100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (2023)

From Tom Cruise’s infamous “Show me the money” scene to Kate Winslet’s tortured “Jack, come back” in box office hit, Titanic, the movies of the 90’s are entirely unforgettable. It saw the birth of bubble-gum blockbusters like Clueless, one of the best ever animated films, The Lion King, and more critically acclaimed films like Fargo, or Forrest Gump. But, with all these iconic films during that decade, how would you (and your friends and family) fare in a quiz about these silver screen beauties? Let’s test their knowledge in this, 100 of the best 90s movie trivia questions and answers!

Gather your contestants round – whether in real life or virtually – and throw out ten rounds of movie questions about the glorious 1990s. Ready to play?

Lights, camera, quiz! 🎬

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Quiz Rounds

Easy 90s Movie Trivia Questions

The opening scenes of any magical movie are some of the most important. And a movie trivia night is no different. So, to kick off your quiz, here are ten cracking easy movie trivia questions and answers about those years before Y2K:

1. What is the fifth word in the dialogue of Four Weddings and a Funeral?

2. Which 90s film included the songs “My Guy (My God)” and “I Will Follow Him”?

3. Who far from cluelessly plays Cher Horowitz?

4. In Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn’s (Liam Neeson) twenty-five-year-old Jedi Padawan?

5. What was the highest grossing film of the 90s, bringing in nearly double that of the second-place film?

6. Which film is famous for its graphic portrayal of war and for the intensity of its 23-minute-long second scene?

7. Name the two actors who played the leads in White Men Can’t Jump?

8. What is the first rule of Fight Club?

9. And, maybe less easy, what is the eighth and final rule of Fight Club?

10. To what does Forrest Gump compare life?

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Easy 90s Movie Trivia Answers

  1. F**k. It is also the first four.
  2. Sister Act
  3. Alicia Silverstone in Clueless
  4. Ewan McGregor
  5. Titanic
  6. Saving Private Ryan
  7. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson
  8. You don’t talk about Fight Club
  9. If this is your first night at Fight Club, youhaveto fight.
  10. To a box of chocolates

Fun Fact: In the scene in which Forrest first learns table tennis, he is told to “keep his eye on the ball”. In each scene thereafter in which he is playing table tennis, he does not blink.

Name that 90s Movies Trivia Questions and Answers

The 90’s were characterised by some truly glorious feature films, with some interesting cinematic concepts. With that in mind, see how much your players know about some of the most famous movies from that time, by giving them these slightly cryptic clues in this ‘name that 90s movie’ round!

1. Does she manage to get on the tube or does she just miss it. A well-known expression is hence created.

2. With an asteroid hurtling towards earth, only an oil rig team can save humankind.

3. A pregnant Police Chief investigates a series of homicides. A TV series was created nearly twenty years later.

4. A young boy has a strange gift and talks to a psychologist who tries to help him.

5. An innocent man is accused of killing his wife and is on the run from the FBI in an attempt to prove his innocence.

6. Never has the uncrossing of legs been so eyebrow raising.

7. With an Hi-8 video with black-and-white 16 mm film, some college students enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft.

8. Two friends get away from their husbands to go on a road trip and soon end up on the run.

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9. An out of work actor goes to unusual lengths to see his children and eventually outs himself with a Heimlich manoeuvre.

10. A young pig has unusual, canine aspirations.

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Name that 90s Movies Trivia Answers

  1. Sliding Doors
  2. Armageddon
  3. Fargo
  4. The Sixth Sense
  5. The Fugitive
  6. Basic Instinct
  7. The Blair Witch Project
  8. Thelma and Louise
  9. Mrs Doubtfire
  10. Babe

Academy Awards in the 90s Movies Trivia Questions

While the Golden Globes definitely have their place as one of the leading accolades in the industry, there’s no denying that the film sector’s most coveted trophies are those glittering golden ones, the Oscars. Use this round of 10 trivia movie questions to find out how much they know about the Academy Awards in the 90’s!

1. Who was the first man to the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role on three occasions?

2. Which actor received the most award nominations in the 90s?

3. What film was the first animated film to receive a Special Achievement Academy Award (as well as winning three other nominations)?

4. Which Best Picture winner also won Best Makeup?

5. Which 1996 Best Actor winner was the first Australian to win an acting Oscar?

6. Which film from the 1990s joined Ben Hur in receiving a record eleven Oscars?

7. Mena Suvari was actually not the model for the which Best Film’s eye-grabbing poster, the second of which was won in 2008?

