Absolutely everything you need to know about Taurus (2023)

Taurus is a misunderstood star sign. Many people think of Taureans as laidback, even lazy, and extremely stubborn. Sure, they CAN come off like this sometimes, but actually those behaviours are driven by a more intellectual and analytical nature than they’re credited with.

Taureans, born between April 21 and May 21, ponder deeply on all matters - love, life, money, work, the weather, last year’s Love Island. They deconstruct situations carefully, pull them apart in order to understand how things work and what makes people tick. This takes a while (hence them seeming lazy) and when it’s done means that their conclusions are thorough and rock-solid (hence why they seem stubborn, because they know their own mind).

To get an idea of the classic Taurean personality traits and types, we need only to look to some of the most famous bulls (the sign’s spirit animal): Adele, Rami Malek, David Beckham, Queen Elizabeth, Kelly Clarkson, Cate Blanchett and Cher to name a few.

Taureans can be gentle and they can be fierce, they don’t like to be pushed, they have strong opinions, and they love their home comforts.

Typical Taurus personality traits

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Perserverance (read: possessed)

If you want something done, ask a Taurus. There is no task or challenge that will beat them, they have endless reserves of tenacity, patience and resilience. Like the tide on the shore, they’ll just keep coming back at it. Until it becomes something which, seriously, it’s time to move on from i.e. relationships, feuds, hotdog-eating competitions etc.

Aesthetic (read: fussy)

This star sign likes the good life, prioritises their comfort and pleasure over pretty much all else, and loves luxury. Their appearance, their homes, their material world will look, feel, smell and taste awesome! Remember this on birthdays and Christmas. Do NOT think the beauty-dupe from Aldi will hold sway. Nope. They only want “the best”.

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Patient (read: immovable)

Taureans live life at a slower pace than most other people (they’re usually late for stuff, too). What actually drives this is a deeply-held desire to ponder and consider their every move (as well as yours.) They like to analyse… everything. And it’s this eternal deliberation which makes them so darned stubborn. They have already thought it all through (trust me) and therefore are totally clear on and committed to where they stand.

Sensuous (read: greedy)

Taureans are intensely physical creatures - they revere the pleasures of the material world (rather than imaginative capers or fantasy stories.) So: food, drink, chilling, pampering, shopping, sex. Basically, that’s it. That activity-combo is what makes Taurus tick. And, they can have difficulty finding the off button for the aforementioned. This can lead them into trouble...

Chilled (read: zoned out)

“ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" is something that partners of Taureans will get used to screaming, in sheer frustration and desperation, through locked doors/down stairways/into their other half’s face. Nope, they’re not listening to you (unless you’re offering food/drink/sex/money.) They are thinking. Or even, sometimes, just, you know, *chilling*. Taureans love doing nothing. Just being kinda vacant. Let them be. It means you can get on with whatever you wanna do and they won’t fuss over you. Enjoy it!

What are Taureans into?

Money. The key to a lot of physical pleasure, and therefore the access code to their enjoyment of life (as well as quelling their deep-rooted Earth sign desire for security). ALL Taureans obsess over, respect and manage their money. They enjoy investing and saving.

Food. Taureans don’t eat to live, they live to eat. Food is massively important and they enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties but, even more, going out to scoff at any given opportunity. Natural-born food bloggers!

Chilling. They don’t even need Netflix. Just give them a dressing gown, a fluffy blanket and some peace ’n’ quiet and they can stop on that sofa for HOURS.

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Flirting. I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but Taureans are always hot stuff, and draw admirers like moths to a flame. They only need to glance at a dating app, and it lights up with invitations. They know how to have a good time, so they make for great company - in love or friendship! They love attracting admiring attention, and are expert flirts.

Shopping. It’s not just a necessity or pragmatic list-driven activity but, rather, a specialist event undertaken for its own pleasure. They’re the kind of people who will go “down town” all day, browsing and ambling around their favourite boutiques and stores (with a nice lunch too, obvs.) They take shopping seriously. Don’t tag along unless you do too - you’ll be bored.

