18 Best Online Teaching Apps That Help You Teach Online (2023)

The world due to a pandemic is under a lockdown and even if the lockdown is lifted in some parts of the planet, as precautionary measures most of the work liketeaching through mobile/online classes, work from home, and the other things are still going on while living in the four walls. The pandemic didn’t stop students and learners from learning because of the advancement in technology. Students can attend their classes throughonline teaching apps.Even the learners who want to learn a new skill have got the opportunity of learning through online classes and courses available.

Technology has indeed made our lives easy and hassle-free and so is for the online teachers by providing the technology ofonline teaching apps.The numerousmobile teacher appfor teachers/coaches/guides are fully redefining teaching and learning. Flexibility in working hours, the opportunity to reach a wider audience, the use of simple devices, and access to online services are some of the great benefits ofthe online classes app.There are still more applications designed especially for educational purposes to download on their phones and their students’ mobile devices.

Each teacher has their strategies for staying organized, but it can be difficult without the classroom and students handling physical assignments. Fortunately, a quick search on your mobile device’s or computer’s app store will reveal a plethora of useful apps for anything from general course management to direct contact with students and parents. In this article, we are mentioning below the list ofapp for teachingthat is going to be effective for all the teachers out there who are looking to take their classes online.

Nowadays, we looking for the best online teaching software like Google classroom, Microsoft team, slack, floop, zoom, smart survey, timely, pocket, dewo, etc. All software is used in teaching.

So let us know about the best online teaching apps.

Digital Class

18 Best Online Teaching Apps That Help You Teach Online (1)

A platform where course sellers and buyers meet is Digital Class, which is an E-Learning Marketplace.

It aims to provide a single platform for all types of course creators and sellers to build and sell their courses, as well as to assist students in finding courses and educators from all over the world. The platform offers a variety of interactive classes with a variety of features all in one app.

Course creators and sellers, such as educational YouTubers, online course sale firms, coaching institutes, and educators, can build and list their courses to reach a larger global audience.

Features of Digital Class:

  • Educational Marketplace
  • Reliable and Secure
  • One stop destination for course sellers and students
  • Earning from course sales
  • Students can buy course
  • Privacy control

StudyBlue Flashcards

This is a one-of-a-kindeducation appthat benefits both students and teachers. It assists in making learning enjoyable and helps teachers ensure that teaching is productive and successful by assisting in the development of digital flashcards, notes, and other study content.

It allows you to keep track of your success, set reminders, and take quizzes, among other things. It also helps in the customization of study materials through the use of photographs and videos.

Features of StudyBlue Flashcards:

  • Flashcards on a computer
  • Personalize study materials
  • Offline mode is available
  • Profiles of individuals


Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the number of people using Zoom for corporate meetings, team huddles, and online teaching has risen dramatically.

Teachers will reach out to a large number of students using Zoom. It is primarily a video conferencing app with no LMS features, and although some users have expressed security concerns, it has benefited many teachers and students. It is one of the goodapps for teachers.

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Teachers must use Google forms or other similar methods to distribute assignments and share other content, so it is fair to assume that it is not a comprehensive forum.

Features of Zoom:

  • Video conferencing
  • Quick access
  • Schedule meetings
  • Customize your background and more

Google Meet

Google Meet is mainly used for video conferencing. For conducting their classes, a large number of teachers and schools have turned to Google Meet. It’s a decent forum for engaging with students and taking courses, but it doesn’t have a learning management system.

Features of Google Meet

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Live capture
  • Screen sharing
  • Messaging and more


Teachers may use Kahoot to make their online classes more lively and engaging by using it. Kahoot is a tool that assists teachers in creating educational games. To build an immediately playable game, teachers simply need to prepare a set of questions and enter the prepared questions and answers into the web. This will break up the monotony. The Kahoot app must be downloaded and used as a buzzer by students.

Features of Kahoot

  • Create games easily
  • Sharing and organization
  • Reports and analytics
  • Host games using videos and reach students outside the classroom


This is a fantasticeducation appthat will benefit both teachers and students. Interactive quizzes can be created by teachers and distributed to students. This helps to break up the monotony in the classroom and make it more engaging.

Most teachers are struggling to make their classes engaging as classes move online, and this educational app will help to add the requisite life.

Features of Quizzizz

  • Student-centric
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Automatic reviews and results


Schoology is yet another educational app for teachers that serves as a forum for teachers and students to share assignments, projects, videos, study materials, and links, among other things. It aids in increasing student interest and focuses in the classroom.