8. The Silence of the Lambs won five awards in 1992, including Anthony Hopkins winning Best Actor. Who was originally offered the part of Hannibal Lector ahead of him?

9. What was notable about Hilary Swank forgetting to thank Rob Lowe’s brother, Chad, in her 1999 acceptance speech?

10. Who won Best Director for a film involving a notable red coat?

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Academy Awards in the 90s Movies Trivia Answers

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis, winning with There Will Be Blood. He won Best Actor for My Left Foot in 1990 and Lincoln in 2013.
  2. Anthony Hopkins
  3. Toy Story
  4. Braveheart
  5. Geoffrey Rush
  6. Titanic. It had 14 nominations overall.
  7. American Beauty. Rather it was an image of a rose on the body model Chloe Hunter.
  8. Sean Connery
  9. He was her husband. They divorced a few years later.
  10. Steven Spielberg for Schindler’s List. Representing the innocence of the Jews being slaughtered, a girl’s red coat is the only colour object, other than the Shabbat candles, presented in the main body of the film.

All in a Name 90s Trivia Questions

Now, there’s a real trick in this round. Essentially, let’s see if your quizzers catch on and find the ‘golden’ thread that ties all of these box office-topping films together!

1. Who plays the President in Mars Attacks?

2. In which 90’s film does Robin Williams play a boy who ages four times faster than normal due to having Werner syndrome?

3. Who plays Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, whose life, it turned out, was not as good as it gets?

4. In which film does Richard E Grant’s wife die during childbirth, meaning he names his new daughter after her mother, Sarah?

5. In a film based on an Aaron Sorkin play, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup openly questioned Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee’s ability to cope with the truth. Which actor played the Colonel?

6. Which actor played a dedicated Hong Kong police inspector who teams up with a loudmouth LAPD detective (played by Chris Tucker) in a late nineties action comedy film?

7. Who won Best Actor when playing opposite Helen Hunt, who won Best Actress, in a 1997 comedy?

8. Which box office film actor won an Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical in 1999 for production of Oklahoma!, in London’s West End, setting the stage for playing a major part in the soundtrack album, The Greatest Showman?

9. Who was nominated for Razzie Awards for worst actor in the same year – Man Trouble (1992) and Hoffa (1992)?

10. Who did Rose ask to draw her like one of his French girls?

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (5)
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All in a Name 90s Trivia Answers

  1. Jack Nicholson
  2. Jack (1996)
  3. Jack Nicholson, in As Good as it Gets
  4. Jack and Sarah
  5. Jack Nicholson, in A Few Good Men
  6. Jackie Chan
  7. Jack Nicholson, in As Good as it Gets
  8. Hugh Jackman
  9. Jack Nicholson
  10. She asked Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), in Titanic

Disney in the 90s Movie Quiz Questions and Answers

The 90s wasn’t just a decade full of blockbuster dramas and thrilling action movies but the heyday of the humble animated film, and heaps of famous Disney features. Test your contestant’s mettle with these ten 90s Disney movie trivia questions and answers, as we separate the Pumbaa’s from the Pocahontas!

1. How many Dalmatians does Perdita give birth to?

2. Which Disney film had the tagline “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

3. Which animated film was the first Disney film to be released on DVD?

4. Complete the tagline from this blockbuster ‘The greatest adventure of all is finding our place in the ………’.

5. The Emperor says “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” in which film?

6. Who is the first ever Disney character to fart?

7. In which 90’s Disney film’s soundtrack does Mel Gibson appear?

8. In which Hamlet inspired film is the quote “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it”?

9. Based on the 1949 German novel Lottie and Lisa, in which film does Lindsay Lohan play Annie and Hallie?

10. In Disney’s 1992 Aladdin, which character was specifically written for a specific actor, only for said actor to improvise nearly all the dialogue when it came to shooting?

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (6)

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Disney in the 90s Movie Quiz Answers

  1. 15. Apparently the film contains 6,469,952 black spots. (Go on, prove us wrong)
  2. Hercules
  3. Mulan
  4. Circle of life. From the Lion King.
  5. Mulan
  6. Pumbaa, in the Lion King.
  7. Pocahontas
  8. The Lion King. The film was originally going to be called ‘King of the Jungle’, until someone pointed out that lions tend not to inhabit jungles.
  9. The Parent Trap
  10. The Genie, played by Robin Williams.