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Taurus most attractive traits

Taureans are naturally sexy people, because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure no less. Taureans have a strong inner self-belief, which doesn’t need shouting about, and this draws people to them because they can be trusted. Taureans don’t sweat the small stuff, and this means they’re calming to be around. Taurus also knows how to have a good time, so they are fun and always-up-for-it company.

  • They love pleasure and indulgence, and are more than happy to indulge you too.
  • They are soothing, stoic, chilled, and happy in their own skin. There is no drama or tension in their default state of mind or mood.
  • They possess ~come-to-bed~ doe eyes, all Taureans have got those come-hither eyes, which works wonders for them.

    Who gets on best with Taurus?

    Nearly everyone fancies them because they have this chilled, sensual demeanour which draws people in, perhaps we sense their love of a good time... But, like all elemental groups, the Earth sign trio (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) all get on well with each other. They can talk money, shopping, home improvements and food... and then take a lil’ nap together. Bliss.

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    #Taurus will keep secrets until the day they'll die.

    — Taurus ♉️ (@taurusismagic) March 26, 2019

    The hot tip for hot sex for Taurus is to find a Scorpio lover. Scorpio takes pleasure as seriously as Taurus, and is as committed to, and adventurous about, getting themselves off (*ahem*) which makes for a really, searingly HOT match. An intense, sexual bond.

    Taurus, you’re a great pal and a great partner, and we forgive you for not listening to us. Now, wake up, and let’s go have some fun!

    Taurus turn ons

    • Sex. You are a super sexy sign, with a healthy big sexual appetite, and a lust for physical contact and connection. Ruled by Venus, you’re totally in tune with your sensuality and it’s a priority in your life. Giving and receiving pleasure is what relationships are built on right? In your book, yes.
    • Eating is a key ingredient of your sensuality and pleasure principles. Good food and drink is more than just ~fuel~ to you, it’s an experience, an indulgence, a reward, and a ~time out~ from life. Good dates always involve some kinda’ deliciousness.
    • Cosy time. Staying home, cuddling up, being one-on-one all snuggly someplace safe is your ideal night (or day tbh) activity. You feel closest, more likely to open up, and more intimate and aroused when you’re alone with your object of affection, just relaxing, no pressure and no major ~stuff~ to do. You know lots of ways to pass the time…

      Taurus turn offs

      • Being busy. Having a packed itinerary or schedule and facing a long list of activities to tick off makes you feel tired and grumpy. Your highly tuned sensuality means you struggle to do anything you’re not ~in the mood~ for. You don’t press on. You don’t like going out of your comfort zone (why would anyone in fact?). Life should be lived spontaneously IYHO, doing what FEELS good in that moment. Any whiff of a to-do list, and you’re outta’ there.
      • Nothing makes your eyes go dead and your face fall like the mention of a ~healthy lifestyle~. For Taureans, this is ~code~ for denial, misery, frugality, withdrawal, blandness and gloom. Friends or partners who love to diet, count the calories, exercise daily, live with strict controls on their consumptions just don’t ~get~ you and how you like to live. You can’t bear the pressure or judgment.

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        What do I need to know about a Taurus? ›

        Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull. Like their celestial spirit animal, Taureans enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments, surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the enchanting planet that governs love, beauty, and money.

        What is the most special thing about Taurus? ›

        Ganesha says Taurus natives are known for their passion, dependability, and elegance, and they are sometimes regarded as the most attractive of the zodiac children. They generate satisfaction and respect in people around them because they are pleasant, loving, and honest.

        What are the 3 types of Taurus? ›

        Aug. 26, 2021, 8:51 a.m. There's three types of Taurus Suns: Tauruses who have Mercury in Aries, Tauruses who have Mercury in Gemini, and Tauruses who have Mercury in Taurus. Furthermore, Tauruses with Taurus Mercury have Mercuries that are either in the morning phase, the evening phase, or combust.