It’s also beneficial for classroom management. If you have any questions about classroom management, we have a blog that explains everything you need to know.

Features of Schoology

  • Tools for creating lessons
  • Webpage tools
  • Calendar
  • Tools to create assignments and projects


This is a unique take on a mobile whiteboard program. It makes teachers’ lives simpler, much like the others we’ve mentioned. It assists teachers and educators in creating student-friendly tutorials.

With features that assist you with animation, diagrams, and other visual aids, the icing on the cake is that you can store and upload your videos online.

Features of Educaciones

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  • Import photos and videos
  • Easy content sharing
  • Cloud sync and more


Evernote is a note-taking program that can be used by both teachers and students. There are several applications. It serves as a planner, assisting teachers in sticking to their schedules and conserving paper.

In addition, Evernote can be used to build and exchange study materials. Projects and tasks may be exchanged as well. It aids in the storage of notes and records, as well as the development of an archive of the documents so that teachers can access them.

Features of Evernote

  • Availability of offline notes
  • Large storage capacity
  • Image recognition
  • Full-time support and more


Many teachers struggle as they move their classes online, and this is largely due to the changes that come with the transition. Teacher kit is a software program that enables teachers to automate repetitive tasks such as taking attendance, documenting grades, and so on.

It allows you to keep track of students’ progress and add behavior notes so you can concentrate on the important things.

Features of TeacherKit

  • Digital classroom tools
  • Behavior notes for students
  • Grading system and reports
  • Progress reports and more


Animoto is a great tool for teachers to use to make instructional videos and other presentations. When teachers take their lessons online, they face the challenge of engaging students and keeping them interested.

Animoto is a great tool for this, as it allows you to make presentations with photographs, videos, and sound clips.

Features of Animoto

  • High-quality videos
  • Customizations
  • Wide variety of fonts
  • Storyboard templates and more


Socrative is a learning evaluation tool and an instructional app. It aids in the simplification of grades and reports. This program for teachers helps to make classes fun and monitor student participation with engaging tests, evaluations, polls, and other features.

Features of Socrative

  • Easy to use classroom tools
  • 50 students allowed per classroom (150 students in the premium subscription)
  • Assessments and results
  • Content sharing


It’s an educational app that’s all about convenience and comfort. It facilitates collaboration and provides teachers with a good picture of where their students are on the learning curve.

Seesaw is a boo with advanced resources to assess students’ comprehension and skills, reports that support teachers, and a forum for connecting with families.

Features of SeeSaw

  • Rich communication tools
  • Tools to analyze student learning
  • Reports
  • Analytics and more


The app uses your phone’s internet link to connect to the internet.

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It is one of the few services that allow you to connect not only from Blackberry or Android but also from an iPhone, without voiding the Apple device’s warranty or paying extra fees to your service pro.

It’s more expensive than an app like FoxFi, and there’s no free or trial edition, but $29/year ($2.49/mo) is still a great deal for teachers who have an iPhone and need a backup way to stay connected to the Internet.

Remember to keep an eye on your data use so you don’t get charged extra at the end of the month for exceeding your quota.

Staying linked during the semester is important when teaching online. You can stay in touch with online students while still keeping up with grading their assignments by using this appfor teaching.If you’re going to teach online and

have a smartphone, make the most of it because it could be the only thing you have.


The coolest aspect of FoxFi is that it can quickly transform multiple Android phones (depending on the manufacturer) into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing other devices (such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones) to piggyback or “tether” off of it. It also helps you to connect to your phone using Bluetooth or a USB cable.

I was online and logging into my course from my laptop in less than five minutes after downloading the FoxFi app. One caveat: as cool as the instant “hotspot” functionality is, it drains the battery quickly.

I’ve used FoxFi in hotspot mode when charging my tablet, and it always steadily drains the battery until it shuts down. Use FoxFi’s USB link option instead if you need to be online for more than 30 minutes.

Connecting your phone to the Internet via USB cable only allows you to connect your laptop to the Internet (not all of your other mobile devices), but it keeps your Android charged and allows you to remain productive for as long as you need…or until your phone’s data plan expires, whatever comes first.


It was created to detect ambient noises and can be used in a classroom with both an Android computer and an iPhone.

When the above noise level is exceeded, this app emits a beep. The main purpose of this app is for students to become more conscious of how to behave and control their behaviour.

It also protects students from being disciplined by a teacher or other educational representative if they do not obey the guidelines. It is available on both ioS and Android.


