How to Remove Background Illustrator and Other Tools (2023)

How to Remove Background Illustrator and Other Tools (1)Sometimes, there are perfect images that we want to use for social media, commerce, digital art, or other personal use, but there is a problem. The subject is perfect, but the background needs to be removed, replaced, or modified. Fortunately, using design tools such as Adobe Illustrator makes removing the backgrounds possible. Users can manually select the subject of their photo using the tool, then wipe the rest of the background. However, using such advanced software requires skill and precision as it can be pretty tricky to mark and refine the edges of your subject. Either way, here’s a guide to utilizing Adobe Illustrator remove background for users who want to try the tool to make transparent photos. Furthermore, bonus solutions and tools utilizing AI technology to make removing backgrounds easier are listed below. Continue reading the article to learn more about these background removers.

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Remove Image Background in Adobe Illustrator

Distinctive Feature: Users can also use shapes, outlines, lines, and many more tools in editing the images aside from removing the background.

Hard Disk Size: 2 GB

One of the best professional design platforms today is Adobe Illustrator. The edge of Illustrator is its wide selection of tools that can produce graphics that can be scaled up or down infinitely. Moreover, since the graphics produced are vectors, they won’t lose sharpness or end up blurry when changing the sizes, even the images with background removed. Because of that, the tool is most suitable for creating stunning graphics, beautiful logos, icons, designs, and more. But you can also remove white background Illustrator and make transparent background images. Adobe Illustrator is compatible with Mac and Windows and can also run on iPads, making the tool flexible. Below is a step-by-step guide to removing backgrounds from images using Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1 Select the Pen Tool and Start Placing Anchors

After opening the file you want in Illustrator, select the Pen tool by clicking the button shown below, or you can press “P” on your keyboard. Once using the Pen tool, start placing the anchor points by clicking at the edge of your subject. Keep clicking along the edge of the subject to complete the outline. The outline will be used to remove image background in Illustrator.

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Step 2 Use the Selection Tool to Select the Image and Outline

After completing the outline, select the selection tool by clicking the button marked by the arrow below, or pressing “V” on your keyboard. Using the Selection tool, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, then click both the image and the outline to select them.

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Step 3 Create a Clipping Mask and Delete the Background

Right-click the selected image and outline, then select the “Make Clipping Mask” option on the menu. After making a clipping mask, you will now be able to isolate the subject from the background. Select the background layer, then press delete to remove background Illustrator.

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Best Alternative to Remove Background from Images

Distinctive Feature: Supports the most number of inputs and outputs, including JPEG, WebP, TIFF, PNG, and BMP.

Hard Disk Size: 23 MB

The best alternative tool that can perform how to get rid of background in Illustrator is AceThinker PicWish. Aside from the tool being able to remove images automatically, PicWish also supports batch processing. Users can save a lot of time because not only will the tool do the background removal for them, they can select multiple images at once and just wait for the process to finish. Moreover, what makes the tool stand out is its ability to handle removing backgrounds with hair, furry objects, and other thin objects that make the other alternatives struggle. Using PicWish will improve the productivity and efficiency of the workflow due to its impressive processing power, which only takes less than 30 seconds to process each photo. The software can run on Windows and Mac, relieving users of both OS from manually removing backgrounds from their images.

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Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

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Step 1 Enter Remove BG Mode

Launch the software and select the Remove BG Mode to start the alternative process of how to delete background in Illustrator. The Remove BG mode can be selected by left-clicking the first button in the main interface.

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Step 2 Select the Images

Upload the images you want to remove from the background by selecting one of the two choices. Use the Upload Image option to select the images manually from the directory. Otherwise, use the Upload Folder if the images you want to process are in the same folder.

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Step 3 Start the Process

The tool will show you the images you uploaded and selected. Ensure that all your desired images are on the screen. Then click the Start option to begin the process of removing the background from your selected images.

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Step 4 Save the Processed Images

A preview of the images will appear on the screen after processing. A menu on the right side of the screen is available for fine-tuning the images and choosing the background that you want. After editing the processed images, you can click Save All to save the photos.

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Other AI-Powered Background Removers

Aside from using Adobe Illustrator and the best alternative, AceThinker PicWish, there are still other bulk image background remover available on the internet. Here are some decent alternatives users can use instead of the other two mentioned above.

1. Slazzer

Distinctive Feature: Supports removing the background from 1000 images at once.

Hard Disk Size: 61 MB

The first tool you can use to remove background from image Illustrator and Picwish alternative is Slazzer. Although the tool is a bit expensive, costing up to $0.32 per photo credit if you purchase a lifetime license with 500 credits. However, the extra feature which allows Slazzer to be installed as a built-in plugin for other design platforms makes up for the high price. Being installed as a plugin means that Slazzer can directly remove the background of images you have opened on other designing software such as Photoshop if supported. Users will no longer have to process the images twice by removing the background on Slazzer first, then loading it back to the design tool to edit the photo. This alternative can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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2. ClippingMagic

Distinctive Feature: The Smart Editor and Auto Clip AI feature can better manipulate the photo automatically.

Hard Disk Size: None. The tool is web-based.

If you don’t want to purchase so much on Slazzer, you can use this tool instead, which costs much lower at $0.05 per image but only for a month’s license. ClippingMagic is a web-based background remover that doesn’t require downloading and installing to use the software. Despite that, the tool can still support high-quality images with 25 maximum megapixels and 30 maximum MB. Moreover, the tool features comprehensive color control for its brightness, temperature, highlights, saturation, and shadows. The settings are perfect for creating low-contrast edges after performing how to remove background from image in Illustrator.

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3. PhotoScissors

Distinctive Feature: Downloading the tool on iOS devices are possible since it is available in the App Store.

Hard Disk Size: 8 MB

The following tool for how to make an image background transparent in Illustrator alternative is for lightweight tasks. PhotoScissors can process the background removal faster than others, but the quality is compromised for speed. The maximum megapixels that the tool can produce is only 4.2 megapixels. However, the software will still allow users to edit three layers on the images, including the foreground, shadow, and background. But what’s unique with the tool is that it can remove backgrounds from transparent materials, like glass, without much of a problem. PhotoScissors not only runs on iOS devices, but it is also compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

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Distinctive Feature: Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for users that will cancel.

Hard Disk Size: 114 MB

The last alternative for how to remove image background in Illustrator is the tool. The background remover supports removing backgrounds from JPEG and PNG formats and can also save images in the same extension. Although the tool is not free, users can enjoy the unlimited preview of processed photos without their backgrounds to test the software. With a maximum output resolution of 12 megapixels, can produce decent-quality images without a background. Processing images with megapixels higher than 12 will be converted and saved to match the maximum resolution of the tool. also supports running on both Mac and Windows.

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Tips for Saving the Best Quality Photos

One problem that users may encounter is losing the quality of their photos after processing them with AI-powered background removers. It is only natural, especially if users are using the free software version, since saving images with higher resolution is only available by buying the license. Here are some tips to save the best quality photos using background removers.

  • Input high-quality images so the output will also have the highest quality.
  • Use background removers with high maximum megapixels and save images with the highest MP.
  • Buy a license to unlock saving processed images in higher quality.


Using Adobe Illustrator remove background is time-consuming and requires skill and creativity, so it is better to use automatic background removers. Fortunately, software like AceThinker PicWish exists to make removing the backgrounds easier.

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