        What are Taurus very good at? ›

        They like to discover what they have the most fun doing, and then do it to the extreme. Tauruses have a regal quality about them. They are graceful and diligent laborers. They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their ways, but they are also great listeners and very dependable.

        Who do Taurus usually marry? ›

        High Taurus Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn. The list of Taurus' compatible signs is long, despite this star sign's bullheaded nature. These high Taurus-compatible signs include Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn.

        What is Taurus main emotion? ›

        Taurus: Neediness

        You bulls play it cool on the surface but, deep down, you need your things and your people, and that's just how it's got to be. You're a possessive sign, and while you don't need the whole world, you do need your own corner of it.

        What do Taurus fear the most? ›

        Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

        “Taurus fears poverty or the inability to pursue their life's goals and dreams,” Perrakis says.

        What is a Taurus weakness? ›

        Weaknesses: Materialistic, resistant to change, fanatical, indulgent, gluttonous, possessive, stubborn, narrow-minded. As their constellation and symbol they are known for can testify, those born under the Taurus zodiac sign can be bullish and stubborn. They do not like quick change and will fight very hard against it.

        How do Taurus break up? ›

        Taurus is a fixed sign, and accordingly, Taureans despise change: They have a tendency to stay too long in relationships, and they'll fight for a partnership until the bitter end. When it finally comes time to break up, though, they are deliberate and unwavering.

        What is Taurus Favourite body part? ›

        Taurus' Favorite Body Part: The Neck

        Symbolized by the bull, this earth sign is said to love a gentle neck caress. If a Taurus had written “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” it would have gone, “My neck, my neck, lick my neck ― whoa, avoid my crack, just go back to my neck.”

        How smart is a Taurus? ›

        Taurus people are very Intelligent. They are too lazy to be consistent about their goals. They value honesty more than their life. They are very stubborn by nature.

        What is Taurus luckiest day? ›

        For Taureans and Librans, FRIDAY is your lucky day.

        Can Taurus fight? ›

        Though Taurus are aggressive and uncompromising, they never start a fight! But once you disagree with them boy-oh-boy! no one can save you from the tough ride they take you through. They usually discuss things with calm at first but always end up in a full-fledged fight.

        Are Taurus lazy or hardworking? ›

        Being a fixed earth sign makes Tauruses hard workers. That said, the Bull is known to work smart, just as much as they're known to work hard. They'll put in effort as long as they can see the reward on the other side of the finish line.

        Who Will Taurus fall in love with? ›

        Generally, the most compatible signs for Taurus friendships and romantic relationships are Scorpio (yes, sometimes opposites do attract), Virgo, and Capricorn (what's up, earth signs?) and of course, fellow Taureans!

        What is a Taurus worst match? ›

        Mainly, Aquarius and Leo are the two least compatible signs for Taurus. Taurus loves to make new friends and wants to stay close with them while Aquarius natives can't compromise their individual freedom. Thus, Taurus are unlikely to have a proper tuning with them, and hence considered Taurus' worst compatibility sign.

        Who is a Taurus soulmate? ›

        1. Taurus Soulmate Sign: Scorpio. Astrologically, Scorpio is the best life partner for Taurus. Even though they exhibit different traits, they share a very intense and passionate relationship with each other.

        What attitude is Taurus? ›

        Typical sun in Taurus traits include being hard-headed, down-to-earth, tenacious, reliable, loyal, and sensual. All of these characteristics mirror themes covered by the Second House of Self-Worth and Income, which Taurus rules.

        What smell does Taurus like? ›

        Taurus being an earth sign leans towards the rich woody green fragrance families, so while buying scents be sure to check that the base notes have generous doses of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber.

        What is Taurus like when sad? ›

        Taurus. A Taurus may disappear into a hole when they're sad. Wanting to be alone with their demons, they isolate themselves and might hole up on the couch or numb themselves with their favorite vices. When they're sad, a Taurus might tend to think the world is against them and reject helping hands.

