CBSE Class 7 Social science (Social and Political Life) NCERT Solutions 2022-23 (2022)

The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics have been meticulously crafted to ensure that students grasp the topics covered quickly. Students can use these solutions to improve their understanding of the chapters. These NCERT Solutions are regarded as one of the greatest self-study tools for improving students' problem-solving and analytical abilities, which are critical for exam preparation. Furthermore, students may access these solutions at any time and from any place on the Vedantu mobile app as well.

Social Science is the study of society and various social relationships. In Class 7 Social Studies (SST) and Political Life syllabus, there are 9 chapters in total. These chapters detail how society, government, market and politics function around us. CBSE Civics Class 7 syllabus is strictly conceptual and requires a thorough understanding. Thus, students can refer to NCERT solution PDFs for exam preparations.

NCERT solutions for this subject is must-read material for Class 7 students. This is because it simplifies the chapters for students and helps them understand the basics. Students can now download the PDF of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 SST Civics for free. The free download option is available on the Vedantu App and website.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science and Political Life Chapters

Each of the 9 chapters in the NCERT Solutions of SST Civics Class 7 contains some long as well as some short answers.

Here is an Overview of What the Students will Learn in Each Chapter:

Chapter 1: On Equality

The first chapter, on Equality, holds great importance in helping the students understand the continuous struggle to establish and maintain equality in society. It gives an insight into the struggles of individuals like Omprakash Valmiki and Ansaris for equality.

There are a total of five questions in the first chapter of NCERT Civics Class 7. Four out of the five questions have short answers, whereas the last one has a long answer.

Chapter 2: Role of the Government in Health

This chapter talks about the government’s role in improving the healthcare sector. It educates the powers and duties that the government holds, which include the provision of medical facilities, sanitation facilities, especially in rural areas.

In this chapter of NCERT solution Class 7th Civics, there are four question-answers. Question 1 and Question 3 have short answers, while the rest have longer answers.

Chapter 3: How the State Government Works

This chapter talks about important political roles like MLAs, their term, their duties, legislature, and their functions. It also introduces terminologies like majority party, opposition party, MPs, and constituency.

The 3rd chapter in this PDF has six questions. Two of these have long answers, and the remaining carry short answers.

Chapter 4: Growing up as Boys and Girls

Every gender in society has a different role to play, and this varies from place to place. This chapter tries to cover these roles, throwing light on women equality. This chapter in NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Civics has two questions in particular. The first one is a long detailed answer, while the next one is a short answer.

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Chapter 5: Women Change the World

This chapter talks about the following key topics related to women like Fewer opportunities and rigid expectations, Learning for change, Schooling and education today, Women’s movement and Campaigning.

Chapter 5 has answers to four exercise questions in total. All of them are short answers based on changing roles, struggles, stereotypes, etc., faced by women in society.

Chapter 6: Understanding Media

This chapter talks about the importance of media and the role it plays in democracy.This particular chapter in NCERT Solution of Class 7th Civics has four questions. Questions 1 and 4 have short answers. Questions 2 and 3 have comparatively longer answers.

Chapter 7: Understanding Advertising

This chapter highlights the importance of advertisements and how different brands use consumers’ emotions to sell their products.

Chapter 7 contains four questions. While the first questions have short answers, the remaining two have long answers.

Chapter 8: Markets Around Us

This chapter gives a brief introduction to the functioning of markets and introduces the students to trade in different sectors.

There are five questions in this chapter of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life. Out of these five questions, the first three questions have detailed and long answers. Question 4 and question 5 have short answers.

Chapter 9: A Shirt in the Market

This chapter is a bit different from the others in the sense that it describes the scenario in a market in the form of a story. It starts with the production to the export and finally where the shirt ends up and who gains the most out of this.

This chapter carries four long question-answers.

The NCERT Solutions for class 7 Social Science, Social and political life given by Vedantu are written by some of the expert writers from the team. These answers are formulated in such a way that students can easily understand the contents of it. While the subject is simple, it requires students to be able to cover all points in a cohesive manner to formulate a good answer. Reading through Vedantu’s solutions will help the students answer exactly the way the examiners expect, fetching maximum marks.

Moreover, the solutions are listed in a systematic, chapter-wise manner which enables the students to refer to whichever question they want with ease. The solutions are available online free of cost on the website and the students need not worry about things like high tuition fees. Vedantu’s solutions for class 7 Social Science Civics can be downloaded as a PDF and used offline as well. This makes it very convenient for the students as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Civics provide accurate and precise answers to the exercise questions. Students must read this alongside their textbooks to score better in their exams. Download NCERT Solutions PDF and opt to cross-refer post-answering questions to score subject-best marks. Subjects like Science, Maths, English, Social Science will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 7 Science, Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. If any additional study aid is required, students can look into the Vedantu website or even the mobile app for more easy-to-read content. All the best with your preparations!

Class 7th Civics and Political Life Chapter - Wise Marks Weightage

Unit No.

Unit Name

(Video) India in the 18th century|questions and answers|class 7|social science|2022-23|revised syllabus



On Equality



Role of the Government in Health



How the State Government Works



Growing up as Boys and Girls



Women Change the World

(Video) Half Yearly Exam / Class-7 Social Science SSt Exam Question Paper/ For KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA Students



Understanding Media



Understanding Advertising



Markets Around Us



A Shirt in the market


You can also refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics to get an idea about the marks-distribution in this paper.

Why NCERT Solutions for Political Science and Civics Class 7 is a Must-Read?

The benefits of studying your SST and political science chapters from NCERT Solution includes:

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  1. A detailed explanation of each topic which helps students understand the chapter in one go.

  2. NCERT solution for Class 7 SST Civics includes discussion in the form of bullet points to make the lessons interesting and engaging.

  3. Solutions backed by examples to explain the concepts thoroughly.

  4. Questions answered in the same format as that of Civics Class 7 exam papers. This is to help students get an idea of what and which type of problems they might face in the exams.

  5. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Civics covers all the chapters enlisted in the CBSE syllabus. So, students no longer have to refer to multiple books for reference. A single book would suffice.

  6. The answers have been drafted in the NCERT solutions in a way that motivates students to study for longer hours.

  7. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 SST Civics have precise answers which ensure higher marks in the final exams.

Start reading the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Civics to boost your exam preparations.

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