Teachers may use this free tool to ask their students a question that can be answered in a single word or phrase. Responses are collected through a web connection, QR code, or AnswerGarden’s iOS app, and a word cloud appears on the display screen. The most frequently submitted terms would be the highest in the cloud.The most frequently submitted terms would be the highest in the cloud.

This is a great tool to use in the classroom for brainstorming activities with a community.


Students may use Slido to send questions using a standard web browser and a special event code.

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Other participants will upvote questions that appear on the presenter’s screen, pushing the most famous questions to the top. The presenter or teacher will delete a question from the queue until it has been answered. Audience polling with multiple-choice and word cloud options is also available via Slido.

Some Benefits of App for Teachers


As previously mentioned, taking classes online can be challenging, butan online classes appcan help make the process easier. Creating a presentation and adding videos and photos, for example, used to take a lot of work and time, but now, thanks to resources like Animoto, it’s a lot simpler. The same can be said about classroom management and sharing of resources.

The interactive connection between teachers and students

The bond and rapport between teachers and students have preserved thanks to a variety ofapp for teaching. For example, Remind allows teachers to keep in touch with their students. Teaching app is a comprehensive app that allows students to keep in touch with their teachers while also assisting teachers in making announcements, administering exams, and sharing study materials with their students.

Wide Reach:

Coaching courses and tuition centres can reach a vast number of students from all walks of life as online teaching platforms become more prevalent. Unlike the previous method of teaching, in which students from a particular location choose the closest tuition centre,the online classes appbenefit both teachers and students.

Things a teacher must know before choosing an Online Teaching Apps

  • As teachers, you must ensure that your link is not disrupted and that a contingency plan is in place in the event of an unexpected mishap.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the applications, read reviews, and look at the scores. Make certain it’s secure.
  • Before clicking the “I accept” button, make sure you’ve read the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • Check that your phone isn’t overheating or wasting a lot of data when you’re using the app. We need applications that have been designed for India in a country like India, where the digital divide is prominent. Look for apps that don’t eat up a lot of data.
  • Make a detailed investigation. Several posts discuss subjects such as “educational applications for teachers on Android” and “teaching apps for Android,” and you should read them all.

Teaching has become more formal and interesting as more enjoyable online teaching resources enter the market. Teachers use innovative approaches and methods to ensure that their students are involved and learning from their lessons. Certain Android teaching applications stand out and have gained a lot of coverage.


The popularity ofonline teaching appsis growing, and many people are looking for the best LMS platforms to use to take classes easily and effectively. We hope that this list of the bestschool appshelps you in making your classes more engaging. In the article, we have tried to talk in detail about all theapp for teachingthat is beneficial for both teachers and students.

We hope the article helps you out in selecting the right education app and make your teaching experience great.

We have enlisted many apps you can choose anyone among them for your teaching online and providing learning to students.

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What app do teachers use to teach? ›

Some of the most popular apps for teachers include Google Classroom, Quizlet, and Khan Academy. Google Classroom is a free app that allows teachers to create and manage digital classrooms.

Which app is best for teacher job? ›

Top Apps For Teachers and Educators
PocketHaiku deckDuolingo
Quizizz: Plan to LearnEdXEvernote
Study Blue Flashcards & QuizzesEdu CreationsSlack
LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard AppZOOMPlanboard
Oct 23, 2020

Which free software is best for online teaching? ›

Teaching Tools for Classroom Management
  • Edmodo. Edmodo is software that enables you to bring your classroom online. ...
  • ClassDojo. ...
  • Google Classroom. ...
  • Class123. ...
  • Flubaroo. ...
  • Show My Homework.
Dec 7, 2022

Which is the best app to teach online? ›

Seven Best Online Teaching Apps
  1. ClassIn. ClassIn is a leading EdTech app that provides all-inclusive solutions for online learning. ...
  2. Zoom. ...
  3. Teachmint. ...
  4. TeacherKit. ...
  5. Kahoot! ...
  6. Quizizz. ...
  7. Educreations.
Feb 28, 2022

Which is the best online classes app? ›

  1. Zoom(Android& iOS) The first app for online classes is Zoom which works in Android and iOS effectively. ...
  2. MyHomewor (Android & iOS) ...
  3. BuddyBoss (Android and iOS) ...
  4. Notion(Android & iOS) ...
  5. Dropbox (Android & iOS) ...
  6. Todai (Android & iOS) ...
  7. Remin (Android & iOS) ...
  8. Quizlet (Android & iOS)

How can I teach online and earn money? ›

There are many learning platforms where you can register, teach online, and earn money.
Some of the best platforms for teaching are:
  1. Chegg.
  2. Byju's.
  3. Vedantu.
  4. Unacademy.
  5. Khan Academy.
  6. Skill Share.
  7. Udemy.