Interesting Fact: As so many of William’s lines were ad libbed, the film was ineligible for an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay

Tagline from 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Now here’s a real doozy of a 90s movie trivia round. How much do you think your players know about the movie ‘taglines’, those quick slogans that were meant to encapsulate an entire motion picture? Let’s find out in this round dedicated to tricky film taglines:

1. His passion captivated a woman. His courage inspired a nation. His heart defied a king.

2. In a world of 1s and 0s…. are you a zero, or The One?

3. He doesn’t play golf… he destroys it

4. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways

5. Same Make. Same Model. New Mission.

6. Let he who is without sin try to survive.

7. One dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty below zero.

8. An adventure 65 million years in the making

9. You won’t know the facts until you’ve seen the fiction

10. Before Sam was murdered, he told Molly he’d love and protect her forever.

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (7)

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Tagline from 90s Movie Trivia Answers

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  1. Braveheart
  2. The Matrix
  3. Happy Gilmore
  4. Ten Things I Hate About You
  5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  6. Se7en
  7. Cool Runnings
  8. Jurassic Park
  9. Pulp Fiction
  10. Ghost

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90s Comedies Movie Trivia Questions

From Cameron Diaz’ unique ‘hairdo’ in There’s Something about Mary to Jim Carrey’s incredible inaugural performance in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the 90’s had its fair share of slapstick humour, and some of the best comedies ever made. Count them down in this, our ten questions focussed on funny films of the 90s:

1. In Pretty Woman, what was Vivian Ward’s profession?

2. In what comedy does the character Lauren get told “So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance? YEAH!”?

3. In what film does serial wedding attendee Adam Sandler fall for a bride?

4. In which update of Pygmalion, does the guy accept the challenge to have six weeks to make the girl popular?

5. In which film does Mary Jensen accidentally make use of some unusual hair product?

6. What is Jeff Lebowski’s favourite drink?

7. Which character asks to allow himself to introduce himself?

8. In which film is the following exchange? Sanka: You mean winter, as in ICE? Derice: Maybe. Sanka: You mean winter, as in igloos and Eskimos and penguins and ICE? Derice: Possibly. Sanka: See ya. Derice: Where you going? Sanka: I’m going to take a hot bath, I’m getting cold just thinking about all this ICE.

9. Which comedy follows the search for an abducted dolphin?

10. Name two of the three rom-coms in which Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan both star.

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (8)

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90s Comedies Movie Trivia Answers

  1. She was a prostitute
  2. Dumb and Dumber
  3. The Wedding Singer
  4. She’s All That
  5. There’s Something About Mary
  6. A White Russian
  7. Austin Powers
  8. Cool Runnings
  9. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  10. Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and You’ve Got Mail (1998).

Famous Quotes from 90s Movies Trivia Questions

They guessed the taglines, but do they know those renowned quotes? In this round, we dive into some of the most quotable quotes from characters in prominent pictures of the 1990s!

1. In what film is it declared “You’re just a virgin who can’t drive!”?

2. Which character pleads “Help me help you”?

3. How about “This one time, at band camp…”?

4. In what film did the line “Ditto” melt the hearts of millions of women?

5. What film has the line “There’s no crying in baseball”?

6. By which character mouths the line “Keep the change, ya filthy animal”?

7. Which film has the line “You know, you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy”?

8. Angelina Jolie’s first major role including her declaring “God gave men brains larger than dogs’ so they wouldn’t hump women’s legs at cocktail parties”. What was the film?

9. Which film includes the line “What’s the point? They’re all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who’s always running up the stairs when she should be going out the front door. It’s insulting.”?

10. Which actress played the character about whom this exchange centres? “Do you like apples?” – “Yeah.” – “Well, I got her number. How do you like them apples?”

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (9)

Famous Quotes from 90s Movies Trivia Answers

  1. Tai yells this to Cher in Clueless
  2. Jerry McGuire
  3. American Pie
  4. Ghost
  5. A League of Their Own
  6. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in Home Alone. The line actually from a film within the film.
  7. Bad Boys
  8. Hackers
  9. Scream
  10. Minnie Driver, playing Skylar in Good Will Hunting

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Movie Trivia Questions

In 1994, Kevin Bacon – he of The River Wild fame – said some famous last words: ‘I’ve worked with everybody in Hollywood or know someone who’s worked with them.” The statement would see four college students invent a game called ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’, essentially that, somehow, everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees of separation.

With that in mind, we just had to put the theory to the test in this round, all centred around Kevin, and his set of famous film pals:

1. Kevin Bacon was in Flatliners with which actor, who played the bully in Stand By Me, was once engaged to Julia Roberts, and had a famous acting father?

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2. Kevin Bacon was in Queen’s Logic alongside which actor who was in a film in which his own name was said 130 times?