        What is a Taurus most toxic trait? ›

        Taurus: Never being sorry

        The bulls are stubborn, and the toxic varieties never think they're wrong. That unwillingness to change their mind (Taureans don't really do change…) plus a major ego means you're never getting an apology, even if they were wrong according to the laws of science, reason and justice.

        What zodiac hates Taurus? ›

        The most stubborn person of all the zodiac signs, Taurus tends to make Aquarius and Scorpio their biggest enemies.

        What makes Taurus stressed? ›

        Taurus can become easily stressed because they tend to have a hard time dealing with change. They will overwork, stress-eat and show signs of inflexibility when they feel strained. Taurus can de-stress by sticking to a routine.

        What is Taurus's love language? ›

        They prefer physical touch more than anything else and revel in sensual caresses. The bull will often show affection through hugs, cuddles and massages — even tickles on the back or neck. Taurus will reciprocate the cuddles to their partner as a way of showing their truest affections.

        What are Taurus problems? ›

        They face many issues due to their fear of change and adaptability. They fail to seize many opportunities because they are afraid of change so much. Another common problem for Taurus is that they are not easy at letting go of the negative things and they hold the grudge for very long.

        What is Taurus favorite color? ›

        Taurus Favourite Color:

        And so, green is the Taurus favourite colour.

        Does Taurus get jealous easily? ›

        Taurus, at times, can be extremely jealous. The reason is they are extremely hard-working but don't get the desired result. Hence, if they see someone succeeding by putting in half as much the effort they put in, they tend to feel jealous and blame their fate.

        What happens when a Taurus gets heartbroken? ›

        Taurus. Time heals all wounds for the Bull. When a breakup is fresh, they will be shocked to their core. However, they will start to feel better within a few weeks if Taurus implements self-care into their daily routine (this includes yoga, massages, and plenty of rest).

        How do Taurus react to cheating? ›

        Taurus has an amazing defense mechanism when it comes to being cheated on. You won't hear from them, they will leave you mid-way, the trust will dissolve into nothingness, and they will move on.

        What are Taurus known for in bed? ›

        Tauruses are also known for their love of routine — which means they're inclined towards relationships. This love of routine appears in their sex lives, too. “This isn't whimsical, imaginative sex; this is solid, good sex,” Stellas says. Tried-and-true positions like doggy style are their go-to.

        Do Taurus like sleeping? ›

        Taurus. Taureans tend to be sleep lovers and could easily clock in around 9 hours a night. However, their recommended amount of sleep is around 7-8 hours, scheduling quick naps when needed to avoid feeling sluggish.

        What is Taurus favorite position in bed? ›

        Taurus: Reverse cowgirl

        Bullheaded Taureans love getting their way, in and out of the bedroom, so any position that allows them to assert their dominance is a go. This classic girl-on-top position is a sure way to let their partners know who's boss.

        How do Taurus deal with problems? ›

        Chill, earthy Taurus hates confronting problems, especially if an apology is required. While they're usually practical enough to realize when they've messed up, Taurus is also stubborn and would much rather pretend something didn't happen than address it.

        Is Taurus rich? ›

        Taurus strives to amass wealth all their lives because wealth provides them with a great level of stability. Because of their pragmatic character, Taurus is trustworthy, stable, and typically excellent with finances.

        What gift Taurus likes? ›

        We love the gift of food for almost any person or occasion, but food gifts are an especially great choice for a Taurus because they love to eat. More specifically, like the bull who serves as their symbol, they love to graze, making a charcuterie board an ideal food gift.

        Which God is Taurus? ›

        The bull, which represents the sign Taurus, was actually Zeus, the ancient Greek God in disguise who fathered three children with Europe who he helped cross the sea while in his nonhuman avatar.

