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Welcome to Kelly Services working in partnership with Boston Scientific. You have been selected for this assignment based on your abilities and personal qualities. We are pleased to welcome you as part of our team. We have written this handbook in order to help you familiarise yourself with your new working environment and with Kelly Services.

Firstly let us introduce Kelly Services on-site representative in the HR Department of Boston Scientific and are available to answer your queries:

Joanne Murphy

Tel No: 021 453 1712/Mobile: 086 606 5643

Email address:

To notify your Kelly Representative should any of your personal details change whilst on assignment i.e. mobile phone number, address, email address etc

WATCH OUT – for emails from Kelly Services as this is our main method of communication so please let us know if you DON’T have access to an email account.

On assignment:

Boston Scientific is a valued client of Kelly Services, and as such expects a high level of service. Boston Scientific has created and maintains a positive working environment. Kelly Services has some guidelines to follow when working on a temporary assignment.

• Always be punctual

• Devote your full attention to your work

• Conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner

• Be courteous and respectful to your colleagues

• Respect the individual rights, privacy and property of others in the workplace.

You are not required to sign a particular contract, as you will sign Conditions of Employment (Temporary employees) with Kelly Services. Please ensure you have read this document carefully as this advises you what you can expect and what is expected of you when you work on behalf of Kelly Services. This assignment is operated on a week to week basis with the expectation that it will last for up to a maximum of 6, 12 or 23 months. On signing those Conditions of Employment you have committed to keeping all client information that you learn while on assignment, confidential. Boston Scientific is a well-regarded Company with high standards to uphold, you will be expected to operate to these high standards in matters of security and confidentiality.

Swipe card:

Boston Scientific will issue you with a Kelly Services swipe card, you will use this to clock in and out, at the start and end of your shift, Please take care of this swipe card and should you lose or forget it, contact your supervisor immediately as it could affect your pay

Canteen Facilities:

There is a canteen which provides teas/coffees/lunches/dinners. There are also fridges and microwaves available should you wish to bring your own lunch.

Dress Code:

Boston Scientific does not have a strict dress code; however, as Boston Scientific is a professional company, common sense should prevail.

G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice):

You will notice that certain production areas are designated as clean rooms. Before entering these areas you must gown up as per Boston Scientific procedures. Make up and jewellery must NEVER be worn in the clean rooms as it would contaminate Boston Scientific products. Mobile phones are not allowed in clean rooms.G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice):

You will notice that certain production areas are designated as clean rooms. Before entering these areas you must gown up as per Boston Scientific procedures. Make up and jewellery must NEVER be worn in the clean rooms as it would contaminate Boston Scientific products. Mobile phones are not allowed in clean rooms.

Alcohol & Smoking:

Alcohol is NOT permitted to be brought or consumed on the Boston Scientific site. Smoking is permitted in designated external areas


Please note that you are not eligible for overtime until you have completed 39 hours of work. Once 39 hours of work are completed, overtime is paid at time and a half.

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HOWEVER, if you complete 39 hours and work an extra 8 hours for example on the same day, you will receive time and a half for the first 4 hours worked and double time for any hours worked after that. You will receive double pay if you work Sundays and Bank Holidays.



On January 1st 2019 Revenue introduced PAYE Modernisation, which makes P45’s and P60’s obsolete.

• If you ended your employment on or before 31st December 2018 you will still receive a P45.

• Employees leaving on or after 1st January 2019 will no longer receive a P45.

Register your new employment with Revenue

The Jobs and Pensions service allows you to register your new job or private pension with Revenue. When you register your new job, Revenue will send a Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) to you. A Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) will also be available to your new employer. This will ensure that the correct amount of tax is deducted from your

Kelly Services Registration Number = 4740183A

If you have a medical card please contact your local tax office to check if you are eligible for reduced USC charges

You will receive payment each Friday for the previous week’s work, this will be paid directly to your bank account.

You will receive your payslip via our ePaysafe system.

WHAT IS ePaysafe?

• ePaysafe is a secure and confidential system that distributes your payslip via email.

How do I set up ePaysafe?

• An email is sent directly to the email account you have provided to Kelly Services. It is vital to ensure this information is accurate.

• This email contains instructions on how to register your ePaysafe account.

• You will also receive a text message to your mobile telephone number containing a PIN NUMBER required for this registration. Again ensure we have accurate information.

