15 Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students (2023)

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What’s Covered:

  • 15 Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students
  • How Impressive are Computer Science Programs in High School Admissions?
  • Other Ways to Spend Your Summer

Do you want to join a summer program that is focused on technology but also looks good on a college application? Then you might want to check out this list of 15 Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students.

Not only are these programs fun, but if your application to college is in the early stages, they will look great when you’re filling out your high school activities list.

15 Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students

1. Tandon NYU Summer Programs: Automation, Robotics, and Coding

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: May 16th

Tandon NYU offers a two-week, virtual program for high school students that teaches them to code and apply their skills in lucrative fields like IoT, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality.

(Video) A Guide to Summer Programs for High School Students

Applicants must have a 3.0 average, have completed Algebra II or its equivalent, and have previous code-related experience.

The cost of tuition is $2000, but significant financial assistance is available.

2. iDTech Tech Camps

Dates: June – August 2022

Location: On-campus (based on state of residence)

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

iDTech offers two-week coding and artificial intelligence day and overnight camps for high school students, covering topics like machine learning, deep neural networks, cryptocurrency and even encryption.

iDTech camp students get to experience on-campus life, as these programs are hosted at universities. Students experience a mix between group and one-on-one sessions with certified coding instructors.

The total program cost ranges between $729 to $1,129, with financial aid available.

3. The Coding School

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: TBD

The Coding School is a California-based nonprofit that works with UCLA, USC, Villanova University, and Brown University. They run four-year programs in high schools throughout the state of California as well as virtual summer camps and online coding lessons for high schoolers called Code Connects.

At the one to two-week long summer camp, kids can learn the fundamentals of computer science, data structures, artificial intelligence, cyber security, college computer science preparation, full stack web development, mobile app development, 3D game development, data science and computational genomics.

Depending on whether you sign up early, the cost is $350 or $395.

4. Upperline Code

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: Rolling basis

Upperline provides a virtual coding summer camp for high school students that mixes real-world tools and project-based learning to teach Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and other languages.Summer programs and single-session sessions are available that are topic-specific or organized by school level.

Upperline Code’s two-week immersive bootcamp gives high school students the opportunity to develop their own app or website, hear from top technology experts, go on company visits, and interact with other tech-interested students.

Tuition is $2,100 for Upperline two-week summer courses with financial aid available.

5. Google Computer Science Summer Institute

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: TBD

(Video) Best free Science Programs for high school students

The Google Computer Science Summer Institute is a free, online four-week introduction to computer science for rising undergraduate students with a passion for technology, especially those who have previously been marginalized from the field.

Students will work on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Google App Engine projects in this class. They’ll also do job preparation, get time with Google Engineers, and participate in community events.

6. Kode With Klossy

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: TBD

Kode with Klossy is a two-week summer coding bootcamp specifically designed for high school girls. Each program participant will learn how to code in popular languages, such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Swift.

Students who enroll in the Kode with Klossy summer coding bootcamp are given the accolade of “scholars,” since they receive a scholarship, which means there is no cost of attendance.

7. NextGen Bootcamp

Dates: Vary based on class

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: Rolling basis

The NextGen Bootcamp offers live online computer education summer programs for high school students. With live online summer courses, students can learn web development, data science, graphic design, and other coding-related skills.

There are no prerequisites to joining this summer program, and it does not require any prior coding knowledge. NextGen bootcamp offers a great introduction to different coding languages and abilities.

Students who may require financial assistance are eligible for it.

8. Penn Summer High School Coding Bootcamp

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: TBD

This front end coding immersion summer program for high school students is offered in conjunction with Trilogy by the University of Pennsylvania. In a virtual classroom atmosphere, students will learn browser-based technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. Students will leave with sample portfolio pieces as well as a certificate of completion.

This curriculum is designed to formally introduce students to the skills, concepts, and talents necessary to pursue a career in computer programming.

Tuition for this program is $2,500.

9. Hack Reactor

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

(Video) Summer Programs in US | Everything you need | How to Apply

Application deadline: Rolling basis

Hack Reactor is a summer coding school for high school seniors with immersive learning techniques including lectures, individual and group projects, and full-stack development.

