5 Reasons Why Zoom Provides the Best Video Conferencing Software (2023)

Video conferencing has become a way of life for businesses and personal use.It is not just company team meetings and one-on-ones, but grandmothers, book clubs, churches,andjust about everyoneandevery organization nowusevideoto connect.

Zoom hasemergedas the leader in the video conferencing industry.

When the stay-at-home orders came in 2020, we all had to learn video conferencing on the fly. The primary reason Zoom dominated isbecause it is easier to use than traditional video conferencing platforms that have a bunch of hoops to jump through.

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With Zoom, anyone with a browser can use it. When teams, families, and other groups were forced to collaborate remotely, it was the easiest way to connect.

Let’slook at5reasons Zoom is the best video conferencing platform.

1. Simplicity

In addition to being easy to use out of the box, Zoom has an uncluttered interface that adds to the experience.These include:

  • 1-click to join a meeting.
  • You canZoomon any device.
  • Sound and video prompts are automatic.
  • Chat is integrated into the screen.
  • Easy screen sharing.

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2. Infrastructure

You do not need to be an IT expert to implement Zoom. The platform can beactivated instantly on Zoom’s cloud or deployedon internal servers in30 minutes onsite using the Zoom Meeting Connector, an extension of Zoom's cloud infrastructure that is used in your internal network.

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Zoom alsohas the best video resolution of any video conferencing platform, though there are limitations. You gethigh-definitionresolution with the free version and up to1080pwith paid accounts.The quality of the meeting is also related to the quality of your internet connection.

3. Meeting Features

Zoom’s meeting features keep it ahead of other platforms. Some of the valuable options include:

  • Easy to use virtual backgrounds.
  • Emojis that let participants show their reactions without interrupting the meeting.
  • Automatic recording for meeting reviews or post-meeting note-taking.
  • Breakout rooms that make it easy to switch from large group meetings to smaller sessions.
  • Screen sharing by any attendee.
  • Whiteboard foron-the-flydiagrams.
  • Transcriptions of audio content.
  • Closed captioning.
  • Breakout rooms.

4. Security

You may remember in the early days of the Zoom boom, anyone with a link could enter a meeting. That feature, intended to make Zoom easy to use, backfired when outsiders joined and disrupted meetings and the host had no control over their access.Zoom has since added valuable security features to protectusers'meetings and data, including:

  • A waiting room where the host can see and admit invitees.
  • Alerts that a meeting is being recorded so that attendees can opt-out if privacy is a concern.
  • End-to-end encryption of your data—including video, audio, and chat—whileit isin transit between your computer and Zoom’s servers.

Hosts can also controlaccess to features and controls including:

  • Screen sharing
  • Chat
  • Changingscreen names
  • Require passwords
  • Block domains
  • Attendee authentication

5. Cost

Zoom’s free version has an impressive list of features. The main drawback is that free meetings are limited to 40 minutes.The free version of Zoom includes:

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  • Host up to 100 participants.
  • Unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes.
  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings with a30-hourtime limit per meeting.
  • Privateandgroupchat.
  • Recording (local storage only).
  • Screen sharing.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Virtual backgrounds.
  • Breakout rooms.
  • Chat for instant messaging.

The biggest reasons to upgrade to a paid Zoom account are the unrestricted meeting length (group meetings end abruptly at the 40-minute mark, while one-on-one meetings receive a warning). The next level up is the Pro version (currently $14.99/month), which adds social streaming and cloud recording. Upgrade to the Business version (currently $19.99/month) and you can have up to 500 attendees and meeting transcription, among other features (company branding, custom domains).

While notdirectly relatedto the cost of the platform, video conferencing also saves companies time and money by removing the need to meet in person.Whether you are meeting people across town or across the country ortheworld,you can do so from your office, home, or anywhere that has a solid internet connection.

Zoomisa Productivity Tool

While it may have gone viral due to the pandemic, video conferencing is a new normal for businesses.Yes,businesses will return to offices, and in-person meetings and events will come back. But many will think twice about getting in a car or on an airplane to connect for an hour or two. Zoom’s technology keeps getting better. For example, Zoom added a chat app for instant messaging outside of meetings. Integrating instant messaging features means you would not need another app like Slack.