• Follow the instructions contained in the email and you should be successfully registered on the ePaysafe system.



Once you log into the system you will be prompted to input your bank details, PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN… This will ensure you are paid effectively and efficiently.

Please ensure you enter your correct bank account details.


• It removes the inconvenience of waiting days to receive your payslip by post - instead you have your payment information IMMEDIATELY.

• Once activated ePaysafe will retain all your payslips to allow you to review historical data at a later date.

• It is a confident and secure account.

Should you have difficulty or need assistance setting up ePaysafe, please speak to your Kelly Services Representative in the HR Office of Boston Scientific.

Click here for shift pattern details.

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The shift pattern details could be subject to change at the discretion of Boston Scientific

You are entitled to earn holiday pay each week you work for Kelly Services


· Each week you work, you are entitled to earn and save (accrue) an amount of holiday hours that you can then use in the future, for when you wish to take and be paid for holidays.

· The amount of holiday hours you earn and save depend on the amount of hours you work in a particular week, and the calculation for the amount of holiday hours you earn and save is shown in the example below:
39 hrs STD (worked) x 8% = 3.12 hours.

· These 3.12 hours are the amount of holiday hours you earn and save that particular week

· Holiday pay entitlement is capped at 156 hours (4 weeks) in any given year

· These 2.44 hours are the amount of holiday hours you earn and save that particular week.


Our computer system will only allow us to request half or full day holidays. We are unable to request and pay out 1 hour of holidays or 30 minutes of holidays etc.

We are unable to pay out holiday pay in advance of you taking your holiday. Our holiday year runs from Jan to December of any given year. Holidays must be requested and agreed with your supervisor first before approaching Kelly Services to request the processing of these holidays.

Your holiday balance is noted on your payslip


Q:What happens to my holiday earnings if I am off sick for a day?

A:The fewer hours you work in a week the less holiday hours you earn and save that week. For example:Off sick on Monday

Therefore 30.5 hrs worked in total for the week.

30.5 x 8% = 2.44 hours


Hours paid for the Public Holiday = hours worked over the last 12 weeks divided by the number of days worked over that period.

Please read the following guidelines on what you must do when reporting an absence and ensure you adhere to these guidelines correctly:

TELEPHONE YOUR SUPERVISOR no later than 1 hour after your scheduled start time, but preferably before.

Please note you must contact your Supervisor on each day of your absence, unless otherwise agreed with your Supervisor.

· If you do not get the opportunity of speaking directly with your Supervisor, leave a clear voicemail on their telephone with your name, the reason why you are unable to attend work and when you expect to return.

· If you have only been able to leave a voicemail, continue to phone your supervisor until you actually speak to him/her so you can be sure they have received your message.

· If you are unsure of your Supervisor’s number you can contact the main switchboard of Boston Scientific on 021 453 1000, and they will connect you to your Supervisor.

Email Kelly Services:

If you are going to be late for your shift start time please contact your

Supervisor immediately to advise of your expected arrival time.

Should you happen not to have your Supervisor’s direct number, please ask him/her for it or alternatively come and ask your Kelly Services Representative for the information.

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When there is an occurrence of absence you will need to complete a return to work form with Kelly Services

I improve the quality of patient care. Please read this important information carefully:

As a medical device manufacturer, Boston Scientifics’ primary objective is to provide devices to their customers which are safe, effective for use and meet the requirements of their product specifications. Therefore, the company requires all employees to have the ability to consistently perform competently in their designated workstations after a reasonable period of training.

Individuals on assignment to Boston Scientific are reminded that their actions at work each day can have a direct impact on patient/customer safety. It is imperative that whilst on assignment with Boston scientific that you conduct yourself with the highest integrity your responsibilities whilst on assignment to Boston Scientific include:

Adhere to all Corporate and local documented procedures, instructions and policies as well as those required in the Corporate Quality Manual and as prescribed in local quality policies and procedures.

· Ensure you have been properly trained and qualified on your assigned job Seek clarification to ensure full understanding of procedures

· Fill out Shop Floor Paperwork and other types of documentation/paperwork completely and accurately as per Boston Scientifics’ ‘Good Documentation Practices’ procedure

·Respectfully and fairly challenge each other to ensure that we adhere at all times to the Quality Systems Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices and all procedures and work instructions

· Notify your line support team of any errors, mistakes or potential non- conformance situations; Highlight concerns / errors or if you notice that something has gone wrong or looks different ASAP.