Hack Reactor offers both online and in-person courses. Hack Reactor offers a curriculum that includes online job training, and their alums are frequently placed in mid-to-senior level IT jobs.

10. Girls Teaching Girls to Code

Dates: Sumer 2022

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: Rolling basis

Girls Teaching Girls to Code is a free summer coding camp for high school girls run by female teachers. The objective of the program is to encourage more female high school graduates to pursue STEM careers.

Participants will learn coding fundamentals, create engaging projects, and form meaningful relationships with relatable peers and college mentors in the industry.

11. Code, Sleep, Repeat

Dates: Sumer 2022

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: Rolling basis

Sleep Repeat’s one-week virtual coding summer camps provide a blend of pre-recorded and live content via Zoom for high-school students. Students will code in a variety of in-demand languages under the direction of Stanford undergrads.

Students will study iOS development and how to make their app ideas a reality. Students will be taught the XCode framework and learn Swift while developing iPhone applications. On the final day, students will practice public speaking skills, work with classmates, and present their own coding start-up!

Although the program fee is $595, students may be eligible for financial assistance.

12. Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: November 2021

The Wolfram Summer Camp is a two-week intensive training that aims to improve programming and problem-solving capabilities in high school students. Students learn and apply computational thinking skills through lectures and activities led by Wolfram instructors.

Students will build a project that fits their coding ability and subject knowledge, from creation to completed product.

The cost of camp is $750, including a $250 deposit.

13. Emagination Coding Camp



Application deadline:

(Video) 12 Summer Activities that Impress Colleges: Overachiever’s Guide to Summer Break

High school students ages 13 to 17 learn to code using Java, one of the most popular dynamic programming languages today, at Emagination Coding Camp. Campers study fundamental programming concepts and programs in Java to create a range of applications for Windows, XML Web services, distributed components, client/server applications, and more during this two-week immersive experience.

The goal of an Emagination Instructor is to guide campers through the completion of their last windows app projects. Campers are urged to offer creative input and establish relationships with other campers. Applications are shown to other campers for comments, testing, and debugging

The cost of the program is highly affordable at $250.

14. Design The Future

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: May 15th

Design The Future is a two-week Computer Science and STEM summer program for high school students, where they learn how to create and construct apps for people with disabilities.

Professional designers are the teachers, and participants will study UI/UX design concepts such as persona creation, storyboarding, wireframing, app layout, and app design while also creating their own real apps.

Although the program fee is $1,300, students may be eligible for financial assistance.

15. University of Washington –AI4All

Dates: TBD

Location: Virtual

Application deadline: TBD

The University of Washington is offering a free, two-week data science and artificial intelligence introduction summer course to high school students who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Students must be rising high school juniors, seniors, or first-year college students in order to participate in the program.

Students will learn how to interpret, analyze, and discuss real-world data science and machine learning applications in order to understand influential technology choices.

How Impressive are Computer Science Programs in High School Admissions?

Computer science summer programs are a great way to show colleges that you are passionate about your academic interests. While the programs are not necessary to your college application process, they can give you a boost of confidence when applying to universities.

If you are considering enrolling in one of these dynamic programs, it is important that you look into high school computer science courses that will help supplement your academic performance.

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing between computer science summer programs is understanding how they will benefit your high school transcript.

Most admission counselors look for students who are actively involved in their academic community by enrolling in AP courses, joining clubs, and taking on leadership roles.

Participating in a computer science summer camp and taking computer science courses at your high school are the greatest methods to improve the quality of your application.

How does a computer science summer camp or an outside activity influence your chances of acceptance? CollegeVine’s free chancing engine will let you see your true chances of getting into 1500+ colleges in the United States, as well as offer tips for enhancing your profile!

Other Ways to Spend Your Summer

Summer Computer Science programs are one approach to improve your college application. You could also want to look into internships, volunteer work, and independent study. Internships are another challenging, yet equally impressive experience that can increase your chances of acceptance into college. Always consider why you’re applying to a certain computer science internship program and what unique experiences it might add to your CV before deciding whether or not to apply.