        What colors should Taurus wear? ›

        Taurus Power Color: Green. Not only is it grounded in nature, but green also has a vivaciousness that helps Taureans feel revitalized. Not to mention, it's also the color of wealth—something Taurus signs value highly.

        Can Taurus get angry easily? ›


        The exact opposite of the way an Aries will behave, Taurus will be passive aggressive. They despise confrontations and will give you an angry treatment if they get angry. However, they are very patient and their anger meter takes a lot of misdoings to soar. But once it's up, it's hard to get it back down.

        Can a Taurus handle stress? ›


        Taurean people are extremely composed and know their way around difficult situations. In light of stressful events, they're unlikely to lose their cool, instead, they will think it through and try to find a rational solution.

        Is Taurus most powerful? ›

        The mighty Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and dominating signs of the zodiac. They know what they want and also know how to get it either by hook or crook. They are stubborn, determined and tenacious and really don't take no for an answer.

        What is a Taurus most likely job? ›

        Taurus individuals have a very pragmatic and meticulous nature. Their personality makes them an asset in the finance industry. Whether they decide on a career as a banker, finance administrator, investment banker, accountant or cashier, the Taurus individual is known as the manager of money in the zodiac.

        What weakness does a Taurus have? ›

        Strengths and weakness of Taurus
        Strengths of TaurusWeaknesses of Taurus
        Taurus natives are steady-minded people.Taurus people are over possessive.
        Taurus people are really trustworthy.They are very resistant to change.
        3 more rows
        1 Dec 2021

        What do Taurus like to talk about? ›

        “Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is a very sensual sign,” says Chung. “Taurus loves food, fashion, and all of the things in life that give us pleasure,” which are all great conversation starters for this zodiac sign to lean on.

        What kind of love does a Taurus need? ›

        Since Taurus is ruled by the planet of love herself, Taureans are very interested in merging completely with a partner. They need to feel loved, comforted, and, above all, stable in a relationship. They're not ones for drama. Translation: This is a sign that mates for life.

        What is Taurus dark side? ›

        Taurus: The Most Possessive

        Taureans are inflexible, becoming too stubborn when things don't go their own way. Adding your materialistic nature, your version to change makes you possessive leading to problems in your relationships.

        What is a Taurus scared of? ›

        The Bull fears being artistically blocked because it makes them feel insecure. The inability to manufacture beauty scares Taurus so much that they will resort to any method possible to keep their creativeness flowing and pouring out of them.

        What are Taurus fear of? ›

        Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

        Taurus is very adept at handling finances, so when something unexpected befalls this sign, like the loss of a job or car troubles, it makes them very uneasy. “Taurus fears poverty or the inability to pursue their life's goals and dreams,” Perrakis says.

        How toxic can a Taurus be? ›

        Taurus: Never being sorry

        The bulls are stubborn, and the toxic varieties never think they're wrong. That unwillingness to change their mind (Taureans don't really do change…) plus a major ego means you're never getting an apology, even if they were wrong according to the laws of science, reason and justice.

        What is a Taurus's enemy? ›

        Taurus. Aries, Gemini and Scorpio are a few of the zodiac signs considered to be the enemies of Taurus with the sole reason that they are cunning. Along with cunning Taurus even thinks that the three zodiac signs are secretive and have a dual nature.

        What makes a Taurus happy? ›

        The key characteristics of a Taurus that translate to happiness largely center on being supremely loved. That being said, Taureans also love things—and beautiful things at that.

        How do you know if a Taurus really loves you? ›

        When a man is in love, he takes interest in knowing you and your life, and your Taurus man is no different. He will ask you questions about your past, your childhood, what makes you, you! He will observe you and be very attentive towards you.

        What are Taurus like to marry? ›

        A Taurus individual is spouse material because they are devoted, patient, trustworthy, soft, caring, and generous. They will be a trustworthy, loving, and dependable companion if they commit their soul in marriage. Hence Taurus shares very amazing relationship with their spouse which grows over time.


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