3. Kevin Bacon was in He Said, She Said with an actress who was initially a model and later married producer Michael Greenburg then journalist Phil Bronstein?

4. Kevin Bacon was in JFK with which actor who produced, directed, and acted in a hit film about an American Civil War soldier who assimilates into a Sioux community?

5. Kevin Bacon was in A Few Good Men with which actress who married an actor sixteen younger than her?

6. Kevin Bacon was in The River Wild alongside which actress who won her first Academy Award for best supporting actress for her role in the 1979 film Kramer vs. Kramer?

7. Kevin Bacon was in Apollo 13, which was directed by which man who was a lead role in a famous sitcom between 1974 to 1980?

8. Kevin Bacon was in Sleepers with which actor who in reality graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1955 and then, in fiction, graduated from an unnamed East Coast college in 1967?

9. Kevin Bacon was in Picture Perfect alongside which actress who had a haircut named after her?

10. Kevin Bacon was in Murder in the First with which actor, when playing Dracula, hired a singing coach to help him lower his voice to produce a more sinister quality?

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (10)

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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Movie Trivia Answers

  1. Kiefer Sutherland
  2. John Malkovich
  3. Sharon Stone
  4. Kevin Costner
  5. Demi Moore
  6. Meryl Streep
  7. Ron Howard
  8. Dustin Hoffman
  9. Jennifer Aniston
  10. Christian Slater/ Gary Oldman

No way! Dracula is the most frequently played non- human character in films. Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed character overall.

More 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

And, just like that, the closing credits are about to roll. Yup, it’s the final round of our ultimate quiz about 90s movie trivia. And we’ve saved some of the best headscratchers for last!

Here’s another ten puzzling questions about famous motion pictures, and their stars, to close out your trivia quiz night!

1. In which film was Frank Abignale a pilot, a doctor and a legal prosecutor?

2. The Shawshank Redemption was based on a Stephen King story the title of which contained which person’s name?

3. Which actor and actress link Days Of Thunder (1990), Far And Away (1992) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999)?

4. Which film’s soundtrack included the Looney Tunes?

5. Under how many miles per hour is the bus not allowed to drive?

6. Which actor quotes Ezekiel 25:17 in a famous 90s movie?

7. Which 90’s film soundtrack became the bestselling of all time?

8. Which film featured John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich?

9. In how many James Bond films did Pierce Brosnan star?

10. In which Tim Burton film did the title character say only 169 words?

100 of the best 90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers - Trivia Quiz Night (11)

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More 2000s Movie Trivia Answers

  1. Catch Me if You Can
  2. The story is named ‘Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption’. A Rita Hayworth poster is a key part of the plot.
  3. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
  4. Space Jam
  5. In Speed, the bus can’t go under 50 miles an hour or it will blow up.
  6. Samuel L Jackson, playing Jules in Pulp Fiction, misquotes the Bible verse. Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.
  7. The Bodyguard. It sold 45 million copies and included five hit singles by Whitney Houston
  8. Con Air
  9. Four – Goldeneye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002).
  10. Edward Scissorhands

With the popcorn finished, and the proverbial curtains closed, we’re now wondering: how did you and your contestants do in this 90s movie quiz? Let us know in the comments! Did we miss any key questions? Anything change or wrong in what we’ve put together? Do let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below or just get in touch!

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What is considered the most popular movie of all time? ›

Gone with the Wind—first released in 1939—is generally considered to be the most successful film, with Guinness World Records in 2014 estimating its adjusted global gross at $3.4 billion.

What is world's toughest question? ›

Science is based on the correspondence theory of truth, which claims that truth corresponds with facts and reality. Various philosophers have put forth substantive challenges to the truth claims made by science.

Which is the easiest question in the world? ›

  1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?
  2. Which country makes Panama hats?
  3. From which animal do we get catgut?
  4. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
  5. What is a camel's hair brush made of?
  6. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

What is the hardest question in life? ›

Answered! Life's 25 Toughest Questions
  1. Can love really last a lifetime? ...
  2. Why do married folks begin to look like one another? ...
  3. Can a marriage survive betrayal? ...
  4. Why does summer zoom by and winter drag on forever? ...
  5. Do animals really have a sixth sense? ...
  6. Why does the line you're in always move the slowest?
23 Nov 2010

What are 10 weird facts? ›

49 Weird & Wonderful Facts Too Odd To Be True!
  • The dot over a lowercase i and j has a name! ...
  • Water makes different sounds depending on its temperature! ...
  • McDonald's invented a sweet-tasting type of broccoli! ...
  • Rabbits can't be sick! ...
  • Humans are the only animals that blush! ...
  • The hashtag symbol has a fancy term!
11 Jul 2022