Overall, computer summer programs are an excellent method to enhance your chances of acceptance, but they’re only one component of the whole application. For more information on how you can maximize your college prospects, click here for a complete list of online opportunities for high school students.

(Video) How I Easily Landed 2 Summer Internships in High School


What are the most competitive summer programs for high schoolers? ›

Most Prestigious Summer Programs for High School Students
  • Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) ...
  • Research Science Institute (RSI) ...
  • Program in Mathematics for Young Student (PROMYS) ...
  • The Summer Science Program (SSP) ...
  • Boys/Girls State. ...
  • Boys/Girls Nation. ...
  • Research in Science & Engineering (RISE)
26 May 2019

Does Stanford have summer programs for high school students? ›

Stanford High School Summer College

High School Summer College allows high-achieving students between 16-19 years to access undergraduate courses at Stanford University. This eight- or nine-week experience provides academic, social, and intellectual opportunities not found in a high school classroom.

Is Stanford High School Summer College worth it? ›

If you believe the summer program will increase your chance of getting into Stanford, it's not worth it because it won't. If you want to take some challenging courses with good faculties while experiencing college life in a beautiful campus, it's definitely worth it.

What is included in computer science? ›

Principal areas of study and careers within computer science include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and theory of computing.

Do summer programs look good for college? ›

Did you know summer activities can push your college application to the “yes” pile? Colleges want to see that you are committed to extracurriculars throughout the school year, but they also love it when you are making the effort to expand and stretch yourself over summer vacation.

Are Ivy League summer programs worth it? ›

Yes, summer programs are definitely worth it! They present a perfect opportunity to explore your field of interest in greater depth, develop relevant skills, meet like-minded students, and – perhaps most importantly – increase your chances of getting into the Ivies.

Does Stanford look at 9th grade? ›

Less selective schools may just take your GPA/Grades at face value, but, assuming you're planning on applying to top schools like Princeton and Stanford, you shouldn't have to worry about freshman year grades, as these schools will go through a more rigorous process of figuring out the story behind your grades ...

Does Stanford Check 9th grade? ›

For students studying in the United States, or pursuing an American curriculum abroad, an official transcript (grades 9–12) is required. For students pursuing an international curriculum (e.g., A-Level, national curriculum, or IB Diploma outside the US), academic results and predictions are required if available.

Does Harvard summer accept everyone? ›

Harvard Summer School is open to anyone seeking to use their summer to learn something new!

Is Harvard Summer School the same as Harvard? ›

Harvard Summer School, founded in 1871, is a summer school run by Harvard University. It serves more than 5,000 students per year.
Harvard Summer School.
Parent institutionHarvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Division of Continuing Education
DeanSandra Naddaff
4 more rows

Is the Harvard Summer School selective? ›

The Harvard Summer School study abroad programs seek motivated, independent students who are eager for a unique academic challenge. All programs are selective and have limited enrollment.

Is Harvard Summer School good for college? ›

However, attending Harvard Summer School and performing well will strengthen your application to any college or university. Additionally, the Pre-College Program offers many opportunities designed to help you navigate the college application process and enhance your performance in a college setting.

Is computer science a lot of math? ›

Computer science is a broad field, so if you're looking to get your computer science degree, the kind of math you'll need to know will depend on your specific program and career path. But generally speaking, most degree programs require a basic understanding of calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, and statistics.

Is computer science just coding? ›

Computer Science is Not Just Coding

It is about how we use such tools, and what we find out when we do. The solution of many computer science problems may not even require the use of computers -- just pencil and paper.

How hard is computer science? ›

The short answer is “yes.” Search any list of majors to study, and you'll likely find that computer science tops the list as one of the most challenging disciplines to learn. Compared to other fields of study, pursuing a career in computer science requires both technical and analytical skill sets.

Does summer raise GPA? ›

Raise Their GPA

While letting an elective class go and not retaking it is an option, summer school grades replace the failing grade already earned. That will raise your teen's GPA.

