Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (2023)

So yeah, Hi! Searching for a little basic info about Manipal University Jaipur? From the point of view of a student? From someone who has been living here for around 2 fricken’ years?

Well don’t worry my friend, I’ve got your back!

Actually “WE”, I guess. I’ll introduce the others in a while.

First, let’s have a look at the University itself. The main building, the other buildings, and the hostel area which are basically an integral part of the university. How many times did I just use that word? LOL

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This is the famous dome building. The beautiful, the breathtaking, the glorious — Dome Building. Yeah, you start loving it once you are at home. A small glance at it just makes you drool over the splendid architecture.

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Need any more views? Nah, I think it is cool. Too many drops in already.

The academic blocks are mainly divided into two parts AB1 and AB2. Some more are under construction.

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Am I not just wasting some precious time of yours? Making you look at pictures about the university you’ve been googling about all day long? You must have already seen the videos and images online.

The things that you would like to know about this university are things that are related to your career & your life.

One wrong choice and you are doomed.

Scared yet? Well, don’t be. MUJ is a place of excellence. Awesome people, awesome place and trust me, one hell of a dome building.

Some people keep asking the same questions again and again on Quora, on the fresher’s group and I feel there is not one single article that just gives a proper gist about everything. Things don’t seem to be satisfactory and are more like superficial. Well, I’ll try to pack in everything I’ve got and will be improving this article after I get suggestions.

So there are many questions but some are way too straight and deserve a proper explanation. Let’s have a look at the first one.

Worth the money? Let me give you a very non-generic and unbiased answer for this. MUJ falls short of nothing. We have everything here. Everything a student can ask for. From good faculty, facility to placements. The academic culture is way better than most colleges. Students here are competitive, both in academics and extracurriculars, so they keep you on your toes and force you to work hard and as an engineer “innovate”. Then companies come here for both internships and placements. We have hackathons and code-a-thon’s all year long to test your coding skills. They come with attractive prize money too. From companies like TopCoder, HackerEarth, and Codechef all take great interest in MUJ. These things give you an all year round opportunity to excel and improve yourself. We have “incentive” included projects going on all year long which help you academically and help you boost your CV. Then we have the SSIC conference where you can publish your research papers. We have foreign exchange programs which let you go abroad for summer internships. My good friend Pratik Jain after a lot of hard work and dedication secured an AI/Android internship in Turkey. He will be able to guide you all in that matter too. So coming back to the point. Worth the money? Without a doubt YES. Two years ago I was scared and was in the exact same shoes that you are in right now. A middle-class family student who failed to crack JEE. 2 years down the lane, being a part of MUJ just does not make me proud, it makes me happy that I am here. Improving myself and trying to improve every other student. And it’s not just what the college does to you, it can give you everything and you can still lose track. It trickles down to you whether you can make the most out of the facilities here. Hope this answer gives you a more detailed perspective about things.

Spoiler: This is the original comment I gave as an answer to a fresher.

And someone recently asked me this.

Yeah, duh! To name a few big companies, we had Microsoft visit us this academic session 2018–19 and they recruited 12 students as potential employees after having their 6-month long internship. 9 from the CSE department and 3 from the IT department were selected. Then we have Dell, this company uses a different methodology for recruitment. They obviously have interviews but first, they organize a Hackathon to cut the mass. Both of these companies have a starting package of 14–15 lakh and 8–10 lakh per annum respectively. We had Amazon recruit one student in the year 2017–18. He bagged a package of 27 lakhs. He later chose to work at BYJU’s. Now if we go for the package value, the highest till date has been 48 lakh for one of the best seniors I met, he was from the IT department. Another one that I know of is a 20 lakh software developer job in the US (I don’t recall the company name, will let you know) and he is from CCE. We also have Directi, maybe the company which is the most difficult to get into. And if you can crack their interview and offline coding rounds, you are looking at some 20–28 lakh per annum package. Many other companies and startups come for recruitment with packages like 4–8 lakh per annum, but I hope you will be targetting the big shots :) Now all of these are for Computer Science branches. Engineering branches like Mechanical/Automobile/Chemical have decent placements too and they are surely skyrocketing towards excellence.

Ah, my favorite question. There is not a single university in Jaipur which has more number of coding enthusiasts than here. We’ve hosted the largest student held hackathon in Jaipur (organized by TopCoder) in the year 2018.

(Fun fact: My friends and I won it. Find more about it here.)

People here are publishing apps to Google Playstore and rich kids doing the same on AppStore. Making awesome websites. Doing solid research work on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Making awesome smart applications using technology like IoT. Some people working with automation scripting and ethical hacking. We’ve also got custom ROM developers here.

