Part I - Microsoft Imagine Community (2023)

PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program that’s a part of Office 365. This tool was so familiar in education, almost all members of the educational institution are familiar with this tool. This tool usually used to create digital content learning by teachers. But in fact, the teachers did not know deep the features that have by PowerPoint. In this workshop participants were delivered materials about the features that can be used to create interactive learning in the digital classroom created by using Microsoft Teams.

The event was held in the second quarter (Q2) on 17 December 2019 at SMP Negeri 4 Pakem followed by 44 participants with a background as a government official. The participants were directed to practice every material that delivered by the speaker, such as how to use design ideas feature, designing a template in PowerPoint, creating a virtual classroom with Teams, distributing learning materials in the virtual classroom, assigning and reviewing assignment, and archiving the classroom. The participant was excited to follow every guidance that share by the speaker. They got new insight on how to create a learning environment in accordance with the current era.

The topic delivered by the speaker were really impressed by the participants. Previous, participant does not know the materials shared by the speaker. Wherefrom this workshop participants get new insight on how to optimize the tools that they have and improving learning outcomes by using technology, such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams. Where Teams is a tool that can facilitate teachers and students in one place to learn something in fun away. It can be done by using a lot of features available in Microsoft Teams, such as chat, collaboration, emoji, GIF, sticker, meet now, etc.


How much money do you get for winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup? ›

World Champion: $100,000 USD, to be divided equally among each officially registered member of the Team. Microsoft Azure Grant* Mentorship call with Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella.

What is Microsoft Imagine called now? ›

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a subscription-based offering for accredited schools and departments providing access to tools commonly used in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

Who can participate in Microsoft Imagine Cup? ›

You're welcome to imagine any solution that you're passionate about, but must include a Microsoft Azure component and take into consideration diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Maximum four (4) members per team. To join Discord or for more information on the Imagine Cup competition, please visit your account page.

How to apply for imagine cup? ›

Registration for Imagine Cup Junior opened on January 11, 2023. Team Leaders must submit projects on behalf of their student teams before the submission deadline, May 10th 2023. Participation in Imagine Cup Junior for students is via a Team Leader (educator, instructor, parent, or guardian - over the age of 18).

How do I know if I won a Microsoft rewards sweepstake? ›

But yes, provided that you are subscribed to the Microsoft Rewards email newsletter (because how could you not with email these days), you should receive an email if you win. If you want to manually check on the status of any of your sweepstakes, you can do so here:

Is doing Microsoft rewards worth it? ›

How Much Are Microsoft Rewards Actually Worth? As you can probably tell, there isn't a direct point-to-cash equivalent for Microsoft Rewards. In fact, Microsoft admits that points don't have a cash value. That said, it typically takes about 1000 points to redeem something worth $1.

What happened to Microsoft Imagine? ›

As we strive to improve our skills and employability program offers to better align to educator and student needs through the Microsoft Learn platform, we will be transitioning and retiring the Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) program and platform as of December 30, 2022.

Is Microsoft Imagine free? ›

Students receive developer tools from Microsoft Imagine at no cost – everything needed to create apps, games and websites – so they can chase their dreams, create the next big breakthrough in technology, or get a head start on their career .

Is Microsoft Imagine Cup only for students? ›

Open to students around the world, the Imagine Cup Competition seeks to honor the most innovative, accessible, ground-breaking, and appealing software built with Microsoft tools and technology.

What are the benefits of Imagine Cup? ›

The Imagine Cup is full of opportunities to gain new skills, access exclusive training, unlock mentorship opportunities, and have a chance to win great prizes and make a difference in the world.

What is the prize money for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2022? ›

The team won USD50,000 in Azure credits, a cash prize of USD100,000, and a mentoring session with Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella.

Can anyone attend a Teams live event? ›

Anyone can attend a live event without a license. Read Admin quick start - Meetings and live events. The following prerequisites are required for the user to schedule a Teams live event.

What is Imagine Cup competition? ›

All Imagine Cup competitors create projects that address the Imagine Cup theme: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems". Started in 2003, it has steadily grown, with more than 2 million competitors representing 150 countries in 2022.

Which online coding competition has cash prize 2022? ›

Benefits of the Google Coding Contest 2022:

A cash prize of $15000 will be given. The participants who reach round 3 will receive a limited edition Code Jam T-Shirt. The top finalists will get a chance to compete in the Virtual World Finals.

Who won Imagine Cup junior 2022? ›

Congratulations to this year's winner, V Bionic, and to all teams for their creativity and passion for making the world a better place for all.