Do summer programs impress colleges? ›

Another advantage of summer programs is that they look great on college applications—they demonstrate a love of learning and show a student's desire to immerse themselves in interesting subjects. Keep reading to learn about some of the best summer programs for high school students in California.

Does summer school raise GPA in college? ›

Take Summer Classes

Taking summer classes may seem like a drag, but it is one of the best things you can do to boost your GPA. When you retake a course during the summer, you are likely to be in a smaller class.

What extracurriculars that impress Ivy Leagues? ›

The best extracurricular activities for the Ivies
  • Starting a club. Many students struggle to find an extracurricular activity that picks their interests. ...
  • Participate in a summer program. ...
  • Competing in academic events. ...
  • Writing for the school newspaper. ...
  • Joining the theater program. ...
  • Doing an internship.

How selective is Stanford Summer school? ›

Selectivity: The program is selective, with around 16% of applicants being admitted. Students are required to complete an online application, including three essays.

How many high school students get invited to Stanford Summer Session? ›

Program Overview

Stanford welcomes nearly 650 high school students each summer – approximately 500 residential and 150 commuters.

What colleges ignore freshman year? ›

Stanford and the University of California system are perfect examples of appropriately evaluating prospective students. They do not count freshman grades at all in admissions decisions, and instead recalculate applicants' grade-point averages without them.

What's the lowest GPA Stanford accepted? ›

There is no minimum GPA or test score, nor is there any specific number of AP or honors courses you must have on your transcript in order to have your application reviewed or be admitted to Stanford.

Can u be 15 in 9th grade? ›

In the United States, ninth grade is usually the first year in high school. In this system, ninth graders are also often referred to as freshmen. It can also be the last year of junior high school. The typical age for U.S. 9th grade students is 14 to 15 years.

Is D passing Stanford? ›

To receive a Credit (CR) or a Satisfactory (S) grade, you must receive the equivalent of a C- or better. Otherwise, you will receive a No Credit (NC). Note that in the Letter grade system, a passing grade is normally a D- or better.

What GPA do colleges look at? ›

A transcript with a mix of A-s and B+s will produce a grade point average in the range of 3.5, which is an important cutoff for many colleges. In general, admissions officers want to see more As than Bs, so having an unweighted GPA of above 3.5 can make a big difference.

Whats the lowest grade someone got into Harvard with? ›

Most students admitted to Harvard have an unweighted GPA of 4.18 or above, so you'll need to have at least a 4.2 to be seriously evaluated. To meet the Harvard requirements, you'll have to score primarily A's on your high school courses.

What is the youngest age to go to Harvard? ›

Students must be 15 years of age at time of registration. Graduate credit. To register for graduate credit, students must be 18 years of age and ordinarily, possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited US institution or the international equivalent. Students must be 18 years of age at time of registration.

Who is the youngest person to be accepted into Harvard? ›

Eugenie Carys de Silva is an academic known for being the youngest person to ever graduate from Harvard University.
Eugenie Carys de Silva.
Dr. Eugenie Carys de Silva
Alma materAmerican Military University Harvard University University of Leicester University of Cambridge
6 more rows

What high school sends most kids to Harvard? ›

Nationwide, these are the three top schools with the most graduates who registered at Harvard, Princeton or MIT from 2015-18: Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia: 96; Stuyvesant High School in New York City: 94; and Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire: 87.

Which style is closest to Harvard? ›

APA (American Psychological Association)

APA referencing is a variant on Harvard style. Many of the conventions are the same, with brief author-date citations in brackets in the body of the text and full citations in the reference list.

What school is higher than Harvard? ›

The Big Three is a historical term used in the United States to refer to Harvard University, Yale University, and Princeton University.

What is the least selective Ivy League school? ›

Cornell University

The easiest Ivy to get into based on acceptance rate, Cornell offers over 4,000 courses through its seven undergraduate schools, meaning that students are sure to find a subject of interest to study.

What school is harder to get into than Harvard? ›

Princeton Admission Statistics

Princeton University is one of the hardest schools to get into and has one of the lowest acceptance rates of any college in the world. Some might argue it's the hardest Ivy to get into, even though its current acceptance rate is not quite as low as Columbia or Harvard.