At the end of the day, Zoom is a productivity tool. It helps you get more done in less time by removing geography as a barrier to face-to-face meetings. At the same time, we have seen that Zoom has removed geography as a barrier to jobs, which is enabling a more productive global workforce. Companies can hire across borders and employees have access to jobs thanks to video conferencing, and Zoom is the best.

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Why Zoom is the best video conference? ›

Zoom also has the best video resolution of any video conferencing platform, though there are limitations. You get high-definition resolution with the free version and up to 1080p with paid accounts. The quality of the meeting is also related to the quality of your internet connection.

What are the five benefits of video conferencing? ›

Let's take a closer look at some of the biggest benefits:
  • Saves Time and Money. ...
  • No Traveling Required. ...
  • Brings Remote Workers and Telecommuters Together. ...
  • More Personal and Engaging Than Phone Conferencing Alone. ...
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity. ...
  • Cuts Down on Carbon Emissions. ...
  • Improves Relationships.

What is the benefit of Zoom software? ›

As well as being seen and heard, Zoom Meetings also provide live chat, content sharing, interactive whiteboarding and many other features to make meetings more productive. Whilst many will argue that there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, Zoom Meetings can do things traditional meetings cannot.

Why Zoom has a competitive advantage? ›

Zoom's Advantage

Whilst other platforms used audio as their main selling point, Zoom was the first to focus on the visual side of things. Before Zoom, group video calls for expensive. They were the first platform to offer them for free.

Why is Zoom so much better than teams? ›

Zoom's paid plans, meetings can last up to 30 hours, which is the same limit with Microsoft Teams. However, Microsoft Team users on the free plan are limited to 60-minute meetings. Whereas Zoom gives its free users just 40 minutes for group meetings but up to 30 hours for one-to-one sessions.

What are the pros and cons to using Zoom? ›

The pros and cons of Zoom revolve around its ability to streamline enterprise communication and deliver the same, consistent experience for all use cases. Its ease of use, high-quality video, and crisp audio are its strong points. However, Zoom could be demanding for some computer builds.

Why is Zoom better for education? ›

Just like a F2F classroom, Zoom allows you to switch back and forth between different types of teaching methods (e.g., lecture, small group discussion, etc.) as many times as you need during a class session.

Why is Zoom good for education? ›

You can use it for classroom teaching and learning, group discussions, or even one-on-one office hour meetings. Zoom is an easy-to-use tool to create a video meeting, invite students or colleagues, solicit participation, and share resources.

What are the 4 features of a successful conference? ›

The 4 key features of a successful conference
  • Suitable space.
  • Professional Audiovisual Equipment.
  • Interactive flow of the program.
  • Reliable catering.
Jul 25, 2022

What are two major benefits of video conferencing? ›

Video conferencing boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and overall promotes collaboration. The advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of those benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication.

Which video conferencing program is the best and why? ›

The Best Five Video Conferencing Apps of 2023
  • Zoom: Best Overall Video Conferencing Solution.
  • Google Meet: Best One-Stop Shop Video Conferencing Software.
  • TeamViewer Meeting: Best for Collaborative Meetings.
  • Zoho Meeting: Best for Growing Team.
  • CyberLink U Meeting: Best for Image-Conscious Professionals.
Jan 18, 2023

Why is Zoom a good collaboration tool? ›

Zoom One Collaboration Tools

Zoom Meetings brings teams together with face-to-face video interactions, screen sharing, chat, captioning, and more. Its smart and inclusive video conferencing features give you the confidence to look and sound your best and make everyone feel included.

What are the pros and cons of Zoom? ›

The pros and cons of Zoom revolve around its ability to streamline enterprise communication and deliver the same, consistent experience for all use cases. Its ease of use, high-quality video, and crisp audio are its strong points. However, Zoom could be demanding for some computer builds.

What are the 10 advantages of online learning? ›

What are the Benefits of Online Classes for Students?
  • The “Home” Advantage. Digital learning has made learning interesting and fun for students. ...
  • Escape the Traffic. ...
  • Saves your Time and Money. ...
  • Best Online Guidance. ...
  • Instant Doubt Resolution. ...
  • Increased Convenience and Flexibility. ...
  • Enhances Self-Discipline. ...
  • Optimises focus.


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