What are 3 random facts? ›

1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue. There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long (eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum). A skunk's smell can be detected by a human a mile away. The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

What are 5 random questions? ›

Random questions to ask your friends
  • What song was or do you want to be the your first dance at your wedding?
  • What song would make the best theme music for you?
  • What is the most irrational superstition you have?
  • What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?
  • What is the stupidest thing you ever did on a dare?
3 Jun 2022

What is the most intelligent questions to ask? ›

365 Deep & Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself (& Others)
  • When was the last time you tried something new? ...
  • Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? ...
  • What's the most sensible thing you've ever heard someone say? ...
  • What gets you excited about life? ...
  • What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

What is the #1 song of all time? ›

Blinding Lights

What is the #1 most popular song of all time? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

What is the number 1 most played song of all time? ›

It was never a hit single and got almost no play on Top 40 radio. There's even a dispute over the exact title. Yet “It's a Small World,” also known as “It's a Small, Small World” and “It's a Small World (After All),” is very likely the most played song in music history — nearly 50 million times.

Can Google recognize humming? ›

You can ask your Google Assistant to identify songs that play around you. You can play the song for Google Assistant to identify or you can hum, whistle, and sing the melody of a song. Important: This feature is available only on iPhone, not iPad.

What song goes da da da dada dada dada? ›

Lost and Found (The da Dada da da Daa Song) - Single by Hummingbird Cinema | Spotify.

Can you hum a song to Google? ›

With Google Hum to Search, wonder no more. Using machine-learning technology, Google offers a tool that lets you simply hum, whistle, or even sing a few bars and solve the mystery. Once Google recognizes your tune, you can not only see the title, but can explore details about the song, artist, lyrics, and more.

What is this song name? ›

Ask Google Assistant to name a song

On your phone, touch and hold the Home button or say "Hey Google." Ask "What's this song?" Play a song or hum, whistle, or sing the melody of a song. Hum, whistle, or sing: Google Assistant will identify potential matches for the song.

What is this song Siri? ›

On iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, or Mac, say “Hey Siri,” then ask what the song is. On iPhone or iPad, add the Shazam widget to identify music in the Today View. Use Shazam on your Apple Watch. To identify music from the menu bar of your Mac, get Shazam for Mac from the Mac App Store.

Can you hum a song on Shazam? ›

Like Siri, Shazam can't recognize a tune that you sing or hum yourself. If you don't want to use Google for that, then try the SoundHound app (Android or iOS).

What was the pop culture in the 1990s? ›

The 1990s was a decade where pop culture took flight, we all made some Friends, dance moves were born and fast-food got even bigger. Although they ended more than 20 years ago, some of these American icons remain just as relevant today. Iconic shows such as Rugrats (1991), Doug (1991), Hey Arnold!

What are some 90s terms that are no longer used today? ›

20 Slang Terms Every 1990s Kid Will Remember
  • Talk to the hand. Shutterstock. Whatever the other person is trying to tell you has been rejected. ...
  • As if! Shutterstock. ...
  • Booyah! Shutterstock. ...
  • Scrub. Shutterstock. ...
  • Not! Shutterstock. ...
  • Monet. Shutterstock. ...
  • Aiight. Shutterstock. ...
  • Crunk. Shutterstock.

What is the greatest invention in 1990s? ›

Top 5 Greatest Inventions From the '90s
  1. World Wide Web. The beginning of the decade changed the world forever with the birth of the internet as we know it. ...
  2. Text Messages. In 1992 the first text message was sent, giving rise to an entire new language that was heavy on -- lol, omg and brb!
  3. Nintendo 64. ...
  4. DVD. ...
  5. Tickle Me Elmo.
31 Jan 2017

How did people say hello in the 90s? ›

Home skillet is another word for friends in 90s slang. You might say, “Hey, home skillet,” or, “'Sup, home skillet?” Either phrase was an appropriate form of greeting for a 90s teen.

What are some 90's slang words? ›

15 Slang Terms From The '90s We Should Bring Back
  • "Let's Bounce" Hannah Burton/Bustle. ...
  • "Oh, Snap!" Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. ...
  • "That's Phat" Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. ...
  • "Bling" Hannah Burton/Bustle. ...
  • "I'm Totally Buggin'" Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. ...
  • "Take A Chill Pill" Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. ...
  • "Hey, Home Skillet" ...
  • "Sup?"
12 Apr 2019


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