How can I teach online classes at home? ›

How To Teach Online Classes From Home
  1. Well Planned Classes. ...
  2. Encouraging Self-regulated Learning. ...
  3. Management of Online Platforms. ...
  4. Understand the Importance of Clinical Evaluation. ...
  5. Promote Collaborative Learning. ...
  6. Setting Up A Working Environment. ...
  7. Innovate And Stimulate Discussions. ...
  8. Communicate Regularly.

Who is the best education app? ›

  • Educational apps | An overview.
  • Top 10 educational apps.
  • Google Classroom.
  • Khan Academy.
  • edX.
  • Sololearn.
  • Photomath.
  • Remind.
Nov 1, 2022

What is the highest paying teacher job? ›


When you are looking for the best-paid teaching jobs for your area of interest or specialized skill, then you may consider working as a professor in a college or university. A college professor prepares course material, teaches students in a classroom environment, and grades student work.

What is the best way to teach classes online? ›

Top Tips for Effective Online Teaching
  1. Create Your Syllabus.
  2. Explore the Learning Platform.
  3. Offer Live Lectures.
  4. Include Graphics and Slides.
  5. Use a Variety of Teaching Methods.
  6. Use Open Source Resources.
  7. Provide Timely Feedback.
  8. Offer Virtual Office Hours.

What is the No 1 learning app? ›

Khan Academy is the best education app because it's free, easy to use, and works well for every age group. It provides informational videos and online exercises to help kids excel in a variety of subjects, including math, science, and language arts.

Can I teach online with no experience? ›

Requirements: Everyone all over the world can become a Cambly teacher. There are no special requirements—not even teaching experience. The application process is actually more concentrated on how good your internet connection is, and the quality of your devices.

How can I make money teaching at home? ›

Both systems allow tutors to set their schedules, teaching subjects they are passionate about.
  1. Become an online coach. ...
  2. Sell your teaching resources. ...
  3. Become an online researcher. ...
  4. Grade papers and get paid. ...
  5. Become a website tester. ...
  6. Work as an admin support. ...
  7. Become a virtual assistant. ...
  8. Work as a transcriber.
Aug 21, 2020

Can you make a living teaching online? ›

Yes. Teaching English online provides great opportunities to earn a good salary on either a part-time or full-time basis. While it isn't the most lucrative profession, it does offer great flexibility and convenience, including the ability to make money from home while impacting the lives of others.

How to teach online for beginners? ›

Tips on Preparing How to Teach Online
  1. Plan Your Course. A course is taught over several lessons. ...
  2. Master Technology and Prepare for It. ...
  3. Establish an Effective Working Environment. ...
  4. Stimulate Discussions. ...
  5. Communicate Regularly. ...
  6. Motivate Your Students. ...
  7. Clarify Expectations. ...
  8. Be Present and Active.
Nov 24, 2021

How do I start online teaching? ›

Here's how you can effectively build your own online course in 10 steps:
  1. Choose a course topic.
  2. Identify your learner base.
  3. Organise your subject knowledge.
  4. Create and map a course outline.
  5. Choose the right course delivery platform.
  6. Create course content.
  7. Ensure course content is engaging.
Sep 29, 2021

What tools are needed to teach online? ›

What Equipment Do I Need for Teaching Online | 5 Key Items
  • Best HD Webcam: Logitech C920.
  • Lavalier Microphone.
  • RØDE Wireless GO – Compact Wireless Microphone System.
  • Skype (For Freelance Teachers & Trainers)
  • Background Lighting for Online Teaching.
  • Laptop.
  • Additional Equipment You Can Consider.
Sep 13, 2022

Which app gives free education? ›

Khan Academy app offers over 4000 courses in different subjects, including Maths, Science and Humanities, all based on NCERT or CBSE syllabus. The app also comes with a free, personalised learning library. Khan App features videos, interactive exercises and articles on different subjects that allow in-depth learning.

Which education app is totally free? ›


This immensely popular free educational app has over 300 million registered users worldwide and makes learning a language so much easier. It even sends out reminders for lessons. Start learning on your iOS or android devices and download it via the iPhone app or Google play.