Is it easier to get into Harvard if your parents went? ›

A study actually found that students are 45% more likely to get into a highly selective college if they're considered primary legacy. This includes universities like Harvard, whose recent incoming 2021 class had 29% of students qualify for legacy status.

Is summer school worth the money? ›

Summer schools are definitely worth it. The chance to have high-quality teaching in subjects you might not encounter at school, and accelerate your confidence and skills in a challenging setting, offer huge positives for the future. The summer school you choose depends on the experience you're looking for.

Can a poor student go to Harvard? ›

Let's cut to the chase: you can afford Harvard. Our application process is entirely need-blind, which means that applying for financial aid will have no impact on your admissions decision.

Is Stanford Summer Session hard to get into? ›

The Stanford Summer High School College Program isn't really selective; anyone who are willing to pay the cost of $15,000 (for just 8 weeks) can get in.

Should I do CS if I'm not good at math? ›

If you plan to earn a computer science degree to work in computer programming, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, you need aptitude in discrete mathematics and linear algebra.

What kind of math is needed for coding? ›

Binary mathematics is the heart of the computer and an essential math field for computer programming. For all mathematical concepts, the binary number system uses only two digits, 0 and 1. It simplifies the coding process and is essential for low-level instructions used in hardware programming.

Do computer engineers get paid well? ›

According to Payscale data from August 2022, the average computer engineer salary for entry-level workers is around $76,000. Early-career wages after 1-4 years rise to an average $82,250, while the long-term professional's average salary is around $102,000.

What to do with a computer science degree if you dont want to code? ›

"I am a CS student but don't like coding" What's the best job option for such students?
  1. 1] UI/UX Designer. This job falls to UI designers. ...
  2. 2] Tester: ...
  3. 3] SEO (Search Engine Optimization): ...
  4. 4] Data Analyst: ...
  5. 5] Document writer: ...
  6. 6] Sales Engineer: ...
  7. 7] Technical Support Engineer: ...
  8. 8] DevOps:
10 Nov 2020

Can I teach myself computer science? ›

While some people are able to succeed in teaching themselves computer science completely on their own, it's a very tricky and complex subject to master without any guidance.

Is coding more math or science? ›

Coding, at the bottom line, is math. In order to write a line of code that works well, and that is completely bug-free, coders need to strengthen their algorithmic thinking and computational thinking. And what are these two ways of thinking in their deepest essence: Math.

How many hours do computer science students study? ›

For computer science scholars, the workload can be slightly heavier than other majors. While the average student spends about 17 hours per week on outside study, computer science students clock in at 18.23 hours a week. At the end of the day, it's as manageable as other majors.

What is the dropout rate for computer science? ›

A recent survey from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), revealed that among universities, Computer Science has the highest dropout rate – 9.8%.

What is the easiest subject in computer science? ›

Which is the easiest specialization in CSE branch in B. Tech
  • Computer Network and Security.
  • Mobile and Web computing.
  • Human computer interaction.
  • Internet of things.
  • Bioinformtics.
  • Software engineering.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Mobile and internet computing.
30 Mar 2019

What is the best summer job for a highschool student? ›

19 best jobs for high school students in the summer
  1. Cart attendant. National average salary: $10.68 per hour. ...
  2. Movie clerk. National average salary: $10.85 per hour. ...
  3. Cashier. National average salary: $11.02 per hour. ...
  4. Busser. National average salary: $11.02 per hour. ...
  5. Pool attendant. ...
  6. Host/Hostess. ...
  7. Barista. ...
  8. Housekeeper.
22 Feb 2021

What are the most competitive programs to get into? ›

10 Most Competitive College Majors
  1. Psychology. Psychology is probably the most common social science major I see high school students declaring on their college applications. ...
  2. Communications. Communications is another common major among undergraduate students.
  3. The Arts (Music, Theater, Film) ...
  4. Engineering. ...
  5. Pre-Med or BS/MD.
15 Nov 2019

