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Firma Clinical

Firma Clinical Research is the leading “patient-centric” CRO. Their unique mix of home health care and biostatistics solutions increase patient retention, ease recruitment efforts, and generally improve PX.

We have served as Firma’s outsourced marketing department for more than three years. We helped build and message the brand after it was formed through acquisition, and manage advertising, trade shows and conferences, and content marketing.

“Altitude has been my full-service marketing team since 2015 when I was CEO of Schulman IRB,” CEO Michael Woods said. “They were key in helping grow up the brand, professionalize our marketing and raise our visibility, so it was a no-brainer to partner with Altitude again when I started leading Firma Clinical Research. Today, they are a key part of our team – collaborative, dedicated, strategic, and insightful – and play a critical role raising awareness of our value to the market and supporting the sales team.”


Indiana-based Verista solves critical and complex business challenges from research to manufacturing to post-marketing with clarity and confidence.

We helped build the brand from scratch after the company was created from the merger of four firms. The result? A validation, verification and quality powerhouse, complete with resonant messaging and evocative visuals.


M-Star Simulations provides next-generation computational fluid dynamics software for drug development and research. Their cloud-based, GPU-native solution allows scientists to quickly accurately model mass transfer, multiphase fluid flow, and more.

We serve as M-Star’s outsourced marketing department, providing website development and a range of dynamic content offerings.

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WuXi AppTec

WuXi AppTec provides a broad range of of R&D and manufacturing services that enable global pharmaceutical and healthcare leaders to bring life-changing therapies and devices to market faster and safer than ever before. Altitude serves as the agency of record for WuXi AppTec’s drug development/lab testing and medical device practices.


Vizinex RFID provides custom asset tracking solutions to the medical device and healthcare spaces.

We have served as their outsourced marketing department for nearly a decade, providing a full suite of integrated marketing and technology services. The firm is growing rapidly, capitalizing on a sterling brand image and high visibility to increase its footprint in the life sciences and HC spaces.


Cognivia, formerly Tools4Patient, provides CROs, sponsors and sites with AI-powered solutions to minimize the effect of placebo response on clinical trials. Its Placebell solution creates a 14% increase in study power, and a 30% decrease in data variability.

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We have served as Cognivia’s agency of record, providing a small internal team with content, digital strategy, earned media and more. We’ve helped the company refine its marketplace positioning and messaging, and have spearheaded several effective digital lead gen campaigns.

Copernicus Group

Copernicus Group (CGIRB) was a leader in independent ethical review services until its acquisition by Western IRB. The two companies form the core of what is now WCG IRB.

Altitude was instrumental in building CGIRB’s visibility and brand identity in the years leading up to the acquisition. We served as the company’s outsourced marketing department, providing content, public relations, strategy and more.

Schulman IRB

Schulman IRB was a leading provider of independent ethical review services until its merger with Chesapeake IRB. The two companies now form the core of Advarra, a top provider of IRB, IBC, research quality and compliance consulting services.

Altitude played a key role in refreshing the Schulman brand, firmly establishing the brand as an industry leader and setting the stage for acquisition. Schulman’s CEO, Michael Woods, later brought us back as the agency of record for Firma Clinical Research.

Vital Path

Vital Path was a pioneer enabling companies in the life sciences and other regulated industries, specializing in securely mapping, replicating and migrating metadata and content. Its solutions were particularly valued after M&A activity, when data systems and repositories needed to be unified, as well as when larger enterprises needed to migrate off legacy data systems.

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Altitude served as the outsourced marketing department for four years, helping position the company as a trailblazer and helping thrust the term ECM (enterprise content management) into the life-sciences enterprise lexicon. After polishing the brand, codifying the positioning and sharpening the message, we took Vital Path to several key industry trade shows, with high-profile speaking engagements and can’t-miss trade show floor booths. Vital Path was soon acquired by Stelex, which in turn was bought by Xybion.

Health Market Science

Health Market Science was a leading supplier of high-quality data on health care professionals and medical claims in the U.S. Its solutions helped businesses and government entities improve compliance with federal, state and international regulations, reduce operational costs, and optimize market opportunities. Its data assets include a comprehensive provider database of healthcare practitioners (HCPs,) healthcare organizations (HCOs,) and their affiliations, as well as the largest medical claims warehouse in the industry.

Altitude served as the outsourced marketing department for two-plus years, up until HMS’ acquisition by LexisNexis. We supported the single-person internal marketing team with a full suite of strategic, creative, and public relations services, helping elevate the brand, raise visibility, and drive inquires through the web, email and trade shows.

Sitrof Technologies

Sitrof Technologies was a top IT consultant serving the life sciences space. The firm grew into a leader in the sector – particularly in ECM, document management and eTMF – before it was acquired by Dell EMC’s Healthcare and Life Sciences group.

Altitude served as Sitrof’s agency of record for five years, helping establish and grow the brand and capitalize on a foothold in the life sciences. We provided a full suite of integrated marketing services, including digital marketing, web development, content, public relations and social media, and spearheaded several award-winning campaigns.

Our favorite indicator of success? When two of Sitrof’s principals started new companies post-acquisition, both came back to us to serve as their outsourced marketing department.

Daelight Solutions

Daelight Solutions, a Veeva Preferred Services Partner and a Generis Certified Partner, is an IT consultancy serving the clinical, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, quality and commercial spaces. They provide pharma, biotech and med device firms with a wide variety of services, including strategy, system migrations, implementation, and more.

Daelight was founded by Dan Wheeler – a former principal at Sitrof Technologies (acquired by Dell EMC). We served as Sitrof’s agency of record, setting the stage for the lucrative acquisition. When he started his new venture, Altitude was one of his first calls. We serve as Daelight’s outsourced marketing department, providing a full suite of integrated services to the growing company.

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ZefSci provides service and preventative maintenance for all brands of laboratory chromatography equipment. Its global network of engineers allows labs to maximize uptime and make the most of their equipment investment.

We offer a wide variety of services to ZefSci, from a logo refresh and brand messaging to digital strategy and web development. With Altitude, the company is able to maintain and execute upon a nimble marketing strategy without investing in multiple FTEs.

Azzur Group

Azzur Group provides a wide variety of consulting and staff augmentation services designed to help start, scale and sustain GxP organizations. The firm solves any number of problems for early-phase companies, including manufacturing capacity, lack of GxP expertise, systems and software, and physical space.

We provided Azzur with rich, data-based research solutions, improving their understanding of the marketplace, buyers and prospects.


RegCheck, a product of CRO Hurley Consulting Associates, is a secure, cloud-based platform for driving drug development from Pre-IND to NDA submission. We serve as the RegCheck marketing team, providing launch strategy, positioning, messaging, content, public relations and web development.

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