Check it out here: https://potatoproject.co/ (Take that SMIT) #peace

We as Manipal students and staunch devotees of Computer Science, take part in developer meetups organized by PyJaipur, AndroidDev Jaipur, GirlScript Jaipur, and Docker Jaipur. We’ve also got a Facebook Developers Circle.

Bam! We’ve got you covered if you are a programmer and if you like to code ❤️

Competitive Coding?

Yeah, we have that here too. Teams are preparing for ACM-ICPC. I am not into competitive coding but my friends sure do try and they are trying to make it happen.

Oh, don’t get me started about this. We have a ₹10 crore grant by AIC which funds and nurtures startups here at MUJ itself. They give us mentors and also help you climb your way up in the industry.

We recently held StartUp Weekend Jaipur here at MUJ. Then we also have big events like Innovriti which allow startups to showcase their business model and bag an investment. So if you are planning on getting funded, don’t worry!

I mean startup weekend let me fund my startup with a seed funding of ₹1,00,000

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I might be saying “don’t worry” a lot, but actually make sure you do! Things are not really that easy.

Yeah, I do that a lot. A piece of code from GitHub, a line of code from stackoverflow.com, stitch it together and call it mine. 😂😂😂

Coming back to the point.

So we covered placements, benefits, and startups.

Now, what about the fests?

We have around…… let me count.

Over 10+ fests. 4 major and other minor fests. Technical and Cultural included. They’ll keep you damn busy all year long.

I mean it is really cold in Jaipur from the month of October to March and it freezes my butt to the point that I have to hit the GYM to recover.

ION is the internet service provider here and it kind of often sucks. I mean if you are downloading 10 GB torrent files, then it sure does. Normal things are okay. Like…

git push

The mess food is like, how do I put it. Well great, but actually no. 4/7 days it’s okay. The other days it feels like they are feeding sick people. There are nutrients in it, but you can’t see it. It’s either too bland or too…. bland.

The timing goes as such.

  1. They serve you chicken three days a week
  2. Chicken is served on Sundays Wednesdays and Fridays.
  3. On Sunday you have Chicken Biryani
  4. On Wednesday you have normal home-style chicken
  5. On Friday you might have chili chicken or the normal
  6. Did I mention chicken?

Fun Fact: They also have Jain Food, for the Jain people. Stuff like Veg Pulao :)

I mean if you have heard about bad mess food, believe me, Manipal mess food is almost equivalent to semi-good home quality food. We don’t have rat shit and lizard tails on our soups. Its served warm and fresh.

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Once someone asked me this…

I mean to put it very honestly, MUJ is life. You meet great people from so many different places. You learn so much from them. They talk about ideas. They talk about solutions. We talk about creating magic. You have that walk to college every day with your friends from the hostel block. You sit in the class, have fun with your friends. Learn a few old engineering concepts and some new. You struggle, you hustle. You meet cool seniors. They guide you towards the “greater good”. They push you towards excellence. Some fail. Some stand by your side when you fail. Some pity you. Some look down upon you. But you will always have friends who will be by your side. You transition from gaming nights to coding nights. From full on nonsense all night to fixing bugs and writing assignments. You dine with your friends, you go to the city. You take part and attend both technical and cultural competitions. You innovate. You create. Great friends, good people. Fests and their own specific set of problems. Fights and bites. Friendship and much more. Coming back from home after the summer break to find yourself tightly hugging your friend and saying, “I missed you, bro”. Setting up the calendar for the upcoming events and hackathons. Talking about progress and software. Talking about GPA, about projects, about faculty.. about a few people you have a major dislike for. That’s life. LIFE at MUJ.

I mean I’ve been here for two years now and as I don’t really take a lot of pictures, I don’t have many to share. But I’ve got one. After classes, with friends in front of the amphitheater.

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Oh my! We do that. We definitely celebrate festivals. You have holidays and some people would rather go home than spend their days inside the hostel. But you have those friends who would be here at MUJ and celebrate with you. One of the best thing that takes place over here during Holi, is HOLI.

Jaipur is a place with a lot less water. But life at MUJ has got you covered. 5+ Water Trucks, Colors and happiness.

Well, you will have two clowns fooling around with colors.

Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (8)

Now that you are done with the basics of MUJ. I guess its time for me to treat you with some beautiful pictures of Manipal University Jaipur. It’s love ❤

Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (9)
Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (10)
Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (11)
Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (12)
Let’s get to know a little about MUJ! (13)

That’s all that I can think of right now. That is all that I have right now. Will add more content once I get more questions.

I really hope this helped you out!

If you want some more help and you are a fresher check this fresher’s group that we have on Facebook. Join it for more help and information.

Now, who are the “WE” I was talking about at first?

Pratik Jain, Nikhil Anand, Yashovardhan Dhanania, Kshitij Gupta and Arijit Das.

Good people are hard to find. They are a bunch of awesome people!

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