· Communicate issues or areas for improvement Strive for defect free work

·Do things RIGHT FIRST TIME and prevent problems before they occur

·Don’t take chances

· Do ensure that everything you do has your full and continuous concentration and that you pay attention to detail

· Understand the business metrics, in particular quality metrics, how you impact them and strive to meet these goals

· Keep work areas clean and in order

· Co-operate fully with any quality/non-conforming event investigations

In the instance where an ‘adverse quality event’ occurs Boston Scientifics’ first responsibility is to customer/patient safety. Any adverse quality event is investigated through the appropriate quality system, to identify the root cause. Boston Scientific minimise the risk to the customer/patient through the prompt identification, evaluation and containment mechanisms provided by the Boston Scientific Quality System.

As part of the quality investigation, employees will be consulted in determining the root cause:

•It is imperative that all employees are honest and forthcoming so that the potential for the adverse quality event is eliminated

•Where work step/process/system issues are identified, product containment and patient safety shall be addressed through the Quality System as a priority

•Where any employee’s performance is deemed to have been a contributory factor, a disciplinary investigation may be initiated under the Kelly Services Disciplinary Policy

• Disciplinary outcomes will depend on the specific circumstances of the case and any relevant mitigating factors may be taken into consideration before coming to a decision in respect of whether or not disciplinary action is appropriate

•A pattern of unacceptable quality performance will normally result in the disciplinary process being applied on a sequential basis

• However, in a small number of instances, more serious adverse quality events can result in escalated disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment with Kelly Services

The types of conduct which could be classed as ‘gross misconduct’ and lead to an individual’s assignment at Boston Scientific being terminated include:

• Any behaviour or deliberate concealing of information that in any way leads to the compromise of Boston Scientifics’ products

• Falsification or unauthorised alternation of Boston Scientific records

• Deliberate or reckless failure to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice, Procedures or other protocols

• Gross incompetence or negligence

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• Being under the influence of, being in the possession of, or selling of alcohol or scheduled drugs whilst on Boston Scientifics’ premises

• Theft or fraud or breach of trust

• Wilful damage to company or another employee’s property

Social Welfare Office

Sean Duggan Centre, Fairgreen Road, Galway

091 500800


Geata na Cathrach, Fairgreen Road, Galway

091 738 3636

What’s on in Galway? Tourism Website for Galway in Galway Newspaper for Galway in Galway

Kelly Services

Galway Office – Unit 39A, Briarhill Business Park, Ballybrit,

091 393470

Kelly Learning Centre

New Employees will receive an email containing username and password allowing access to Skillport – the Kelly Learning Centre. Skillport is a web based system offering over 1000 free online training courses, books and publications accessible at any time. You can use the courses to upskill, create and follow a learning plan and view reports on your progress. Check your email account for the access details. If you can’t find this then email contact your Onsite Account Specialist to arrange for this to be resent.

Sports & Social Club

Many of our Clients have very active Sports & Social Clubs and allow Kelly Employees to join. You may be invited to join at induction or contact your Onsite Account Specialist for more information.

Internal Vacancy Recruitment

All Kelly, our Seconded Employees are eligible to apply for internal vacancies at the Client company, this includes graduate roles, internships and roles in Support, Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing functions. Keep an eye out on notice boards onsite for further details. We are happy to offer advice and assistance with CVs however Kelly cannot apply for internal roles on your behalf.

Bike to Work Scheme

The Governments cycling initiative allows employees to claim between 29% and 49% off the cost of a Bicycle and Accessories via Simply get a quote from a list of local bike shops, apply online and wait for a voucher to be issued. The balance of purchase cost can be spread over 12 weeks through payroll. For details of how to apply contact your Onsite Account Specialist.

PRSA Ireland

(Video) NEXUS:ISRAEL Dealmakers 2021 | The Hebrew University Innovation Ecosystem: Trailblazing Founders

Kelly Services provides access for you to contribute to a standard Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) by way of deductions of contributions from your salary. The PRSA is administered through Irish Life. The Company will not make any contribution to the PRSA. Further details on the PRSA scheme can be requested from the Onsite Team via email at


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