What educational apps are free? ›

Free Educational Apps, Games, and Websites
  • APP. Daily Vroom. age 2+ ...
  • APP. Duolingo ABC - Learn to Read. age 3+ ...
  • APP. Kanopy. age 3+ ...
  • APP. Khan Academy Kids. age 3+ ...
  • APP. Peep Ciencias: Colores. age 3+ ...
  • APP. PBS KIDS Video. age 3+ ...
  • APP. Picture Dots. age 3+ ...
  • APP. Play and Learn Science. age 3+

Which state pays teachers the most? ›

In 2021, the average K-12 public school teacher nationwide was paid $65,090. Average teacher pay was the highest in New York at $87,738, followed by Massachusetts and California. In three states — Mississippi, Florida, and South Dakota — teachers made less than $50,000 on average.

What states need teachers the most? ›

Mississippi saw the highest teacher-to-student vacancy rate in the 2021-22 school year. The state reported having nearly 69 missing teachers per 10,000 students. In comparison, Utah had less than one missing teacher per 10,000 students.

What kind of teachers are in demand? ›

Types of teachers in highest demand by 2030.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL). ESL educators are some of the most in demand teachers. ...
  • Math Teaching. Another teacher subject in demand is mathematics. ...
  • Science Teaching. What about science teachers? ...
  • Social Studies Teaching. ...
  • Special Education Teaching.
Dec 18, 2020

How many years in BEd? ›

The BEd is also known as the Bachelor of Education. And the duration of the BEd course is two years.

How quickly can you train to be a teacher? ›

Full-time courses usually take three to four years, while part-time courses take four to six years. If you have undergraduate credits from previous study, you might be able to complete a course in two years.

Can you get paid to train to be a teacher? ›

The programme is fee free. Being able to earn a salary while you train, as well as receiving a discount on travel within London. Gain more experience working in a school before you qualify, so you are more prepared for life as a newly qualified teacher.

What platforms are teachers using? ›

Classroom management platforms
  • Google Classroom.
  • Buncee.
  • EdModo.
  • Edulastic.
  • Eduplanet21.
  • ClassMax.
Jun 11, 2021

What do teachers use instead of Google classroom? ›

Moodle. Moodle is a robust, scalable, full-featured open source Learning Platform (also known as a Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment). Categories in common with Google Classroom: Learning Management System (LMS)

What apps do teachers use to grade their students? ›

Some of the most common grading applications are:
  • Socrative Teacher.
  • Google Classroom.
  • Numbers.
  • GradeBook Pro.
  • Think Wave Gradebook.
  • ZipGrade.
  • Groovy Grader.
  • Showbie.
Sep 24, 2021

What software do teachers use to see your screen? ›

Vision for Chromebooks classroom management software provides visibility into all student activities, allowing teachers to see what their students see. Teachers can also share their screen, lock student screens and keyboards, and block websites - all with the click of a button.

How do I start teaching online? ›

Here's how you can effectively build your own online course in 10 steps:
  1. Choose a course topic.
  2. Identify your learner base.
  3. Organise your subject knowledge.
  4. Create and map a course outline.
  5. Choose the right course delivery platform.
  6. Create course content.
  7. Ensure course content is engaging.
Sep 29, 2021

What is better than zoom for teaching? ›

Microsoft Teams

Like Slack, Trello, and other online team-based platforms, Microsoft Teams is far more of a 'teaching platform' (though it's not designed expressly for teachers) than Zoom.

Do Google classrooms get deleted? ›

When you decide you'll never use a class again, you can delete it permanently. You have to archive a class before you can delete it. Only the primary teacher can delete a class. Co-teachers can't delete a class.

What apps do schools block? ›

It's common practice for network administrators in schools or colleges to block access to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

Can teachers use TikTok? ›

Teachers can also use TikTok to create short videos on specific subjects that students can watch. This is great for explaining lesson concepts. You can create a short and to the point video that can be watched multiple times so students are able to revisit the guidance when working on the task.

Which app is used for education? ›

Top Education Apps in India of Google Play Store
Free Apps
1English Kid Game OckyPocky
2Paper Planes, Airplanes - 3D A Mobilicos
3Duolingo: Learn English Duolingo
4Plantix - your crop doctor Plantix
96 more rows

Can zoom proctors see your screen? ›

Proctor should be able to see/hear the student's webcam, microphone, and their computer screen and sound. Exam integrity note: Make sure students share their full screen with the desktop taskbar visible.

Can teachers see what your doing on your computer? ›

Mobile: Just use a different google account for browsing. It all depends upon what monitoring software that your school uses, if any. But generally, your teacher can see only what you do within Google Classroom.


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