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Kartell • LAUFEN: unlimited compositions that play with color and transform the bath environment from a specific architectural space to a fluid, flexible set of furnishings. The squared lines lend themselves to various interpretations, and the products – which combine exceptional design and very high quality of materials – generate a new habitat archetype.

Iconic, functional Italian design meets the industrial rigor of a leading Swiss ceramics brand, giving rise to a collection that breaks down the boundaries and barriers of the bathroom. Precisely this space can be seen as a refuge, a place to regenerate physical and mental wellbeing. Over the years, the bathroom has gone through remarkable evolution: from a space relegated to one corner of the home, organized to ensure healthy personal hygiene, it has become a welcoming setting, in line with the latest trends in interior design. The bathroom keeps pace with the progress of tastes and the transformations of our lifestyles, and the Kartell • LAUFEN collection, with its rigorous forms, offers the freedom to combine the lightness of transparency with the solid, robust presence of ceramics.

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It is no coincidence that the collection began in Italy, the country that has had a great impact on international design, revolutionizing the approach not only to objects but also to interiors, through research and experimentation with new, unusual materials. The figure of the designer, an acute observer of lifestyle and society, has kept pace with the changing needs of the public, creating objects and furnishings that are not just functional but also – and above all – beautiful and of exceptional quality. The studio Ludovica+Roberto Palomba draws inspiration from the tenets of Italian design, and with the Kartell • LAUFEN collection they have interpreted an absolutely revolutionary spirit, combining a wide range of materials in what has already become a timeless classic.

Laufen’s concept of the bathroom as an integral part of living space has led to collaboration with Kartell, formulating an extremely well-rounded collection composed of washbasins, toilets, faucets, cabinets, bathtubs and accessories. The wide variety of products in the Kartell • LAUFEN collection is an absolute breakthrough in the bath furnishings sector, providing unprecedented design freedom.

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The variety and compositional potential offered by the collection are nearly unlimited, thanks to a range of washstands in different sizes and configurations, from the small space-saver washbasin to the larger rectangular model with ample counter space, all the way to the round basin. The ceramics come in different colors: from classic white to glossy black, matte anthracite and many other hues, all with the innovative concealed overflow system. One very interesting item is the freestanding washstand made in a single piece. A characteristic feature of all the washstands is the body in extremely thin ceramic, which makes them particularly light while providing a large internal surface, even when the overhang of the faucet is minimal.

The Kartell • LAUFEN collection, thanks to its perfectly linear design, can harmoniously adapt as a base cabinet for all types of washstands. Compact and spacious at the same time, the items are available in the new colors mustard yellow, blue-gray and ochre, synonymous with an idea of timeless style.

The toilet mounted on the wall or the floor, with or without a tank, and the bidet can fit easily into any design setting thanks to their rigorous geometric lines. The squared forms of the cabinets and the ceramic fixtures offer plenty of options in the choice of transparent accessories, in fashion colors or in matte white and black for a more neutral, purist look. The Max Beam stool, All Saints mirror, Shelfish shelving, Rifly lamps or Sound-Rack stackable shelves are also perfect for the living area. The Boxy toothbrush caddie and soap dish are also ideal desktop accessories.

The linear concept behind the entire collection is also clearly expressed in the simple but ingenious forms of the faucets. The washstand mixers, available in column or built-in versions, and the tub, shower and bidet mixers cover all the possible applications and are made in chromium-plated or brushed stainless steel.

The bathtubs, produced in synthetic material, also feature geometric lines: the rectangular models are freestanding or wall-mounted, while the gentler shapes are ideal for placement in the center of the room. The ample shapes offer relaxation for the body, enhanced by the pleasant touch of the solid surface material by Laufen.

Kartell • LAUFEN is a collection that relies on the extraordinary production experience of two companies that are leaders in their sectors. On the one hand, there is the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing with plastic materials of Kartell, which has permitted the Italian firm to create objects and furnishings, experimenting with a substance that has revolutionized the forms of everyday life. On the other, there is the innovation in the field of ceramics generated by Laufen in the 1980s, with the high-pressure casting which the Swiss company has continued to improve over the years, automating various processes and inserting innovative materials for the bathroom into the production cycle.

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Kartell, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli at Noviglio in the province of Milan, is a company that has recognized the importance of innovation, and has continued to evolve for 70 years, under the managerial guidance of Claudio Luti and in collaborations with international designers. Kartell has never strayed from its original mission, based precisely on the objective of creating industrial products that are innovative for their use of materials, technology and finishes. Today the company expands its image, offering a vision of global lifestyle with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical values in corporate practice.

Laufen has a long tradition in the production of solutions for the bathroom, dating back to 1892. In a country like Switzerland with limited raw materials, the firm has had to rely on modern engineering and services at the highest levels. In 1925 Laufen began to produce ceramic sanitaryware, becoming a pioneer of this industry in Switzerland. The company’s identity has always reflected its ability to intercept the signs of the times, generating new products oriented towards the needs of clients. Research and innovation of materials and production processes, along with a strong focus on design, have enabled this Swiss manufacturer to become a global player, capable of responding to the requests of an increasingly demanding clientele.


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