Life Science & Pharmaceutical Marketing Conferences 2020 (2022)

The pharmaceutical and life science sectors offer those working within, a range of events to attend across the world. Some of them are highly scientific and some more products and services focused such as CPhI Worldwide. All of such events are opportunities for marketers to build awareness and generate leads.

But there are also events, trade shows and conferences in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors specifically for marketers. Events that provide marketing, sales and business development professionals the opportunity to network and more specifically learn about the marketing options, tactics and technologies available to them to help promote their pharmaceutical and life science organisations.

We’ll run through thirteen pharmaceutical and life science marketing conferences to keep an eye out for in 2020.

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Future Pharma

September 14th - 15th. Boston, MA

Now in its 14th year, Future Pharma brings together heads of brands, organisations and franchises, marketing, sales and digital executives in an interactive setting. It’s the only event with content focused on helping commercial leadership evaluate their personal and non-personal promotions, align their marketing and sales strategies and navigate the next-generation pharmaceutical landscape. The conference is considered one of a small few in the life sciences that addresses both marketing and sales strategies to achieve commercial success in a united manner and Future Pharma is the first for your 2020 calendar.

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Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit

TBA. London, UK

Eye For Pharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit brings you exclusive case studies on delivering superior HCPs and patient experiences, adopting an above-brand culture, and allowing digital transformation to flourish. The conference promises to benchmark yourself against the rest of the industry - with over 250 senior pharmaceutical marketing executives in attendance. Featuring case studies, roundtables, networking and products/solutions at the conference, the summit offers an all-round event for the pharmaceutical marketer here in the UK.

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Digital Marketing For Medical Devices West


For this digitally-focused event, we cross the water to the US. And there is a reason why we’ll feature more digital marketing conferences on this list: The ability to use digital marketing effectively is one of the skills that every marketing professional must possess going into 2020. For those working in the medical devices industry specifically, this conference serves as a method to boost skills and look towards future trends in this ever-evolving market and an opportunity to network over the three days in San Francisco.

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Annual Medicare Market Innovations Forum

July 14th - 16th. San Diego, CA

“Marketing, engagement, outreach, customer experience and product design innovations to grow enrolment and engage and retain medicare members in the new medicare landscape.” The Annual Medicare Market Innovations Forum will be in its 11th year and organised by the conference’s parent organisation SSN, this three-day event provides a range of insights to attendees in what is promised to be a unifying learning and sharing experience aimed more at healthcare and medical marketers.

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Life Sciences Trade and Channel Strategies

December 3rd - 5th (2019) / 2020 TBA. Philadelphia, PA

Considered one of the essential life sciences sector conferences. The three-day Life Sciences Trade and Channel Strategies will provide insights on industry trends, political impact, market dynamics and product-specific channel strategies. Key stakeholders come together to navigate the complex distribution and contracting landscape and discuss ways to optimise channel strategies to reach patients in need and provide the necessary services based on product type and site of care.

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Digital Pharma Advances

January 29th. London, UK

Another UK-based event, this time a one-day conference and fully focused on digital. The show promises to “powerfully target and engage HCPs and patients, and deliver real-world results with integrated, innovative digital strategies.” With every major big pharma organisation present in a speaking capacity, this is a day which pharma marketers in the UK will not want to miss. The speakers cover multi-channel digital marketing strategies and will look at digital disruption, customer insight, digital health, social media as well as tactics to become a better life science and pharmaceutical digital marketer.

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SAMPS Annual Meeting

October TBA. Philadelphia, PA

For last year’s SAMPS (Sales And Marketing Professionals in Scientific Research) Annual Meeting, the theme was “Emerging Trends and Disruptive Technologies” and the agenda included keynote presentations on inbound marketing, big data, SEO as well as using Kaizen to improve sales and marketing processes. If next year’s agenda is anything like the 2019 agenda then it will be a marketing conference worthy of keeping an eye on. Attendees can also book the hotel (Wyndham Historic District Philadelphia) at a significantly lower rate for the event.