What are the best summer internships for high school students? ›

11 Best Summer Internships for High School Students
  1. Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) at Google. ...
  2. Microsoft High School Internship. ...
  3. Kaiser Permanente LAUNCH Program. ...
  4. Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program. ...
  5. Central Intelligence Agency Summer Internship. ...
  6. NASA High School Internship. ...
  7. The Intern Group International Internships.
10 Jan 2020

What are the best classes to take over the summer? ›

Here's a list of classes that StraighterLine students often complete in a month or less, ideal for summer break!
  • Cultural Anthropology. Enjoy a fantastic introduction to cultural anthropology. ...
  • United States History I. ...
  • Medical Terminology. ...
  • Introduction to Religion. ...
  • Introduction to Philosophy.

What job is good for a 16 year old? ›

Restaurants, retail stores, libraries, hotels, warehouses, and movie theaters are some of the common places that hire 16-year-olds. Golf caddy, babysitter, tutor, and dog walker are some of the best jobs for 16-year-olds that pay well.

How can a 14 year old make money in high school? ›

16 Best Jobs for 14-Year-olds To Make Money
  1. Work at Movie Theatres. If you love movies, a great place to get a job as a 14-year-old is at your local theater. ...
  2. Work at Grocery Stores. ...
  3. Babysitting. ...
  4. Pet Sitting. ...
  5. Landscaping. ...
  6. Seasonal Jobs. ...
  7. Power Washing. ...
  8. Mobile Car Wash.
4 Nov 2022

What are three top jobs for high school students? ›

Top jobs for high school students
  • Movie theater cashier or usher.
  • Front desk receptionist.
  • Yard worker.
  • Pet sitter or dog walker.
  • Babysitter.
  • Delivery driver.
  • Tutor.
  • Grocery store associate.
12 Dec 2019

What majors are good for shy people? ›

The best majors for creative introverts are those in the liberal arts, graphic design, web development, animation, and marketing. What are the best majors for analytical introverts? The best majors for analytical introverts include cyber security, computer science, computer programming, and engineering majors.

What are the easiest programs to get into? ›

Here are the 16 Easiest College Majors for 2023:
  • Psychology.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • English.
  • Education.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Social Work.
  • Sociology.
  • Communications.
1 Nov 2022

What's the easiest college to get into? ›

Colleges with 100% Acceptance Rates
  • South Florida State College (Avon Park, Florida)
  • St. ...
  • Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack, New Hampshire)
  • University of Texas- El Paso (El Paso, Texas)
  • Utah Valley University (Orem, Utah)
  • Wayne State College (Wayne, Nebraska)
  • Wilmington University (New Castle, Delaware)
7 Sept 2022

Is summer internship hard to get? ›

Yes, it can be hard to get an internship.

The reason internships can be hard to get is because they are designed to benefit the intern with extra mentorship, valuable, relevant experience and networking opportunities. Make sure to research the company you are trying to land an internship with.

Can you get an internship at the age of 15? ›

At What Age Can You Be an Intern? While it's possible to get an internship at as young as 14 years old, many employers will likely have their own age restrictions set at 16 years old or above. This is because there are laws regulating the number of hours and type of work children below 16 can do.

Can a 10th grader do internship? ›

Internships for 10th Pass Students Overview. Internships for 10th pass students are available both in the private and government sectors. They provide an opportunity for students to explore their areas of interest and gain insight for better career choices.

Do summer classes boost your GPA? ›

Raise Their GPA

While letting an elective class go and not retaking it is an option, summer school grades replace the failing grade already earned. That will raise your teen's GPA.

What are the easiest summer classes to take? ›

That being said, here's a look at some college classes that tend to be easier than some core classes.
  • Creative Writing. ...
  • Physical Education. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Public Speaking. ...
  • Anthropology. ...
  • Art History. ...
  • Acting. ...
  • Photography.

Is 3 summer classes too much? ›

As mentioned previously, I would recommend not taking more than two 8-week or 10-week courses and limiting yourself to one Maymester (2-week) or one 4-week course. However, you can mix and match your summer courses to fit in 3 or even 4 college classes without burning yourself out.


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