What are the odds of winning a Microsoft rewards sweepstake? ›

Prizes and Microsoft Rewards points availableNumber available*Odds of winning upon receiving specific Game Play
500 Microsoft Rewards points250,0001 in 8.4
200 Microsoft Rewards points1,500,0001 in 8.4
13 more rows

Should I trust Microsoft rewards? ›

Yes. Microsoft Rewards is safe and a legitimate program from Microsoft! The phone number is only used to redeem rewards and is not exposed. Microsoft has a privacy statement that describes the types of data they collect from you and your devices and how they use that data.

How long does it take for Microsoft to pick a winner? ›

Typically, Winners will be contacted by telephone, email and/or post to the address, email or telephone number provided with the entry within one week of the drawing of the drawing. Potential winners will have 5 days to accept the prize, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

How much is 5000 Microsoft Points worth? ›

It usually takes about 5,000 points to redeem something worth $5. Learn more about redeeming Microsoft Rewards points. Microsoft Rewards points will expire if there are no earning activities within 18 months.

How many dollars is 1000 Microsoft points? ›

Donate 1,000 points to charity (worth $1)

What is the downside of Microsoft Rewards? ›

Cons: You cannot get points out as cash or other rewards than Microsoft. Limited earning potential. Low rewards.

Why did Microsoft break up? ›

Charges were brought against the company which was sued by the Department of Justice in 1998. The judge ruled that Microsoft violated parts of the Sherman Antitrust Act and ordered the company to break up into two entities.

How do I activate Microsoft Imagine Academy? ›

On the Activate membership page, enter the Imagine Academy membership ID and Imagine Academy program key that you received from your organization. Then, click Submit. On the resulting screen, read the terms, indicate your acceptance by clicking I Accept, and then click Resume.

What is the Imagine Learning Program? ›

Imagine Learning is an individualized, multimodal language and literacy software program designed to help English learners, struggling readers, students with disabilities, and early childhood education students master essential reading and speaking skills.

Does Microsoft give free courses? ›

There are 8 certifications you can do for free as a student. The certifications help you build up and sharpen your skills on various technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

Does Microsoft charge a fee? ›

There are no fees for having a Microsoft account, putting money into it, or using it to buy stuff from us.

Are Microsoft learn courses free? ›

How much does the training cost? Microsoft Learn training is free and available to anyone who has an interest to learn about Microsoft products.

How does Microsoft Imagine Cup work? ›

Imagine Cup participants are required to create or join a team. You and your team will make an original technology project from start to finish: come up with a great idea, make a plan, build your project, and submit it! Imagine Cup teams are made of up to three eligible students.

Can you use Microsoft Teams without a school account? ›

If you don't have Microsoft 365 and you don't use a business or school account, you can get a basic version of Microsoft Teams. All you need is a Microsoft account. To get a basic free version of Microsoft Teams: Make sure you have a Microsoft account.

What are the categories for Imagine Cup 2022? ›

The 2022 Imagine Cup is where passion meets innovation! You can build with other students from around the world to make a difference by innovating to help solve pressing issues in four categories: Earth, Education, Health, and Lifestyle.

How much do teams get for winning League Cup? ›

League Cup winners receive £100,000 prize money (awarded by the Football League) with the runners-up receiving £50,000, considered relatively insignificant to top-flight teams, compared to the £2 million prize money of the FA Cup, which is in turn eclipsed by the Premier League's television money (awarded on final ...

How much money do you get from Microsoft rewards? ›

Microsoft Rewards points don't have any cash value. It usually takes about 5,000 points to redeem something worth $5. Learn more about redeeming Microsoft Rewards points. Microsoft Rewards points will expire if there are no earning activities within 18 months.

How much is 1000 points Microsoft rewards? ›

There's no cash value, but 1,000 points is roughly equal to $1. That's about how much value your rewards have when you earn 1,000 points.

How much Microsoft points do you get in a day? ›

Level 1 members can earn points for up to 10 searches each day and Level 2 members can earn points for up to 30 searches per day. How do I earn points for shopping at the Microsoft Store on Xbox and Windows?

How do I turn my Microsoft rewards into money? ›

Once you have enough points to snag what you want, each of those eligible rewards will light up for redemption on your Rewards page. Just select Redeem and follow the steps. Browse the Redeem page anytime you're feeling spendy.

How much is 10000 Microsoft points worth? ›

How Much are Microsoft Rewards Points Worth? It should be noted rewards points earned in the program have no cash value. However, the points conversion equates to 1 point = $0.001. In other words, if you have 10,000 points, this amounts to $10 worth of eligible rewards discussed below.


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