My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (2023)

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School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur






My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (1)


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School of Law, Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, Rajasthan- 303007

Good things about the University based on your personal experience

Here are the good things that I’ve come across as a law student:

1. The infrastructure is amazing – with a Wi-Fi enabled campus, there are grounds and areas to relax along with an amazing moot courtroom.

2. Most of the faculty of law is relatively young and thus, it is easier to connect with them on various law and non-law issues of your law school life.

They’re dynamic, they’re easygoing and non-judgmental.

3. With the university gaining a NAAC A++, it is amongst the high rated private Universities in Rajasthan.

4. With various legal clubs such as LexLawgical, Legal Aid Clinic, ADR Clubs, all specifically related to law school, I’d like to state that it gives you a holistic development.

5. It has very recently started its summer and winter exchange programmes with Universities in Russia and the United Kingdom.

6. They have given individual students access to legal databases such as AIR, SCC Online, Manupatra, etc.

Bad things about the University based on your personal experience

While there are good things, there are also a few bad things:

1. With the faculty being on the younger side, they’re quite less experienced to teach us weighty subjects that require a bit of expertise.

Thus, most of the education is book-based instead of conceptual or practical based.

2. Due to the University being relatively new and the school of law being even newer, the alumni base is weak and our interaction with the alumni is next to none.

3. They focus too much on helping the students clear judicial examinations, instead of helping the students develop their own area of interest.

If a student reaches out to them regarding other areas of law that they like to focus on.

Then they’ll have to talk to individual faculties who may or may not have the experience in that field, instead of the department of law helping them out.

4. The placements are not very good, in fact, perhaps due to the relatively new nature of the University, we haven’t really had a supportive placement team.

Perhaps due to the nature of everything being online and students taking classes from home, offline placements is something that a lot of students have missed out on.

While even the department refuses to have online placements or interviews for placements.

How’s the faculty?

The faculty is relatively good. They have a dedicated team of members who are well versed in their subjects.

However, it would be better if they had some experienced faculties to teach us weighty subjects.

We would also have appreciated it if they helped us garner practical skills in life and prepare us for the future holistically, instead of focusing only on one area of law.

Rate the faculty out of 5


How’s the infrastructure? Mention some of the things that exist.

The infrastructure is probably the best part of the university.

With the second floor of 2-AB being the floor for law students, it has a moot court hall, which is extremely beautiful, and a library that has a wide range of books.

The auditoriums are very well seated and hold a large space. There are canteens, stationery shops and food courts on the University Campus.

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled and although you will have to pay to access the Wi-Fi.

However, in the food-court, the Wi-Fi is absolutely free, if you’re looking forward to studying in the midst of breaks and working on problems.

Rate the infrastructure out of 5


How’s your hostel experience?

The hostel experience was really good. The hostel room looks no less than a suite.

You have the option to choose a double room, a single room and a single premium room with access to Wi-Fi and TV connections (you need to bring your own TV obviously).

I stayed in a double room, since, let’s be honest, the fees of single and single premium rooms are very high.

However, it was a great experience and I really liked the hostel room since it had air conditioning during summers and heaters during winters (considering the climate of Rajasthan).

Other than that, the hostel has every amenity you could think of – it has salons, multiple food outlets, a clothing store, a miscellaneous store, electronics store, juice and shakes outlets, etc.

The mess itself is amazing (if they don’t give you the food up to the mark, you can definitely contact the person in charge and they’d listen to your complaints).

A small library, a hangout area, sports grounds, swimming pool, jacuzzi, common rooms or hangout spaces.

There is a general store where you can buy your snack items or items to keep in your rooms, or utensils etc.

Basically, it is a small town in itself with everything you could think of.

However, one word of caution. Since it’s a university and students from every field like engineering, BA, architecture, journalism, etc., are there – you’ll mix with a lot of students.

While this is a good thing, it also means that your chances of getting involved in things that are not so legal are high. Stay safe and don’t fall prey to it.

Rate your hostel experience


How are your peers?

My peers are good.

But in law school, you’ll definitely find a bunch of different kinds of people –

On one hand, you’ll find people who are very academically oriented and involve themselves in every activity you could think of, and on the other hand –

There are students who are always involved in notorious activities. However, one thing is for sure.

You should never make enemies out of your law school classmates, whichever group you belong to, it’s important to remain civil with other classmates as you never know the future of these students.

While the notorious ones may also be one of the brightest students in future and the opposite could be stated to the bright ones.

We do not make enemies here, only networks and connections.

Rate your peers out of 5


How are the placements in your college?

The placements are not very good. Though our faculty has been trying very hard, it seems as though there’s not much they’re able to do so.

Thus, it is extremely important for us as students to focus on our internships from the very beginning and get involved in activities instead of relying on the faculty.

Rate the placements out of 5


How are the co-curriculars in your college?

The fests and intra-moots are really nice, the clubs are also many in number, where you can participate in as many as you’d like and develop your skills.

Overall, the extracurricular activities are great. The only downside is, sometimes you’d have to fight for your place and there may be favoritism.

Though, if you play your cards right, you are privileged.

Rate your college in terms of co-curriculars out of 5


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My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (2)

This is the hostel and the jogging track behind the hostel.

My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (3)

Here is the Moot Court Room.

My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (4)

This is one of the open-air auditoriums.

My Experience at School of Law, Manipal University, Jaipur: Amazing Campus & Great Environment (5)

This is another view of the hostel from the front.

The images of the university can be found on the website 🙂

What are some of the things you’d advise to a 1st year aspirant who enters your college?

1. Understanding that competition lies everywhere and you need to be ready for a cut-throat battle amongst legal enthusiasts and not focus solely on marks.

One can never be sure of what they want, but they can be sure of being the best version of what they want to be or aspire to be.

2. So to sum it up over here, it is very important that you have “people-skills” as a law student. Try developing it in the initial stages of your law school.

If I could go back to my first-year self and change one thing – this would be it.

You have no idea how proper networking and good connections can help you out with. So never underestimate this point.

3. You may find that you will are not able to relate to a lot of people and most likely may not have many friends. Though you definitely know these people.

If you cannot be friends with them, know who they are. My advice would be to not stick with just one kind of persons’ group. But mostly see who “vibes” with you.

Your first and foremost decision should be to make sure that you understand what kind of people you really want to be with.

Make sure that your group of friends have a mixture of all. The best way is to be good and civil to all.

4. I wish I was more active during my first and second year of law school.

I basically knew nothing and probably, understanding and keeping myself occupied in multiple fields as I am now involved in, would have significantly helped me understand a lot of things sooner.

5. Be kind to faculties and remember that it’s absolutely fine to reach out to them in need. They’re helpful.

6. Be wary of people trying to take you down the “not-so-legal” path. Stay safe and vigilant.

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