to both of you. Some of your clientele might not even be aware such a product exists. A lot of us are creatures of habit.

Maybe you prefer smoking from pipes or maybe edibles are more your speed. Bringing RAW Cones into your inventory will more likely than not change the game for quite a few of your customers. The various RAW cone sizes make it so that your customers can also customize how much product they would like to smoke and when.

There are also flavored RAW Cones so that your customers can have a sense of variety. In the different RAW Cones sizes grams are held snugly in its aesthetic and practical flower packaging. The innovative technology will keep them returning to you time and time again!

RAW Cones - The Bottom Line

RAW joint cones will continue to grow in popularity as more cannabis laws pass. Prerolls became a hit new sensation and RAW followed suit with their innovative cone technology. Make sure to stock up on RAW cones bulk.

Making your prerolls to either enjoy at the moment or save for later has never been easier. The vast majority of your customers most likely love rolling their product into papers, but with RAW paper cones, you save them time and offer them reliability. It is not too over-complicated, and the thin cone looks great while serving a practical purpose. RAW pre rolled cones are the best!

Flavored RAW Cones add a bit of fun and variety to the mix as well. RAW Cones come in various sizes, but the result stays the same. The cone shape helps make smoking easier by being already made. Whether you are the end customer or a cannabis cultivator, or anyone in between, RAW is the best choice for pre rolled cones.

(Video) RAW Cones Classic King Size | 100 Pack | Natural Pre Rolled Paper with Tips and review

It doesn’t matter if you use the RAW Classic 1 ¼ size or small RAW Cones, the result is the same. Your customers can even use a RAW cone rolling machine with their RAW papers to make their own cones if they’d like.

With a simple, natural way to enjoy their marijuana, there is no better option than RAW Cones bulk!


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