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Critical Connections Consumerism Symposium

TBA. Minneapolis, MN

Critical Connections brings together providers, payers and all sector entities for timely discussions about pressing healthcare issues. The symposium incorporates stakeholders into the conversation to better help healthcare marketing professionals to broaden the mindsets of patients and consumers alike. These evidence-based recommendations are put in place to help bridge the gap between consumer, stakeholder and healthcare professionals alike. Again, as we cross the line from B2B pharma to B2C healthcare, conferences as such may not feel relevant. But learning about marketing life further up the chain does provide valuable context to what we do in the B2B field, making this conference one to consider.

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The 4th Annual Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care

September. Boston, MA

Creating a culture of employee satisfaction and engagement leads to better patient experiences and better outcomes, not to mention better functioning communications and marketing teams. This is interesting as many of the marketing and communications related conferences in the pharma and the life sciences are all outward-looking, rather than internal-looking. Gain access to proven tactics and strategies that your healthcare peers have used to drive employee engagement, craft and deliver meaningful messages, and refresh their internal communications strategy to achieve results at the 4th Annual conference in 2020.

(Video) iv Iron in Heart Failure - Prof Macdougall (London, UK) and Prof Ardehali (Chicago, IL)

The 3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care conference promised to master your internal communications strategy and gain insights from leading health care communicators to help you tackle your biggest challenges. So we are looking forward to the topic of focus for the 4th annual event.

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10th Annual Pharma Marketing: Digital Marketing & CEM Summit

TBA. Berlin, Germany

Organised by Allan Lloyds Group, The Pharma Marketing Summit will bring together members of Board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of Departments from the pharmaceutical sector. The conference focuses on a range of digital marketing topics and areas - such as content, multi-channel management, customer experience and analytics to name a few - and is a great three-day conference if you are looking to improve your digital marketing ability within the life science and pharmaceutical sector and visit the German capital in the process.

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Medical Group Management Associations Annual Conference (MGMA20)

October 18th - 21st. San Antonio, TX

If your organisation’s objective is to get a closer view of what the leading hospital executives, physicians and consultants are planning for the future, then MGMA20 serves as a suitable conference for attending. Again, as a healthcare conference, this may not be so suitable to our everyday readers, but the MGMA events - certainly their four-day annual conference - are not ones to be missed. Listen in on the conversations that could change the healthcare field as we know it and use this information to guide your current and future campaigns.

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Carolina Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society Fall Conference

December TBA. Charleston, SC

CHPRMS is now its 45th year, working as the incomparable education provider for thought leaders across the healthcare marketing and public relations fields. The conference focuses on all aspects of communications, PR and marketing, last year focusing on the history of healthcare marketing and PR and how we can use these lessons to build a stronger, more tech-savvy workforce. If you are in the South Carolina region in November/December, this conference might be worthy of dropping in on.

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Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference

December TBA. Philadelphia, PA

As digital health develops into a commoditised product, pharmaceutical organisations are evolving from being product-oriented organisations toward becoming solution providers. One of the best ways to engage consumers is to come up with an eye-catching, thoughtful content marketing plan that resonates with the concerns of the masses. We are aware of this throughout the entire pharmaceutical industry (and probably across every industry across the world) but yet, content still isn’t always something we are doing or doing often or well. At the Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference, you will be exposed to creative and corporate leaders alike in conversations that will lead to content creation that strikes chords.

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Pharma conference attendance: Continuous learning and networking

Life science and pharmaceutical marketing is challenging. Therefore, it’s important that marketing, sales and business development professionals keep ahead of the curve with methods, tactics and strategies. Reading blogs such as Orientation Marketing Insights will help, as well as reading pharmaceutical marketing books. But sometimes more is required.

That’s why attending conferences and events in the life science and pharmaceutical sectors help with this continuous learning cycle. And whether these conferences focus on the supply chain, research or healthcare, there is always something new to learn in the way we conduct our marketing activities.

Bookmark this list of pharmaceutical marketing conferences to stay ahead of the life science marketing curve.

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